King of the Hill

Season 7 Episode 7

The Texas Skillsaw Massacre

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Dec 15, 2002 on FOX



  • Trivia

  • Quotes

    • Big Jim: I love two things. Building doll house furniture and kicking ass. And I don't see any doll houses.

    • Hank: I don't have a problem with anger. I have a problem with idiots.

    • Dale (while Hank is staying at his house): Hank, did you use those towels hanging in the bathroom? Those towels were for decoration only. Now they're ruined.
      Hank: Dale, those were paper towels.

    • Dale: Objection! Conjecture! Objecture!
      Hank: That's not even a word!

    • Didi Hill: Hank has always been angry. When we were in kindergarten, and the other children would use the fingerpaints, he would pinch them.
      Hank: You are a bald-faced liar!
      Cotton: Amen!

    • Hank: Guys come on, get out!
      (seeing that the garbage truck is about to crush Bill, Dale and Boomhauer in the tunnel)
      Hank: Get out! Get out! GET OUT! If you don't get out of that goddanged rathole now, I'll get out my circular saw, come down there and cut off all your fingers and toes. NOW MOVE! MOVE! MOVE!

    • Dale: Hank, you don't want to use that remote.
      (Hank pushes a button on the remote control and an explosion is heard in the distance)
      Dale: There goes the mailbox.
      Hank: You have an exploding mailbox?!
      Dale: It was your mailbox. And yes, I do.

    • (Seeing dead guy in coffin...)
      Peggy: (gasp) Hank. That is how you look like when you sleep.

    • Chuck Mangione (reading his diploma): "Chick" Mangione? I'm not a chick, I'm a dude!

    • Hank: (planning to rebuild his kitchen) This is gonna take a lot of hard work so Dale, you're not invited.

  • Notes

    • The list of episodes in which clips are shown from, during the angry Hank montage are: "Pilot", "Hank's Got The Willies", "Hank's Unmentionable Problem", "The Arrowhead", "I Remember Mono", "Life In The Fast Lane: Bobby's Saga", "A Firefighting We Will Go", "'Twas The Nut Before Christmas", and "The Trouble With Gribbles".

  • Allusions

    • Hank crawls through the tunnel to Dale's basement and breaks through a poster which says I'm coming, Elizabeth!. This is an allusion to a catchphrase of Redd Foxx's character Fred Sanford as portrayed on the show Sanford and Son. He's announcing his imminent arrival in heaven to his late wife Elizabeth. Hank's head erupts at the chest area of the poster character which visually plays off of the physical comedy bit about Fred pretending to have a heart attack while grasping his chest. Notably, Redd Foxx actually suffered a fatal heart attack on the set of another sitcom.

    • The title is taken from the movie "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre".

    • Hank: Anger management is for baseball players who spit in umpire's faces.

      On September 27, 1996, then-Baltimore Orioles second baseman, Roberto Alomar, spit in Umpire John Hirschbeck's face after Hirschbeck called him out on strikes and threw Alomar out of the game. Alomar was suspended for 5 games because of the spitting incident.