King of the Hill

Season 2 Episode 11

The Unbearable Blindness of Laying

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Dec 21, 1997 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • The sliding glass door at the Hills' house leads into the kitchen. On the wall next to the door is the chore list and a cutout of the state of Texas, and sitting on the floor is a trash can. There is also no sign of the kitchen table which sits right inside that door as well. Sometimes a trash can is there, etc. When Hank storms out of the house while rest of the family is opening presents, there is a shot when Peggy comes out after him and it shows back inside the door. Instead of what is normally on the wall to the right if you were looking from the outside in, you see a small dresser and all the wall looks to be either a picture or a mirror.

    • The doorway leading into the kitchen from the living room has a door in the scene where Hank catches his mom and Gary having sex. However there is not actually a door there (as seen in the rest of this episode as well as the others).

    • At the beginning of the episode the camera pans from Bill's to Boomhauer's and then to Hank's house. However, Bill and Boomhauer live across the alleyway.

    • When Hank and Peggy get back from the doctor, Gary, Tillie and Bobby are standing in front of the glass sliding doors outside. Hank is facing them and talking to them. When he says the line "I have a magazine you should read..." they have suddenly moved and ask "who is he talking to". It is done for comedic effect, but is still a major goof.

    • This episode contained no tagline as they had one final scene durning the credits instead of the theme song.

  • Quotes

    • Dale: Hey, Hank! How's the weather? Oh, right! You're blind! (all laugh)
      Bill: Now me, now me. Hey, Hank. You're not wearing any pants. (more laughing)
      Boomhauer: Man, Hank's good with that dang ol' stick, man. Walkin' like he just can see again. Man, Hank's lookin' kinda spooky, man! Hank's got his sight, man, run!

    • Hank: Where are we? We're not home, yet.
      Gary: Hank, I'm taking you to a place that might help you to get your sight back.
      Hank: I've already seen the doctors.
      Gary: Not medicine. Faith.
      Hank: No, that's really nice of you to offer to share your Jewishness with me but I really don't walk that way.
      Gary: Hank, trust me.
      Hank: Look, it's nothing personal I'm just not crazy about the idea of my god seeing me in your god's temple.
      Gary: Hank, I wouldn't take you to a temple without telling you.
      Hank: Then where are we? What's going on?
      Gary: I know you didn't poke yourself in the eye. It's not hard to figure out what happened. You saw me and your mother in the kitchen. I'm not flattered that it made you go blind but obviously, it's something psychological with you. That's why we're here.
      Televangelist: Welcome, brothers and sisters and all you prayer partners tuning in at home. Welcome to the Canvas Cathedral.
      Hank: Canvas Cathedral? The big TV church on the highway?
      Gary: You said it was your favorite.

    • Hank: Uh, dad, I got to take your shoulder.
      Cotton: Hands off, girlie! I didn't fight off a bunker full of horny privates to let you cop a feel.

    • Bobby (as he has opened a present that was meant for Luanne, but a blind Hank has stubbornly insisted was meant for Bobby): A nightgown. I'm going to wear this when I get older.

    • Hank: Jesus, if you're up there, I'd really like my sight back for Christmas (beat). And a wrench set.

    • Peggy: When are you planning on telling me what you saw?
      Hank: I can't say. Do you want me to lose my voice, too?!?!

    • Hank: Look, what if somebody saw something really, really wrong? Could that affect someone's vision?
      Doctor: Was something ... where it shouldn't be?
      Peggy: Did you open the microwave door before the ding?

    • Bobby: If you flush on a submarine, where does it go?
      Garry: You I like.
      Bobby: Hey; you said 'you I like' instead of 'I like you'. That's funny. I like that. I mean...that I like.

    • Bill: I don't wanna join a religion that restricts my diet. I don't want to get to heaven that way.

    • Tillie: Oh Hank, I've missed you (takes him by the hand)! Hank: Mom, we're in public! One hand only!

    • Hank: As soon as I can see some ass, I'm kickin' it!

  • Notes

    • This episode was nominated for the 1998 Golden Reel Award for Best Sound Editing - Television Animated Specials.

  • Allusions

    • Woody Allen Special: Woody Allen is a comedian who had his own variety show called "The Woody Allen Show" and often did Christmas Specials.

    • Title

      A reference to the title of the book (1982), and later a movie (1988), The Unbearable Lightness of Being.

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