King of the Hill

Season 3 Episode 12

Three Coaches and a Bobby

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Jan 26, 1999 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • As the football team is meeting Coach Sauers for the first time, you can see the team from behind with Bobby kneeling and Joseph behind him to his right. However, when the shot shows the group from the front, Joseph is now to the left and some kid with brown hair to Bobby's right.

    • When Coach Sauers is trying to run over the football players with his car on the football field, there are a lot of track marks on the field. There is then a tracking shot of Sauers from straight ahead of his car and you can see there are absolutely no track marks whatsoever, on the field behind him.

    • If you look carefully during Coach Sauer's training run while Bobby is running down the stands, you will quickly see the mud disappear on Bobby's face and reappear in the next frame.

    • When Hank sees Coach Sauer driving his car on the field, you can see Sauer's car has a red front bumper. When we see the front bumper again a few shots later it is grey.

    • The two women near Peggy, who are sitting on the benches in the stands, are seated on the fourth and fifth levels in the wideshots, but in the close-up they're seated on the third and fourth levels.

    • Before Peggy leaves the soccer mums and goes to watch football again, the woman in the green sweater is holding a coffee cup that is of a pale brown color. When the shot goes to a close up of her talking, the color is now red. The next time you see her holding the cup, it's gone back to being a pale brown color.

    • As Coach Sauers is making them run up and down the stands you can see Bobby with all the mud on his face and body just reaching the bottom of the stand and then in the very next shot he's all of a sudden reaching the top of the stands with Joseph.

    • Tagline: "Take a salt tablet!" -Coach Sauers

    • When Hank knocks out Coach Sauers after he starts the car, the engine stops on it's own somehow.

    • On Coach Maxwell's list there is a name "Johnny Hardwick". Johnny Hardwick is the actor who is the voice of Dale Gribble.

    • When Hank and the football team do a God Bless America team shout, Hank's lip sync is a bit short.

    • When coach Sauers decides to be the coach, he rips off his whistle and puts it on the desk. When he is informed that he won't be paid, he takes back the whistle, with the chain magically fixed!

  • Quotes

    • Joseph: Coach Sauers, I think there's something wrong with my helmet.
      Sauers: Then get over there and do the helmet test. Put on the helmet and run into that brick wall.
      Joseph: Yeah, right. And end up with headaches like my mom?
      Sauers: You're going the wrong way! Hey, put your helmet back on! All right, you big baby! I'll do it! (crashes into the wall headfirst and begins yelling) Ow!

    • (blows the whistle)
      Coach Lucas: Tie game! Everybody's a winner!

    • Minh: Cashmere sweater with pearl button. Now they like you.
      Peggy: Oh, it's just a sweater. If the other mothers do not like me for the wit and wisdom that is Peggy Hill then I want nothing to do with them.
      Minh: You not get it. You soccer mom now. If you not fit in, then Bobby not fit in and that boy have enough problem.
      Peggy: How do you know so much about this?
      Minh: Connie play A.Y.S.O. in Orange County. That the birthplace of soccer moms. I start the whole sweater thing. That mine.

    • Peggy: Thanks for the latte, Allie.
      Allie: You're welcome. That's a lovely...overshirt you're wearing.
      Peggy: Oh, thank you. That's a lovely sweater're all wearing.

    • Hank: What's that on your upper arm there, Bobby? Is that a muscle?
      Bobby: That's a lump from when I got hit by a football. You know, dad, the kids playing soccer don't have any lumps or bruises and Coach Lucas gives them oranges at half-time.
      Hank (sighing): Bobby, I didn't think I'd ever need to tell you this but I would be a bad parent if I didn't. Soccer was invented by European ladies to keep them busy while their husbands did the cooking.
      Bobby: Why do you have to hate what you don't understand?
      Hank: I don't hate you, Bobby. I meant soccer.

    • Bobby: Coach, I think I swallowed too much mud.
      Sauers: Take a salt tablet.

    • Hank: I am just so excited that bobby's going to have the Coach Sauers experience. I only hope working at the mall hasn't knocked the fight out of him.
      Peggy: I don't know, honey. That man could be a tough taskmaster. Let's not forget that you used to call him "Sour Coach Sauers" (laughs) Remember?
      Hank: Boy, we came up with that one at a Fellowship of Christian Athletes picnic (sighs) We were good kids, though.

    • Hank (at the mall): Coach Sauers?
      Sauers: Hill? You finally got a haircut!
      Hank (Chuckles): You noticed.
      Sauers: Boomhauer, how are your folks?
      Boomhauer: Dang ol' moved down to Florida and won the dang ol lottery, man. No problems, man.
      Sauers: Sorry to hear that. Gribble. No one's killed you yet. Dauterive! My G-d, man, what happened?
      Bill: It's a long story.

    • Dale: That's a Gribble of an idea, Bill!

    • Hank: Dale, what did you do with last week's pizza money?
      Dale: I bought a hat.

    • Bobby: We have to Blitz more! I haven't gotten to do my fat dance all day!

    • Soccer coach: Slow down, Joseph. We've already got the tie. We don't want to hurt anyone's feelings.
      Bobby: (out loud to no one in particular) Why don't we just give them the dang ball?

    • Bobby: Beat those wolves, dad.
      Hank: Yeah. Beat those fluffy puffs or whatever.
      Bobby: Dad, they're called the Puff N' Stuffs.

    • Bill: (after learning Bobby left the team) Did Joesph quit?
      Hank: No.
      Bill:The team will survive.

    • Coach: Breaks your heart, doesn't it? Take a salt tablet.

    • Bobby: (at the end of the episode) I'd rather be on a losing football team than a winning soccer team.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Rudy: He was a former college football player for Notre Dame, best known for the inspiration of the film Rudy, starring Sean Astin, about his life.

    • Mark Gastineau: He was a football player for the New York Jets from 1979-1988. He also had a small stint in the CFL, before turning to boxing

    • Coach Sauers mentions Julia Louis-Dreyfus who was the actress best known for playing Elaine on the hit show Seinfeld. However she has never been in a Sci-Fi film, as this episode suggests.

    • The episode title 'Three Coaches and A Bobby' is an obvious parody of the movie title Three Men and a Baby.

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