King of the Hill

Season 2 Episode 15

Three Days of the Kahndo

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Feb 15, 1998 on FOX

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  • Kahndo Craziness

    An amazing episode with some of the funniest moments in KOTH history. I love the part where everyone thinks they are the reason the police have come to get them and are flushing things down the toilet, as well as Dale running away when they could have easily made it across the boarder. Everyone in this episode was hilarious and the overall plot was really funny too. Another classic KOTH!
  • funny

    this episode was very funny i liked the giant firework i wish it would have blown up but it didn't i also liked luan and her cons and kahn's attempt to pull of his trick everything was funny and i liked this episode their attemps to enter the U.S. were funny and the mariache playing was funny thank you for reading my review.

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  • the Hill family and the Kahn family goes to Mexico and gets thrown into a strange adventure including a sniff of the mexican culture and a little hint of what it's like being an immigrant.

    this was my first episode of King of the Hill, and I found that it was quite simular to the concept of Family Guy. this is a type of series that I find hillarious, and I enjoied it very much. I feel that King of the Hill, like some other tv-series helps take away the ignorance when it comes to racism and "different" kinds of people by sort of making fun of them in a nice way. so that we laugh with them, and not of them.
    I recommend King of the Hill to everyone who want and needs a laugh, and who understands "dirty" humor.
    - silje m stura
  • Three Days of the Kahndo takes the Hill family to Mexico along with their beloved neighbors: The Souphanousinphones.

    Three Days of the Kahndo puts the two families together for a weekend in a Mexican rental condominium. Things get a little close for comfort and in a remarkable chain of events, Hank, Dale and Kahn end up alone and stranded on the wrong side of the border. In a subplot, Bobby and Connie purchase the biggest firecracker ever made for retail sale!


    Hank and Kahn don't always get along but this situation calls for a meeting of the minds. No one knows this yet but Kahn is the reason for every bad turn of events this entire weekend for the guys. Oddly, Dale randomly shows up on the doorstep of Hank's rental condominium and it doesn't really look like a coincidence that he's also in Mexico. The action really picks up when the authorities get involved with this wiley bunch and the guys may get tangled up in the Mexican justice system. Tune in for a very telling episode.
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    I thought that this was both a funny and an educational episode. It was fun to watch all the different situations Hank and Kahn found themself in. Me and my freind Fredik laughed so hard that we had to call an amulanse. It was fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun. I also learned about how hard it is to get in to the USA illegal. I think that Hank and Kahn got some sympathie for the immigrants from Mexico after they went through this. This is 103 words.

    Peace out:)