King of the Hill

Season 4 Episode 9

To Kill a Ladybird

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Dec 12, 1999 on FOX

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  • Laaaaaaaaaaadybird, Saves the Day!

    Another great KOTH episode, and Season 4 picks up steam. This episode has classic scenes and lines and is a must watch for anyone who wants to be called a KOTH fan. It has a great plot line, albeit a bit far fetched in some areas, but everything works well together and all the characters have some really funny moments. One of my all time favourite episodes!
  • In this very touching episode, we see an emotional side to Hank that we've never seen before...

    In this episode, Bobby finds a racoon hanging around his house, whom he names Bandit and keeps as a pet. The bandit causes havoc in the Hill house, and Hank calls upon Dale to exterminate it. To protect her "master", Hank's bloodhound Ladybird leaps to the rescue to take care of the racoon, but disappears, along with bandit.

    As Hank desperately searches for his beloved bloodhound, he secretly breaks down in the garage. An emotional side to Hank we've never seen before. I can tell that he loves his wife and son, but he's always too embarrassed to show it. However he's not afraid to show his love for his dog because his dog has never judged him, or doubted him.

    In pursuit of Bandit and Ladybird, Dale goes nuts and fends for himself in the woods. All in all, a solid episode with some very revealing moments.
  • Bobby adopts a racoon and names it Bandit. It bites Ladybird and scratched Dale. All three run off. Hank is afraid Ladybird could have rabies.

    Bobby is sick of Ladybird because he thinks she is too old and she only listens to Hank. Bobby adopts a racoon and names it Bandit. When a storm comes, Bobby lets it go in Hank's workshed. Hank sees it and hires Dale to get ride of it. Bandit scratches Dale and bites Ladybird (who defends Hank.) Ladybird, Dale, and Bandit run off. Bobby looks for Bandit and Hank looks for Ladybird. Hank is then afraid Ladybird could have rabies. Hank, Bobby, Bill, and Boomhower go into the woods to search for Ladybird. Hank and Bobby seperate from Bill and Boomhower. Dale is in the woods and going crazy. He captures Hank and Bobby. He wants to switch his "rabied" blood with Hank's clean blood. But, Dale is still stupid and gives Hank his pocket knife. Hank almost sets Bobby free, when Dale stops him. Ladybird comes, and chases Dale up a tree. Bobby gets free and frees Hank. Hank calls Ladybird, and Bobby points a gun at Ladybird, thinking she has rabies. He fires the gun, and misses Ladybird. He said he didn't miss, and shows Hank how he shot Bandit, who was about to bite Hank. Hank and Bobby give Bandit a proper funeral.