King of the Hill

Season 13 Episode 20

To Sirloin With Love

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Sep 13, 2009 on FOX

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  • Goodbye to all of the characters of "King of the Hill"

    The show has closed with a very decent episode. Too bad the show was cancelled for reasons.
  • Good-Bye KOTH (For Now)

    The Series Finale, but not the last episode technically. Either way, it was still a great send off. As mentioned in the Season 11 finale, I thought that was a better "last" episode. But that being said I still enjoy this. It has a decent plot and lots of laughs. I love Hank and Bobby episodes, and this is one of the best ones. The ending was sweet, having some of the biggest recurring characters in it, and makes me glad I have the episodes on DVD/Computer so that I can relive the series. This episode on its own is still really good, but I think the high reviews are more nostalgia than anything. This could have been better so I won't give it a 10, but it was legitimately a very good episode, not just because of the fact it's the finale. I would say I am going to miss KOTH, but, I have all the episodes. What I will miss is seeing new adventures from my favourite Texas family. I was happy they released the unaired episodes, so there are still four more I can relive! :)
  • A very fond farewell to our favorite Texan family...

    Simply put, the KOTH series finale delivers on almost all possible levels! It truly feels written as a fitting finale without going over the top. Obviously the show runners knew that Hank and Bobby's characters more than any others, needed to have an emotional bonding episode in order to present the stage to fit an overall perfect ending. With that in mind this episode alone plays well within it's own finality, the little things left unsaid and undone get wrapped up here, i.e. Boomhauer's vocation, among others. But what really hit home was the somewhat cheesy BBQ ending with all the neighbors gathering at the smell of Hank and Bobby's divine grilling, finally letting the two come to terms with each other through something the could both understand. Do yourselves a favor and check out what is sure to be an iconic episode and classic series finale for years to come.
  • Conclusion of King Of The Hill

    "To Sirloin With Love"

    Grade: A*

    So after being on the air for 13 years, King Of The Hill comes to a close on its thirteenth season with this episode. To Sirloin With Love ended the series on an excellent note, with funny moments, a decent relationship conclusion of Hank and Bobby starting from the beginning of the series, to a plot that even I thought was satisfying and surprising to watch. It's no surprise that for long or even casual viewers of the show that the final scene might even let a tear or more out, but honestly I felt everything came full circle with this one (they finally reveal what Boomhauer's job is!), and the last quotes used were perfect to end the show with. Goodbye King Of The Hill, you had a decent run!
  • An extremely dissapointing way to end a great show. Appearances by Chuck Mangione, the crazy announcer guy, and a decent ending with character development highlight an otherwise very mediocre plot.

    I was expecting a true series finale, not a mediocre episode full of recycled jokes and a questionable storyline. This isn't the first episode where Bobby wins his dad's heart. Anyone recall "How to Fire a Rifle Without Really Trying", "Meet the Propaniacs", "The Son also Roses", "Dances with Dogs", must I go on. My point is that I don't think they really put a lot of effort into this episode. Lets face it the show went down hill after the 6th season, and it should've ended after the 10th season, which at the time felt like a series finale. They let the show drag on too long and this is the punishment, a poor way to end a great show. I liked the ending and how Bobby gets his own Wagner grill, but the episode should've concentrated on Hank Hill, the main character of the show, rather than on Bobby joining a team and impressing his dad for the umpteenth time. The supporting characters were hardly in this episode until the end which lasted a minute. Overall, I think any true fan should be let down by this so-called series finale.
  • Not The Best/Not the Worst

    Certainly not the best episode, but it was a very fitting finale. I thought the part when Hank and the others on the bus getting hijacked was kinda random but the rest was pretty good. I was they could have solved some things but oh well. I liked Boomhauer's job being revealed. And the ending was very nice.

    I'm not going to miss this show as much as I would other shows, but I will say that this show has many good seasons and even more great episodes. To see it end is sad. Viva King of the Hill. You had a great run
  • I remember at the end of this I was in tears, claping and saying "Wow"....

    I love King of the Hill! Changed that to "Loved"! I grew up with it. Now, it's time to say goodbye. This was the series final. This was a really good one at that! The plot was a bit slated but they came through! It was about Bobby and his gift of "knowing his meat". So, he joins a meat "viewing" team. He at one point gets good at it, then, just like Family Guy, falls flat on his face. So, his team doesn't trust him or his opinions any more. Sad. Just sad. But in the big compition, they get "Bus jacked" and Bobby is the only one that makes it to the compition. Why? Because Peggy drops him off. He then works his "Buns" off, getting them to the final round. As soon as the team comes, they "screw him off". The team is then going to make a mistake! Then, Bobby saves them! Nice Move! Hank was proud! I was proud! We were all proud! This episode made me cry. Why? Because King of the Hill was a major important peice of my life, and Seth MacFarlane took it away from me with his stupid Cleveland Show idea! I will miss you King of the Hill. Thanks for the worlds best childhood! Let's hope Mike will make another great series! COME ON EVERYBODY!

    Bobby: Well, Dad, it looks like this is the last one.
    Hank: Oh, you're just getting started, Bobby. You'll be grilling your whole life.
    Bobby: Just like you.
    Hank: Yep.
    Bobby: Yep.
    (TVviewer11 crys and claps)
    TVviewer11: Wow....*SNIFF* I'll miss you King of the Hill!
    (Family Guy Promo comes on)
    TVviewer11: AW, SON OF A----
    THE END!
  • Talk About Leaving On A High Note!

    This episode brings closure to the " King of the Hill " series perfectly. Bobby finally got what he had always wanted acceptance from the man he most admired -- his Dad. I'm not ashamed to say that this episode almost had me in tears. Perhaps it is because I can relate so well with both Bobby and Hank.

    Other characters found similar happy endings.

    I don't understand why this series canceled and I am really sad to see it end, but I really enjoyed watching the series. As I saw the "camera" pan out and show the town of Arlen, I knew it was the end. And although I will miss " King of the Hill ", they could not have left on a better note than this episode/series ended on.

    Hats off to those who made " King of the Hill " possible.
  • Some things are wrapped up for us in this episode and Bobby and Hank bond over Bobby's Knowledge over meat.

    Its unfortunate to see an ending to something you love, but thats what this episode is about. The show was well done it was very consistent with what KOTH was about. Hank and Bobby finally have something to bond over and Some things are wrapped up for everyone. And life just seems to go on which is just the way we'd want it. It would be great to see a comeback at a later time in the future for this series and who knows it may happen. I will miss this show a lot, and I feel so too will many others. Farewell King of the Hill!
  • KOTH....Last one.... :((( but rumors are ABC

    What a beautiful way to end this show...(hope not) But if you are a KOTH fan you will remember that Hank and Bobby had nothing in common. That has changed and even though it was a round about way....I can see them forever talking about the state championship..... and Bobby getting the best of his dad...."because he won!!!!!"
    KOTH has been one show that I didn't miss. I loved it from the 1st show after the superbowl until now, holding my granddaughter (sleeping) who has never even heard of the show.
    I liked Bev and But.....BUT thank you Mike for a great run and good show....everyone I got to watch it said..."just like my neighborhood"...LOL
    Loved it.
    Would love to see more but if it is not picked up, again let me say...........
    beautiful way to end this show.