King of the Hill

Season 3 Episode 11

To Spank with Love

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Jan 19, 1999 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • As Peggy is trying to explain herself to Dooley's parents, the parents are sitting vertically from Principal Moss's desk. When we see Moss looking up in the schoolbook, the mother is now, still sitting, almost facing the desk.

    • In the final classroom scene when Peggy has a mace, she swings it very hard and rips off the cartoon paper on the map of Europe. It then goes to a quick shot of the class and back to her in less than a second. Yet she is now holding the mace steady in her hand, even though you wouldn't be able to stop a mace that soon after swinging it that quickly. The cartoon paper she ripped off has also disappeared.

    • During Peggy's visit to Megamart she meets one of her fellow teachers when she is about to go down one of the aisles. When the shot shows Peggy talking, you can now see the aisle of products is now behind her even though she didn't move. At the end of the conversation, Peggy gives the woman a pin and the two of them have now moved again and are at the very end of the aisle that Peggy started in.

    • When Peggy brings "Ol' Spanky" to class for the first time, the writing on the blackboard has quite a bit of space to the right of the blackboard. As she is telling of Joseph, the second blackboard is almost right next to the first blackboard and the first blackboard doesn't have the writing on it anymore.

    • Tagline: "Tu eres muerto" -Dooley

    • The "mace" that Peggy uses is actually a Morning Star or Medieval Flail. A mace didn't have the chain.

    • On the chalkboard, the message is "Senora Peggy Hill Esta Loco". The correct phrase should have been "Senora Peggy Hill Esta Loca". This might not be a goof, knowing Peggy's knowledge of Spanish.

  • Quotes

    • Hank : You know, I have a little speech I've been saving for the day Bobby gets beat up by a bully, but I don't think that's ever gonna happen. Him and his darn prop comedy. Every time the boy gets into a jam, he shoves french fires up his nose and makes a new friend.

    • Peggy : Hank, Channel 84 wants to do something on Paddlin' Peggy. Where is Old Spanky?
      Hank : Maybe you left it at work.
      Peggy : No, no. I know I had it with me on the drive home. I remember brandishing it at this idiot who almost cut me off.

    • Dale : Spanking was wrong then, and it's wrong now. I say spare the rod and spoil the child
      Hank : Dale, "Spare the rod and spoil the child" means you're in favour of spanking.
      Dale : I don't think so.

    • Jeeder : Let's hear it for Paddiln' Peggy!
      (Everyone cheers)
      Old Man #1: Take off your top!
      Old Man #2: Shut up, Wendall. That's tomorrow night.

    • Bill: I bet if Peggy wanted to she could grow a moustache!
      Hank: (Glares at Bill)
      Bill: Of course I don't know if she wanted to.

    • Dale: My son is dreaming about getting spanked by Hank's wife.
      Bill: Well that's not so unusual.

    • Bill: My daddy spanked me everyday from when I was 9 till I was 16, and I turned out okay. (pauses for a moment) Bastard!

    • (Peggy is in her garden crying, and Cotton approaches her)
      Cotton: How's Bobby?
      Peggy: He's just fine, but my information about him is a little dated. He hasn't spoken to me since I got fired for spanking a student!. (starts to cry again)
      Cotton: What did you do, Kill him?!
      Peggy: No!

    • Cotton: I got a friend from the VFW He's the principal of that school, He will have you back spanking in no time.
      Peggy: I just want my job back.
      Cotton: Shut up before you talk me out of it.

    • Joseph: Your Mom's as cool as most people's Dads.
      Bobby: It's like that book they took out of the school library I've Got Two Dads.
      Hank: (from some distance away) No, you don't!

    • Peggy: (About Spanish Inquisition) Some times, they would tie your arms and legs to four different horses and tear you apart.
      Dooley: Cool.

    • (Everyone is frightened as Peggy tries to find out who took her paddle)
      Peggy: Well, somebody took it.
      Dale: It was Bill.
      Bill: No it wasn't.
      Dale: Alright, it was me. I took it. Somebody had to stop you, you're crazy.

    • Luanne: (Very excitedly) Guess who won best French manicurist at beauty academy today?
      (Family completely ignores her and continues their discussion)
      Luanne: All right, it was Sharona Johnson. It's not fair, she works really hard.

  • Notes

    • In this episode it is shown that Peggy won "Substitute Teacher of the Year" for 1997. In Season 1, it had shown that she won in 1996.

    • One of the kids at the back of the class has a shirt with a symbol that looks exactly like "The Incredibles" symbol, however that film didn't come out until 2004, about five years later. It is possible they got their hands on early sketches, or that Pixar stole the design from this episode, or it is just a very interesting coincidence.

    • In this episode Luanne's hair is back to being short, and the Mega-Lo Mart is still under construction, when it was fully renovated in the previous one. This is because this episode was produced for earlier in the season then the previous one.

  • Allusions

    • The title is a play on the 1967 movie To Sir, with Love, starring Sidney Poitier as an inner-city high school teacher who makes a difference. Poitier's character, like Peggy Hill, is victimized by a student's nasty prank and must also overcome the discipline issue while trying to hold his own anger in check.

    • Monty Python connection:
      There are references in this episode to both Michael Palin and the Spanish Inquisition. Michael Palin was a member of the British sketch-comedy troupe Monty Python's Flying Circus, who performed many memorable sketches.