King of the Hill

Season 2 Episode 16

Traffic Jam

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Feb 22, 1998 on FOX
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Episode Summary


After Hank has a car accident, he has to go to traffic school. The teacher of the traffic school is a comedian, Booda Sack, who gets laughs by insulting the audience. Hank is disturbed by Booda Sack, and tries to get Bobby to stop his dreams of being a comedian but after meeting Booda, Bobby tries developing a stand-up act of his own. Booda Sack tells Bobby that to be funny, he needs to get in touch with his roots as a white man. Looking for something about "white roots" on the internet, Bobby comes across all the material he needs on a site called the White Nationalist Brotherhood.


Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • A Comedy Show About Stand Up Comedy Is Not a Good Combo It Seems

    This has and always will be my least favourite episode. It has some funny moments, but it is just boring. Every time I watch it, I can't wait for it to end. The plot line is kind of dumb, and just seems so unrealistic. The saddest part is that I really do think Chris Rock is a really funny stand-up, but his character is just really unfunny. I think if there was any episode that could be skipped it could be this one for sure. Not worth 20 minutes of someone's time. The jokes that are funny, are actually pretty good, but they take place mostly within the first 8-10 minutes and then one here and there after that. Still an OK episode, but far from the standard KOTH. Even the later episodes (which were often not great) were better than this.moreless
  • Traffic Jam showcases Kahn's weakness; he has no common sense and always acts before he thinks. In this episode, Hank must attend a themed traffic school and meets a serious challenge once there.moreless

    Traffic Jam brings a stand-up comic to the forefront and Bobby is completed mesmerized. Of course, Hank is not going to tolerate this hero-worhip, but the more Hank fights it, the more complicated things get.


    Bobby changes his identity to "Pop and Fresh" and immediately begins imitating the racist comedian/traffic school teacher "Buddah Sack". When Buddah Sack starts using Bobby's silly stand-up act to make fun of Hank in front of the entire classroom, Hank puts his foot down. Bobby, as usual, goes a little too far in his efforts to rebel against his dad's wishes and decides to take his comedy research to the internet to prepare for his big performance at Buddah Sacks amateur night comedy club. Tune in for a few surprises!moreless
  • Ugh, this episode was HORRIBLE! And it\'s all because of Chris Rock. Damn you!!! :P

    I\'ve only just begun to watch KotH as the first two season sets have been released in Australia, and I have to say, of all the episodes I\'ve seen so far, Traffic Jam is the absolute WORST.

    Probably fuelled by my hatred of Chris Rock\'s unfunniness and his annoying voice, I felt embarrassed watching this episode, and I\'d never want to see it again unless I skip any scenes with Chris Rock in them.

    With that said, King of the Hill has not yet failed to please me as it is a very witty and entertaining show, until now. In future, they should steer clear of Chris Rock and his brand of \"comedy\".moreless
Toby Huss

Toby Huss

Voice of Kahn Souphanousinphone

Mike Judge

Mike Judge

Voice of Hank Hill, Boomhauer

Kathy Najimy

Kathy Najimy

Voice of Peggy Hill

Pamela Adlon

Pamela Adlon

Voice of Bobby Hill

Brittany Murphy

Brittany Murphy

Voice of Luanne Platter, Joseph Gribble

Johnny Hardwick

Johnny Hardwick

Voice of Dale Gribble

John Amos

John Amos

Glen Johnson

Guest Star

Amy Hill

Amy Hill

Mrs. Kalaiki-Alii

Guest Star

Orlando Jones

Orlando Jones

Kidd Mookie

Guest Star

Lauren Tom

Lauren Tom

Voice of Kahn "Connie" Souphanousinphone Jr.

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • When Bobby goes to talk to Budda Sac at the club there is one ketchup bottle turned upside down onto another one, and then a third one by itself. Throughout the scene there the upside one disappears and then reappears several times.

    • When the initial credits come up (before the final scene with the credits on) the music is more of a DJ scratching sound as suppose to the standard music that is played there.

    • Tagline: "Boom! That's what I call general haberdashery!" -Toenail

    • When Hank makes a complaint about Booda he says "And then he said that my mother's stretch marks are so big they have names." However, Booda never said that at all.

    • After Bobby gets booed and Booda comes on stage the cable to his mic disappears in the close-up.

    • When Hank first pulls up to the traffic school parking lot all the vehicles are really parked poorly.

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Booda Sack: (To Hank) Your mother's so fat, that when she wears high heels, she strikes oil.
      Hank: I don't think you know my mother.

    • (Hank must attend traffic school and Bobby is reading one of the brochures
      Bobby: Hey, ice cream lovers traffic school. I can help you with your homework!

    • Booda Sack: Thomas Jefferson is spinning in his grave right now...with the slave woman on top!
      Hank: Now see here! Thomas Jefferson is a founding father!

    • Booda Sack: I have something called "freedom of speech." Have you ever heard of the First Amendment?

  • NOTES (3)

    • Booda makes a joke about Hank's butt and in the end he says that Hank actually has a very nice butt. In a later episode we find out that Hank "has no butt".

    • Originally, Booda Sack's name was "Busta Nut", but Fox censors objected. The name was then changed to Busta Sack, but was also objected by Fox censors.

    • Johnny Hardwick, who wrote this episode (and also voices Dale) is himself a standup comic.


    • Red Asphalt is a series of instructional driver's education videos produced by the California Highway Patrol. The films are known for their graphic depictions of fatal car accidents. Horrendously injured and dismembered bodies are shown in the documentary, typically those of negligent drivers. Five volumes in the series have been produced, and some are still shown at some high schools and private driving schools.

    • Breakfast at the Apollo: This is most likely a reference to "Showtime at the Apollo" which was a reality music show.

    • Booda Sack makes a numerous amount of Popular Culture references in this episode. The following are some notes on them in order that they were mentioned in the episode.

      Opie Taylor: One of the names Bobby is given by Booda is a reference to the character from the "The Andy Griffith Show" played by Ron Howard.

      Poppin' Fresh: That is the name of the Pillsbury Mascot. He is more widely known as the Pillsbury Doughboy

      Rerun: Booda Sack calls Bobby the white Rerun. Rerun was the name of the character portrayed by Fred Berry in the show "What's Happening!"

      Moesha: Moesha was a comedy show starring Brandy. It had many black comedians appear on it, including Bernie Mac, however Chris Rock (voice of Booda) was never on it.

      Shuckey-Ducky: He was a stand up comedian whose real name is Cecil Armstrong and is from Dallas, Texas.

      Drew Carey: Hank gets called Drew Carey at the end. Drew Carey is a comedian who has glasses very similar to Hank's. He would also voice a character on this show a few seasons later.

    • Def Ensive Driving School:

      The course name for Booda Sack's driving class is a reference to the hip-hop and rap recording label, Def Jam Recordings.