King of the Hill

Season 2 Episode 16

Traffic Jam

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Feb 22, 1998 on FOX

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  • Traffic Jam showcases Kahn's weakness; he has no common sense and always acts before he thinks. In this episode, Hank must attend a themed traffic school and meets a serious challenge once there.

    Traffic Jam brings a stand-up comic to the forefront and Bobby is completed mesmerized. Of course, Hank is not going to tolerate this hero-worhip, but the more Hank fights it, the more complicated things get.


    Bobby changes his identity to "Pop and Fresh" and immediately begins imitating the racist comedian/traffic school teacher "Buddah Sack". When Buddah Sack starts using Bobby's silly stand-up act to make fun of Hank in front of the entire classroom, Hank puts his foot down. Bobby, as usual, goes a little too far in his efforts to rebel against his dad's wishes and decides to take his comedy research to the internet to prepare for his big performance at Buddah Sacks amateur night comedy club. Tune in for a few surprises!
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