King of the Hill

Season 12 Episode 11


Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Feb 10, 2008 on FOX

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  • Faux is pulling the Futurama on KOTH! Why not dump Stewie for a couple of seasons till they get better material?

    Faux needs to "rotate" their toons to give them an off season, instead of pre-empting and schedule shorting them to death. It worked for FG! Take Stewie off for a couple of seasons again. Bring back Futurama for a couple. Repeat as needed! Am Dad is a much better written show than FG. Why does Seth get two shows but not the bread and butter winner of the Murdoch empire Matt Groening? GO figure. Now KOTH is in danger of getting Futuramaed! They are being pre-empted left and right. Granted they are not a laugh factory show like the SImps, FG, or AM Dad, however it is still a very good toon. Gotta give props to the daddy of B&B! Where would any toon nowadays be without them?
  • foo(d) fighters!

    When the city council bans the sale of foods which uses transfats, Hank with the help of the his employees and the closed restraunt "sugerfoot," stasrted an illeagal busieess of going from place to place with food that is banned. Another rival group is muscling into their business. sort of a episode of "the Sopamoes," minus the violence. there was this one scene where they had a food fight near a road. this episode is a commentary of the governent's interference in how a person can live his own life. Banning foods may not be the answer, but the forcus is on how well we respect the laws on the book.
  • When a food ban is implemented, Hank helps Buck to set up a black market food van feeling that the law is unjust and people have the right to eat unhealthy fatty foods if they want.

    The food ban in this episode shows many of the downfalls of prohibition and the war on drugs of today. When trans-fats are banned,people are outraged, the demand remains and Buck Strickland becomes the exclusive supplier. Prices are inflated and corrupt officers take bribes allowing the unhealthy foods to be sold on the black market. When competition from Roosters Roost arrives, a turf war ensues and people get sick by eating tainted food. Meanwhile Bill gains weight and becomes more unhealthy by eating the government sanctioned alternative to trans-fats. Just like the moonshine of prohibition and the talcum powder cocaine of today and the turf wars fought for control of the drug supply,though unfortunately in real life, unlike in this episode, the government doesn't feel we should be able to control what goes into our bodies and make the streets unsafe to walk because of the black market violence. Yet alcohol, which is more dangerous than many illicit drugs is readily available to anyone of the right age. The message this episode sends is clear, we don't need the government to babysit us. We should be free to eat, drink, smoke or even inject what we want, provided we don't harm anyone else, making things illegal doesn't prevent access it just makes it more dangerous. Drugs are freely available on the streets and dealers aren't checking IDs.
  • Amazing message.

    It's a bit difficult to tell what the exact message of this episode is, but it's overwhelmingly a pro-individual liberty, pro-individual responsibility, and pro-free market message. If you want to, you could interpret it as a pro-drug legalization message with unhealthy food substituting for drugs. This is basically a South Park episode disguised as a King of the Hill episode. I'd say more, but the episode says it so much better.

    You don't need a Ron Paul bumper sticker, however, to appreciate this episode. This is a hilarious episode, and way more lighthearted and fun than a King of the Hill episode usually is. I'm a casual watcher of King of the Hill, and watch only because I tuned in for the Simpsons and Family Guy. I usually like the show, but this one left me completely flabbergasted with amazement.
  • One of my favorite episodes.

    This episode of King of the Hill may not be the most popular or even in the top 10, but it definately is in my top 5. I thought that the story was really good and the writing was great. I like any episode involving food. This was a rare occasion that everything clicked. One of my favorite aspects of the episode was the battle between Hank's crew and Fetherton's crew. It was a funny competition and it made for some entertaining television. I also thought that it was really funny to see all the fat, overweight workers sneak the unhealthy foods like drugs. It was really hilarious to see the cop being bribed to not turn them in for breaking the law. Overall, it was a great episode and one of my favorite King of the Hill episodes.
  • Arlen City Council bans foods containing trans fats which makes "Sugarfoot" restaurant go out of business

    I thought that this was an excellent episode of "King of the Hill". It also had a very good message towards the end of the episode. The plot is that the Arlen City Council bans foods that contain trans fats which makes "Sugarfoot" restuarant go out of business and Hank wants to stand up for what he believes in. Hank helping Strickland by using the "Sugarfoot" truck to serve hamburgers and such to the people in the city was good to see. It was funny when Hank was driving the truck away from the news reporter so that the news reporter won't get the evidence. A rivalry between "Sugarfoot" and some other restaurant I forgot was very funny to see. Hank having a dream that he was talking to Tom Landry, George Washington, and Abraham Lincoln was also very good to see. The employees following the rules by washing their hands was also good. It was good that the Arlen City Council went to back to letting the foods containing trans fats come back and that they got evidence that the other restaurant is not washing their hands or washing dishes. Overall, an excellent episode of "King of the Hill". 10/10
  • Trans-tastic

    This is a pretty good episode. It's not hilarious, but is one of the funnier episodes this season. It also has a really good, well written plot. I thought it was great, because it is current and realistic to what was happening at the time. KOTH has always done a good job of taking realistic things and finding the humour in them. I liked all the small plots, such as Peggy being turned on, Bill getting fatter, and even Bobby's reaction to the new taste of food. It is a very entertaining episode, and one that everyone needs to see AT LEAST once.