King of the Hill

Season 4 Episode 23

Transnational Amusements Presents: Peggy's Magic Sex Feet

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM May 14, 2000 on FOX

Episode Recap

Hank and Peggy are going out to dinner with Dale and Nancy and while Peggy briefs Luanne on her duties as Bobby's babysitter, she tears a $20 bill in half, saying Luanne will have one half now and get the other half once they come back.  When Dale and Nancy arrive at the door, Dale tells them their dinner reservations fell through and now they have new plans: they are going out to the bowling alley.  Peggy insists that she is not much of a bowler, but their new bowling shirts cause her to accept.

Arriving at the Arlen Bowl, Hank, Dale and Nancy all give their shoe sizes without a problem but Peggy is hesistant because she always felt awkward about the size of her feet.  When she tells the vendor that she needs a size 16, he's surprised because no one has ever needed that size shoe.  Seeing that big number 16 labeled on the heels of the shoes, Peggy calls out to Hank that she is going to check on Bobby and leaves the alley.

That night, Peggy continues to feel ashamed as she remembers having to wear nurse's shoes as a child and notices her foot is even bigger than that of her husband.

The next day, Peggy goes to a big and tall shoe store where she tells the salesman she wants a set of bowling shoes with a more deceptive size label, but he tells her that she will want a size 16 and a half--her feet just grew half a size bigger.  Peggy leaves the store and sits behind the steering wheel crying.  Just then another woman appears at her car and tells her that she should see a specific foot doctor who gave her no further reason to feel awkward about her foot size.  The doctor's name is Grant Trimble.

Peggy goes to see Dr. Trimble who examines her feet.  Dr. Trimble seems to be very professional about his job and tells her that she is gifted with her foot size.  He tells her that her feet are very hot and asks her to help other women in her shoes: she would use her feet to appear in some videos to help empower women with oversized feet.  Peggy never heard such praise and with some reluctance, she then confidently agrees.

While Hank is grilling steaks, Peggy comes home with her good news: she just made an inspirational video for women.  Hank thinks this is great and asks for details.  As Peggy gives the lowdown on the video she describes what happened in great detail saying it's mainly about her feet and will be on the Web.  While this is going on Dale, Bill and Boomhauer overhear Peggy talking and quietly slink away.

Sometime later while Hank is cleaning his grill, Dale approaches asking him to come to his basement and bring a credit card.  While Hank and Dale join Bill and Boomhauer in his basement, Dale introduces Hank to a website called   Watching the videos Peggy described Hank sees that it is not necessarily pornographic but rather foot fetish minded.  Hank knows Peggy would be disgusted if she knew about this and leaves.  At home Peggy tells Bobby about what she is now doing and tells him that she no longer has to feel ashamed of the size of her feet now that she is empowering women.  When Hank walks in through the door, he asks Bobby to go watch TV.  Once Bobby leaves, he asks Peggy to meet with the director and she tells him the man to thank is Dr. Grant Trimble.  He leaves then and there saying he'll be right back.

Arriving at the warehouse, Hank arrives at the studio and once he meets Dr. Trimble, he says that his wife will now have to be shared.  Hank angrily calls him a smuthound, telling him to stop exhibiting his wife's feet on his website.  Dr. Trimble tells him some mumbo jumbo about how he's made Peggy a star, which leaves Hank with no choice: he has to kick the guy's ass.  However, once Dr. Trimble positions himself with the camera pointed at his butt, Hank stops before he gives the guy some more material.

Hank returns home with a different idea: he goes into his bedroom where Peggy is painting her toenails out in the open, saying she no longer has to do that in the dark now that she is comfortable with her feet.  Hank tells his wife he needs to bring something to her attention.  Showing Peggy the same site, Peggy confidently says that is a wonderful thing, saying her feet are now being used for a greater good.  When Hank goes on about what can be done through the site, most involving food products, Peggy has answers, but when he goes to show that people can now buy her socks and some dead flies that were stuck to the honey that was on her feet, Peggy finds herself slowly losing her argument.

Peggy goes to confront Dr. Trimble, saying that she does not approve of her feet being exploited for a less than noble purpose.  She says she has a good authority and a moral compass which is always good.  Dr. Trimble says he understands what happened and says that the videos that were being made did not truthfully appeal to women, but they did find a niche: men seem to like them.  He continues by saying that this niche can lead to greater things and she just needs to continue with the videos.  Peggy buys the answer, thinking that her feet can be used to make the world a better place and starts likening herself to Rosa Parks.

At home, Peggy tells Bobby that she will continue to make more videos for the website, saying men are a more targetable audience. She says some men like women's boobies, and others like women's butts, and a small percent like a woman's feet. So she is trying to gain more attention for women's feet as they are beautiful as well.  When Bobby asks how that would help the women with big boobies, Peggy says they don't need any more help.

Peggy tells Hank she is going to her book club to discuss The Hunt for Red October. She says she had read it a long time ago and there won't be any way to contact her; in truth she is going back to see Dr. Trimble.  At the clinic, Dr. Trimble is having Peggy step on eggs and later says they will need more.  Peggy is starting to get disgusted with this process and suggests maybe she can rest her feet on a silk cushion.  However, Dr. Trimble has a better idea: she can stand next to a rotting jack o' lantern, saying it's a Beauty and the Beast thing.

The next day, Peggy returns with some coffee for him.  Dr. Trimble says that coffee could burn her feet and asks her if she is ready for that, but Peggy insists the coffee is for consumption.  She also has an idea for a video, using some flowers from her yard: her idea is they can surround her beautiful feet with beautiful flowers, but Dr. Trimble says that won't work because flowers smell good--instead they'll compromise with cornbeef hash.  Peggy protests that's just more food and people like things that smell good, but at this point the so-called good doctor drops his charade, saying he's been doing the job long enough to know what works.  Figuring she's finally wised up, he tells her that she knows her feet are big and ugly, and tosses her $200 figuring he should start paying her to come back.  Peggy runs away crying.

Peggy returns home crying about having been used.  Hank goes inside their bedroom trying to be friendly, but Peggy protests that she feels stupid about the fact that she went back to Dr. Trimble and those videos were only made to satisfy perverts.  Hank tells her that is what he was trying to tell her and tries to put a positive spin on the scenario, but Peggy only cries harder.

Seeing as her feet are perfectly healthy and no surgery can fix them, Peggy sits quietly in her room cutting sandals.  Bobby comes by asking if she would be shooting any foot movies, but Peggy tells him she will never be doing that again--that whole empowerment thing was just a pack of lies.  Peggy tells him she was being very stupid, and Bobby identifies, saying he's fat.  Peggy tries to counter that by saying he's husky, but Bobby doesn't care about that seeing as he has many other good qualities.

Returning to the Arlen Bowl with Hank, Dale and Nancy, Peggy takes Bobby's advice to heart as she grabs the vendor's microphone and proudly announces her name and that she will need a size 16 1/2.

As the credits start to roll, one guy claims he saw her on some website.

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