King of the Hill

Season 4 Episode 23

Transnational Amusements Presents: Peggy's Magic Sex Feet

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM May 14, 2000 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • In the scene where Peggy is crushing the eggs, her left foot is shown to have 4 toes instead of 5.

    • In this episode it is revealed that Peggy's feet are now a size 16 1/2.

    • Tagline: "Who? Who in the media tricked you?" -Bobby

    • In the Season One episode "Order of the Straight Arrow," Peggy drove all the way to Lubbock (evidently a long drive) to buy new shoes. Now in this episode we see a store for large-size ladies shoes has opened in Arlen (or somewhere nearby).

  • Quotes

    • (Peggy is trying to explain to Bobby that men have attractions to different female body parts, while simultaneously convince him (and her) that her foot modeling will HELP women)
      Peggy: ...some men like ladies' bottoms and other men like ladies' bosoms and a small, small number -- too few-- love ladies' big feet. Now, mommy is trying to increase that number and, thus, help women everywhere.
      Bobby: How does this help the women with the big boobies?
      Peggy: They don't need any more help.

    • Hank: (Dale clicks his mouse to activate Peggy's grunt on the Peggysfeet website) Dale! Stop that!
      Dale: I'm just testing my sound card. (continues clicking)

    • Peggy: I brought coffee.
      Trimble (Touches the cup): Ow. It's still hot. That'll burn your feet. Are you up for it?
      Peggy: What? No, that is for you. To drink.

    • Hank: Look, I'll never love your feet as much as they do, but the way I look at it, well, you're like a fully-loaded truck. The big tires are part of the package. You pay extra to get those really big tires.
      (Peggy begins sobbing anew.)
      Hank: Wh- now, why are you crying? you know how much I want a new truck!

    • Peggy: You may not have noticed because I wear bold eyeglasses to draw the attention to my head, but your mother has exceptionally long and handsome feet.

    • Hank: (Groans after seeing Peggy's feet with red toenails) Sorry.
      Peggy: Uh-huh, Hank. No more painting my toenails in the dark. I don't care who sees.

    • Peggy: You don't understand, Bobby. I actually let myself be tricked into thinking THESE were beautiful. Can you imagine?
      Bobby: I can imagine. I'm fat.
      Peggy: No. No, honey. You're husky. That's what it says on your jeans.
      Bobby: Mom. I'm fat. But big deal. I don't feel bad about it. You never made me feel bad about it. And just because there are some people in the world who want me to feel bad about it, doesn't mean I have to. So Bobby Hill's fat. Eh. He's also funny, he's nice, he's got a lot of friends, a girlfriend . . . and if you don't mind, I think I'll go outside right now and squirt her with water. What are you gonna do?

    • Hank: I'm gonna have to kick your ass!
      Trimble: Wait, let me turn on the camera.

    • Hank: You, sir, are nothing but a low-rent smut hound, and you will delete my wife's feet from your Internet before she finds out what you've done with them!
      Trimble: What I've done with them? I've made them stars!
      Hank: You made them wade through pork and beans!

    • Peggy: I want my Mary Janes!
      Peggy's Mother: Well Peggy, it's not my fault your feet are growing and you're not.

    • Peggy: It turns out the only ones who want to look at my ugly feet are perverts. (cries) And the perverts only like my feet because they are so big and ugly. (cries)
      Hank: That's what I been trying to tell you, their fetishists. That means they are obsessed on one weird little thing.

    • Trimble: It's your feet. They're long enough to give you an advantage of speed and agility. Yet wide enough to give you balance and proper footing.
      Peggy: You... you mean I owe all of my success to my big feet?

    • Peggy: (Reads the Card) Grant Trimble.
      (Up-close shot of Peggy's toes wiggling)
      Trimble: Again.
      (Peggy wiggles her toes)
      Trimble: One more time.
      (Peggy wiggles her toes)
      Trimble: Do you have back problems?
      Peggy: No.

    • (Peggy requests a size 16 with an 8 on the back)
      Salesman: No, you want size 16 1/2 with an 8 on the back.
      Peggy: What?! No, no--I... I've been a size 16 for years now...
      Salesman: It's perfectly natural for a woman's feet to get bigger as she gets older...
      Peggy: (looking a bit sick)They... they're getting bigger?!

    • Man in Bowling Alley: I think I saw her on a website.

    • Peggy: (into microphone) My name is Peggy Hill, and I will take a size sixteen and a half.
      Man at Counter: Ma'am, I only need your shoe size.

  • Notes

    • This episode originally aired as part of a Fox promotion called "The Mother of all Sundays", featuring episodes about mothers.

      The Line-up consisted of

      Futurama "Mother's Day" - A story about Mom, the creator of all robots.
      King of the Hill "Transnational Amusments Presents: Peggy's Magic Sex Feet"- A sleazy man puts Peggy's feet on the internet.
      The Simpsons "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Marge" - Marge thinks Otto's ex-girlfriend is trying to take her place in the family.
      Malcolm in the Middle "Smunday" - A high fever makes Lois think Monday is actually Sunday

    • Prior to the episode's original airing, Fox set up a real-life "," and encouraged viewers to visit it via their advertising. The site later was removed, (Users were redirected to and Fox eventually allowed the domain name to expire. Soon later, it was registered by the proprietors of a hard-core foot fetish pornography site.

  • Allusions

    • Parker Pens is an actual pen company that was founded in 1888, and is one of the most famous pen companies.

    • Lana Turner, who Peggy mentions was an actress, who was discovered outside of a drug store, similar to how Peggy described.