King of the Hill

Season 12 Episode 12

Untitled Blake McCormick Project

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Feb 17, 2008 on FOX

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    by Dane Youssef

    AH, ANOTHER DAY WITH THE MOST ESTEEMED AND ICONC FAMILY IN TEXAS SINCE THE EWINGS. And... speaking of which, this is also very soap-opera-ish. "DYNASTY" and "MELROSE PLACE" some days had absolutely NOTHING on Rainey Street.

    I had nothing but contempt for Dale this week. He has a better life than he deserves... and that's kind of the joke. I mean, I know that if Bill was to break out of his miserable pathetic state is kind of "Jump the Shark" territory. But the happy ending is... now John has a steady wife and kids.

    And... Joseph didn't pursue a romantic intimate relationship with a blood relative. Now that's not just a silver lining--that's solid-gold. Joe's got enough redneck hillbilly environment to overcome....

    I guess the message here is just because everyone else seems to... doesn't mean it's right for you. Bill was doing a great job raising the seed of two different people--he wasn't enjoying it. Maybe that's 'cause he was doing it right. Dale is a devoted father. That doesn't mean he's a good father. Joseph does mostly take after Dale--and somehow, that's not really a good thing. That's not a point is Joseph's favor. Joseph has emulated Dale's goofiness, idiocy, social ineptitude and other jack-ass-ery.

    I felt like one episode should have ended with Bill marrying Kahn mother Laoma and them getting a dog together. Dale's one of my favorite characters, although he's a five-star asshole. Five? Hell, maybe six. Dale deserves nothing but the worst. I know that Nancy committed adultery on him for well over a decade, but let's all not pretend she betrayed such a good noble man. Dale's not just a coward. He's a weasel and a tool also. Like Eric Cartman and Sheldon Cooper, they're your favorite scene-stealing characters--but you wouldn't want to know these people in real life. You especially wouldn't want them as your friends.

    Bill deserves all the happiness in the world. That's pretty much why he doesn't get it. Any at all, really. I wanted to kill Dale at the end of this one. Well, not even the through it.

    See, Dale raises the seed of Redcorn and makes it own. Bill does the same with his two others--everybody wins. But... I guess the problem is if Bill ever breaks out of his misery, there's nowhere to go but downhill.

    Hmmm... well, I guess that might've worked as after twelve seasons, it was time for this thing to end. For the sun to set over the Hills--and with a nearly infallible record.

    Redcorn accepted Dale raising Joseph. Could neither Dale nor Redcorn accept Dale raising Kate and Drew? Heh... Well, it's good Redcorn finally, finally got himself a solid family. But... as we all know (as always), Bill deserved it more. WAY more. Especially more than Dale. Jesus, what a prick.

    After this weekly installment, we all kind of wish that Nancy had ran off with Redcorn... taken Joseph... and left Dale in the deepest, darkest ditch there is...

    --Always Too Sincere, DANE YOUSSEF
  • Untitled Review

    This is one of the funniest and well written episodes of the whole series. It reminded me a lot of KOTH in it's glory days. It had a great plot which involved the Dale/John Redcorn/Nancy storyline, but was fresh. One thing KOTH did a lot in the later seasons was take story ideas and plots and do episodes based around them, and it seemed boring and like deja vu. But despite revisiting this storyline, it was very different. Yet it brought a feeling of nostalgia. I enjoyed the Joseph/Kate scenes, which were pretty funny. It was also one of, if not THE funniest episodes of Season 12. It was nice, as it showed that even in its old age, the show could still deliver brilliance!
  • Bill goes on a blind date with Charlene (a single mother)

    I thought that this was an excellent episode of "King of the Hill". Season 12 has been always staying strong and that's what I love about the show. The plot is that Bill goes on a blind date with a single mother named Charlene. Bill introduces Charlene to his friends. Dale was suspicious about Kate and wanted to get to the bottom of it. He gets Kate's DNA and it turns out that Kate is related to his son Joseph which means that Kate is Dale's father. The beginning of the episode was absolutely hilarious. Dale wanted to ruin the relationship between Bill and Charlene and he sets Charlene up with another guy. Hank finds out what Dale did and he made Dale confess to Bill about what happened. Bill didn't seem upset and he said that it was okay because he wasn't ready to raise kids. Peggy telling Bobby to not the girl be taken was also funny. Dale's confession to Bill was very good and the very ending of this episode was very funny. Overall, an excellent episode of "King of the Hill" that had a well written storyline with clever humor throughout the episode. 10/10
  • Haha flat out ridiculous!

    This episode was just full of crazy laughs and situations. The episode takes the show's two biggest idiots in Dale and Bill and creates this whacky scenario where everyone is being fooled. When it seems like Bill has finally found a woman in Charlene, Dale realizes that one of the woman's daughter's is actually his, or John Redcorn's, daughter. Instead of just one conspiracy, Dale makes it even more unnecessarily complicated by thinking aliens somehow implanted his seed into Charlene. Although not the funniest episode, there is more than enough laughs to go around at the stupidity of both Dale and Bill.
  • Bill finally gets a girl, happy days, children.. guess what happens?

    Dale steals Bill's girl. Yep. Bill is set up by his general or someone else who works with him in the army with a beautiful girl who loves him for who he is and even moved in with him with her children. Guess what happens? One of the children is related to John Redcorn, which means Joseph and the other person which is Kate is both related.. Etc etc what happens.. Dale helps get John Redcorn to get Bill's girl to cheat on him. How lovely. Hahaha, a very funny episode.

    To be honest, the episode was kind of good. It was very good, but I thought just it was very mean of an episode, because Bill gets cheated on and everything goes downhill and he's not even upset by it. Great episode though.

    You can't really recommend episodes but I guess reviewing episodes help the creators and producers make better episodes or just get some feedback.. just improving on things I guess. Well, I recommend that the King of the Hill guys finally make an episode where Dale finds out who the real father of Joseph is, or finds out but then thinks he was wrong all along and aliens were the father when he was right and just changed his mind.
  • Dale sires another heir on a different woman*... or so he thinks.

    After Bill finds a woman who is perfect for him (shudder), he introduces her and her children to the guys, and Hank thinks they're great, especially after Charlene's daughter compliments his lawn. However, Dale (correctly) points out that Hank would "cozy up to Musilini" if he said nice things about Hank's lawn. Dale has a bad feeling about Charlene's daughter Kate, and performs a DNA test on her. He is shocked to find out her paternal DNA matches Joseph's, meaning he is the father of both. Of course, unbeknownst to him, John Redcorn is the father of both Joseph and Kate.

    When Charlene and Bill move in together, Dale begins plotting to break them up becuase he doesn't want an idiot raising his child, he informs John Redcorn, who agrees it's hard to watch.

    One of the greatest things about this episode is Dale's ignorance, and the tiptoeing everyone must do around him becuase of it. John Redcorn's sly sympathy at the idea of a moron raising your child is one of the funnier moments, along with him and Nancy arguing over whether or not "Dale" cheated on her, while Dale obliviously protests that he should be the one to know if he cheated, not John Redcorn.

    The one thing that keeps this episode from being a perfect 10 is the nagging feeling the writers of King of the Hill may be falling back on this familiar story line, and might begin to rely on it to the point of wearing a very funny concept out - two episodes in the last two seasons have centered around the Nancy-Dale-John Redcorn triangle. However, "Peggy's Heachache" and "Nancy's Boys" were in the third and fourth season respectively, and those have become two of my favorite King of the Hill episodes along with "Of Mice and Little Green Men."

    *- Dale, "Blood and Sauce"
  • Are you kid-ding?

    This episode is on bill. He falls for Charlene, a single mother with two kids. Dale, who can't figure out his own marriage is suspecting that one of the sons came from another man. In order to break up the relationship, he asked John redcorn to do the breaking himself. I though this season's "King of the Hill" is better in prevous years, but this is the least favorite of the the season. Having Dale sticking his nose in someone's elses business is just plain mean. I like the way that hank does business. He's the best thing in the series.