King of the Hill

Season 12 Episode 12

Untitled Blake McCormick Project

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Feb 17, 2008 on FOX

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  • Bill finally gets a girl, happy days, children.. guess what happens?

    Dale steals Bill's girl. Yep. Bill is set up by his general or someone else who works with him in the army with a beautiful girl who loves him for who he is and even moved in with him with her children. Guess what happens? One of the children is related to John Redcorn, which means Joseph and the other person which is Kate is both related.. Etc etc what happens.. Dale helps get John Redcorn to get Bill's girl to cheat on him. How lovely. Hahaha, a very funny episode.

    To be honest, the episode was kind of good. It was very good, but I thought just it was very mean of an episode, because Bill gets cheated on and everything goes downhill and he's not even upset by it. Great episode though.

    You can't really recommend episodes but I guess reviewing episodes help the creators and producers make better episodes or just get some feedback.. just improving on things I guess. Well, I recommend that the King of the Hill guys finally make an episode where Dale finds out who the real father of Joseph is, or finds out but then thinks he was wrong all along and aliens were the father when he was right and just changed his mind.