King of the Hill

Season 1 Episode 7

Westie Side Story

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Mar 02, 1997 on FOX

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  • Needs No Nutmeg

    This episode is perfect the way it is. So many great moments, its impossible to write them all. Minh walking in Peggy's shoes, her jokes about nutmeg, Luanne saying they get free pizza if they take longer than 30 minutes. So many classic moments in this episode making it one of the best of the series. Often a first season has issues because it focuses on character development, but I think Season 1 as a whole, is arguably the best season, and definitely ONE of the best. Another amazing episode, with an introduction to three great characters.
  • perfect

    laotions kahn and minh move in, and hank does not particularly like them. bobby starts liking their daughter, 'kahn jr", or connie. hank thinks, because dale mentioned it, that they feed on dogs. this seems to be true when hank can not find lady bird. good episode and one of my favorites of the first season. it isn't the best story line or the funniest episode but it is a personal favorite of mine for some reason. overall my grade for this episode would be an A+, i really like this episode and think it is a great, well-written offering
  • A Laotian family moves in next door and the fun begins in Arlen. Hank and the guys are neighborly enough but Kahn is not making a good first impression on anyone.

    Hank and Peggy go out of their way to make the new neighbors feel welcome but Kahn, Mihn and Connie J.R. aren't used to such hosptality. Kahn has spent the last two decades in competitive high priced California and Mihn is a genuine Soccer Mom. They both have insulting manners and it's taking a little bit of time to work out the kinks. Halfway through the episode, we see that Kahn strongly suspects Hank of racism because Ladybird is a purebred Georgia Bloodhound and will only be mated with another such purebreed. Hank insists that he doesn't like Kahn the man ("it doesn't matter where he's from"). Eventually things work themselves out, though it will always be a race with the jones's next door as far as Mihn and Kahn are concerned.
  • Typical southerners.

    I just think that it is so typical for southerners to be dumb headed rednecks. They are really dull in the head and this episode proved true to reality. I didn't like this episode and I have to say the only reason I watched it was because I got tricked into thinking I was going to see a better episode. This one had so many flaws that I am almost ashamed to even watch the show during the first season. The one thing that was even passable was the half hour. Overall, I have to say this was bad. Thank you.