King of the Hill

Season 3 Episode 23

Wings of the Dope

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM May 04, 1999 on FOX

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  • Touching, emotional, and beautiful.

    This is one of the most memorable, touching episodes of King Of The Hill in its entire run. After experiencing a loss, it's common to wish you could talk to the person or see them one more time to tie up all the knots. Luanne gets to do just that in this episode. She progresses from being tearful at the thought of Buckley to just smiling and walking back into her house as he flies away. The scenes with Buckley's Angel and Luanne are all touching, as is the scene during which Luanne is crying by the trampoline and Peggy tells her that if she gives up on education she's giving up on her dreams and says that she has to do things by herself instead of relying on others. The soundtrack is stellar as well, featuring "Life in a Northern Town" by The Dream Academy and "Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground" by Willie Nelson. The fact that this episode helped a Columbine survivor grieve for a friend she loved and never told, by helping her reconcile her emotions and realize it was okay to do so even though he was responsible for the shooting, speaks for itself in terms of its emotional content. If a person only ever watches one episode of this show, it should be this one.
  • Ghostly

    Season 3 continues to make me literally laugh out loud. This is Buckley's last appearance and it was a great one. Luanne's storyline was good and she is really funny, but I really liked how everyone thought that the trampoline was possessed by Buckley's Angel. Dale's reaction is the best thinking it is the portal to Hell. I liked how they were able to keep Luanne's naivety and still mature her all at once. It was a well written episode, and it's nice to see Buckley again!
  • "Buckley's Ghost", the San Diego-area Rock band

    My pal, Mister Beazy, told me such wonderful tales of debauchery, surrounding his own experience providing percussion for the rock ensemble [former?], titled "Buckley's Ghost". All the while, I did smile, for friends tend to do that, engaged in discourse over nostalgic matters, yet-- much to my surprise, much later-- I came to realize: They named their band, as an acknowledgement to this KOTH episode. Anyone out there familiar w/ the band? or B.P. aka Mister Beazy. Ever hear of San Diego? I believe it's somewhere, Western U.S., maybe, uh... Californ-i-yay oh, somewhere thereabouts. Said he left cause people be havin' bad odor 'round there, but i don't believe it. As for the episode, previous to my knowledge of "Buckley's Ghost", it was one of my faves. Now, all wrapped-up in the things of Urban Legends, I'd have to say-- it's become much more than just a favourite, but extra special. Mister Beazy, he's an extra special alien. See for yourselves.
  • This was a remarkable episode because of Buckley coming back.

    Alright now this episode of King of the Hill was the one that brought me to liking the show. One night i was swiching the channels and i found King Of The Hill I started to watch it and after the show was over i relly wanted to see it again I also wanted to know who Buckley died. So this episode brought me into the whole show.
    I was so in love with this episode i even made my sims from the sims2 Luanne and Buckley also the rest of the members. I then found out each night when the show was going to come on and checked if it was the episode.
    I have probley seen this episode 20 times.
    Whatever happened to Buckley well many things Luanne once loved him but at the stike of instance he blew up ( In the mego low mart explotion). then Luanne has to take a test thats when troble appears. As Buckley coming back as an angle he helped or demotivated Luanne causing her to have all types of problems. Hank wants to fix the trampoline and thats not relly interesting ohh ya because the episodes all about Luanne. And if u seen it Bobby dosen't do anything.
  • Luanne has a life-changing vision.

    This episode concentrates on Luanne, but not
    her goof-ups or her lack of smarts, but on
    her dreams and her future. In this episode,
    Luanne really grows up.
    The most wonderful scene is the one of her
    and the Buckley angel on the trampoline. The
    way she\'s happy to see him, and the way the
    song \"Life in a Northern Town\" plays with
    them both bouncing up and down playfully with
    each other, was really touching and sweet.
    And although Buckley may not be the brightest
    or most romantic of characters, her feelings
    for him is what carries the scene.
    Hank and the rest of the cast really don\'t
    have much to do here. Even the secondary plot
    about fixing the trampoline is really just a
    set-up to Luanne\'s vision. But it was good to
    see how everyone else (except Hank) slowly
    starts to believe in the Buckley angel as well.
    The ending is a happy moment for Luanne, as
    we see her turning failure into success, to
    make something better of her life.
    Overall, this episode shows why this show is
    so good. There are no laugh-out-loud moments,
    but there are lovable characters and interesting
    story-lines. And it helps show why Luanne is
    one of the most lovable of the characters on
    the show.