King of the Hill

Season 3 Episode 23

Wings of the Dope

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM May 04, 1999 on FOX

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  • Luanne has a life-changing vision.

    This episode concentrates on Luanne, but not
    her goof-ups or her lack of smarts, but on
    her dreams and her future. In this episode,
    Luanne really grows up.
    The most wonderful scene is the one of her
    and the Buckley angel on the trampoline. The
    way she\'s happy to see him, and the way the
    song \"Life in a Northern Town\" plays with
    them both bouncing up and down playfully with
    each other, was really touching and sweet.
    And although Buckley may not be the brightest
    or most romantic of characters, her feelings
    for him is what carries the scene.
    Hank and the rest of the cast really don\'t
    have much to do here. Even the secondary plot
    about fixing the trampoline is really just a
    set-up to Luanne\'s vision. But it was good to
    see how everyone else (except Hank) slowly
    starts to believe in the Buckley angel as well.
    The ending is a happy moment for Luanne, as
    we see her turning failure into success, to
    make something better of her life.
    Overall, this episode shows why this show is
    so good. There are no laugh-out-loud moments,
    but there are lovable characters and interesting
    story-lines. And it helps show why Luanne is
    one of the most lovable of the characters on
    the show.
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