King of the Hill

Season 3 Episode 23

Wings of the Dope

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM May 04, 1999 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • In the episode in which the Mega Lo Mart explodes, the last thing Buckley says onscreen to Luanne before he dies is "Chicken thigh" as a joking answer to her asking, "I'm breaking up with you; do you know why?" In this episode, the last thing Luanne says to Buckley before he seemingly ascends back to Heaven and she goes back into her house is "Chicken thigh" also after she says the romantic part of their relationship is over and he asks, "Why?"

    • Tagline: "Hey." -Buckley. This is the second time that the tagline is not unique to this episode but was used in various episodes. It was even used multiple times in this episode alone.

    • When Dale takes the letter from "Buckley's Angel" they are all by the trampoline, but when Hank sprays the guys with water they are standing on the other side of the lawn.

  • Quotes

    • Buckley: Before I go, could I have one last kiss?
      Luanne: No. That part's over.
      Buckley: Why?
      Luanne: Chicken thigh.

    • Dale: We've been playing God with Buckley's trampoline, now God is playing God with us! And He's a lot better at it.

    • Peggy: Minh, have you ever had any religious visions?
      Minh: This about Buckley's angel, huh, Peggy Hill?
      Peggy: You know about that?
      Minh: Not much happen in this neighborhood. When someone come back from dead, it gets around.

    • (Luanne has her first sighting of Buckley's Angel)
      Luanne: Who are you? What are you doing? What ... ?
      Buckley: Chicken butt.

    • (Kahn answers the door and it's Hank, Dale, Bill and Boomhauer)
      Kahn: Wait, if you guys are here, who's guarding trash cans in alley?

    • Kahn: Buckley's Angel? Oh, I'm so alone! I have to commute to Houston every day -- that city one big stinkhole! Did I make the right decision, Buckley's Angel? Oh, Buckley's Angel! Why you not come to me instead of that redneck little hot potato?

    • Buckley: I just came back to say I'm sorry I bailed out of the car.
      Luanne: I knew you weren't really a jerk.
      Buckley: Yeah. Well, I gotta go. Jesus is having a party. It's gonna rock.
      Luanne: There'll probably be a lot of people there, but if you see Jesus, tell him I said thanks.

    • Boomhauer: I don't know, man, I been havin' trouble with my dang ol' crankshaft...Buckley's Angel, walk up and just touch the hood, just touch it, my Dodge is healed, man...yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, man.

    • Peggy: Luanne, you look positively radiant this morning. You're not pregnant, are you?

    • Luanne: You are an angel! Unless you're just a hallucinogen of my mind. If you're really Buckley's Angel, then tell me something only the real Buckley would know.
      Buckley: have a birthmark on your butt the shape of a Honda key.
      Luanne: You are a real angel!

    • Luanne: I just had a test last semester, and now I have to take another test! It's not fair! How often in real life are you tested?

    • Hank: Bill, remember when we got you to brush your teeth by saying you didn't know how?
      Bill: Yeah.
      Dale: Reverse psychology? That'll never work.
      Hank: Yes, it will!
      Dale: Gotcha.

  • Notes

    • The version of "Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground" that plays while Luanne waits for Buckley is the original by Willie Nelson. For some reason, a different version was included on the soundtrack; the difference can be heard in the way the eponymous line is performed.

    • "Wings of the Dope" premiered two weeks after the Columbine shooting. A few weeks after it aired, Mike Judge got a letter from a Columbine survivor who credited the episode with enabling her to grieve for a friend of hers she was in love with and never got to tell, who turned out to be one of the perpetrators.

    • The song that plays while Luanne and Buckley's Angel jump on the trampoline is "Life in a Northern Town" by The Dream Academy. The song playing when Luanne is crying by the trampoline before her exam is  "Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground" by Willie Nelson and Mark McGrath.

    • When Hank talks about Buckley not being able to find a hammer, he is referencing the first episode where Hank is asking Buckley for help finding something, and at one point says, "do you know what a danged hammer is?"

    • The original title of this episode was "Luanne's Angel."

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