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Animal Planet (ended 2004)


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King of the Jungle

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Twelve animal experts travel to the heart of the jungle to compete for a chance to host their own wildlife show on Animal Planet. For ten days the contestants are tested on skill, knowledge, and courage.

Famous animal expert Jeff Corwin guides them and provides comic relief along the way, while "nasty" Nigel Marven cuts one of the competitors at the end of each day.

Only one can be crowned King of the Jungle.
Nigel Marven

Nigel Marven


Jeff Corwin

Jeff Corwin

Host / Master of Ceremonies (2003)

Madison Michele

Madison Michele

Host / Master of Ceremonies (2004)

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  • Season 1 excellent! Season 2, um, not so much.

    For me season one of King of the Jungle was the best reality program on TV. It was educational, interesting, funny, and very fun to watch. I would greatly anticipate every episode and would find myself thinking, “I wonder what’s going to happen this week? What crazy stunt are the contestants going to have to perform and what tests will they need to take?” It was a very original and interesting show. I liked it so much better then all of the other reality shows because there weren’t any tribes or alliances, there wasn’t nearly as much negative focus with everyone bashing on each other, and rather then contestants voting each other off the show, their performance was critiqued by judges and only the people who didn’t perform well were asked to leave. It was much friendlier and fun to watch show then all the other “dog-eat-dog” and “in-your-face” reality shows. Then they came back the following year with… “Season Two”.

    Season two of King of the Jungle was a great big disappointment to me. They took all the great attributes that I mentioned above and threw them all away. Rather then it being educational and interesting, it was just another “in-your-face” type of reality show. The contestants quickly formed alliances and little groups and they began conspiring against each other to get their biggest competitors voted off as quickly as possible without drawing attention to themselves. You know the story, it reminded me very much of survivor.

    Anyway, for ratings I would have to give season one a ten and season two a four. I would very much like to see a third season of this show with things done very much line in the first season. The great and mighty executives over at Animal Planet would never admit to their failure and try again though. In their minds this is a failed attempt and will never be thought of again. King of the Jungle, you will be missed.moreless