King of the Nerds

Friday on TBS Premiered Jan 17, 2013 In Season





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  • Cool and Different

    Take a bunch of Nerds, put them up in a castle and force them to compete against each other for a lot of money. What else could you ask for?
  • A little over the top in a good way.

    started watching this show at Season in love with it and was ecstatic to hear of a Season be warned. If you are not a Techy, Gamer, or just all around will hate this show. It is full of stuff nerds will relate to and find hilarious. So if you have debated over which is better Star Wars or Star Trek, WoW or Guild Wars 2, C++ or Java, you will definitely love this all those things are alien words to will hate it.
  • Unexplainably, but good.

    I was starting to watch this skeptically but was turned around pretty quick, the characters aside few strays are a well rounded fun bunch of people, the show hosts I absolutely love and they did amazing job in my opinion.

    I am going to be awaiting next episodes of this without skepticism in reserve for sure.