King Star King

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King Star King
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AIRED ON 10/4/2014

Season 1 : Episode 4

Show Summary

The mighty King Star King falls from a higher plane of existence when his forbidden love to Snow White Princess is discovered. Now a lowly fry-cook in a waffle house, King Star King must fight his amnesia and return to his rightful place.

Tommy Blacha

Tommy Blacha

King Star King/Hank Waffles/Gurble

Robin Atkin Downes

Robin Atkin Downes


JJ Villard

JJ Villard


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  • Ow fack

    This is also one of most psychidelic animated shows,and it looks like most.
  • Finally a show that should get canned after the pilot !!

    just watched the pilot of this show, the animation was just painful to behold, and apparently there was a plot but i must have missed it. i don't want to be a internet complainer and just poo poo a show for the sake of it, but it truly was not at all worth the watching time, i have never used a review site before but i have searched the internet to find reviews of this show just to let peeps know not to waste there time and hopefully enough bad reviews will get some action and stop a perfectly good time slot going to waste, honestly i would rather watch repeats of frisky dingo or the pilot of the amazing screw on head for eternity then another episode of KSK even once.moreless
  • Everything wrong with current Adult Swim

    First of all, despite the fluidity of the animation, the artwork is just HIDEOUS. Secondly it has zero plot besides grossing the viewers out. Third again, just hideous artwork. Fourth, it treats its viewers like morons and has absolutely no story.

    Avoid at all costs/

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