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  • The series Kingdom depicts the life of Peter Kingdom, a solicitor running the family business in a picturesque village in Norfolk.

    We discovered Peter Kingdom, (expertly played by Stephen Fry) being joined by his unstable sister, Beatrice, whilst he mourned the loss of his brother whom it was thought drowned himself in the sea. Kingdom is joined in his office by a trainee solicitor, the highly principled Lyle and Gloria his ever trustworthy secretary/agony aunt. Together this group bumble along with through their own troubles whilst assisting members of the public with their legal problems. One common visitor to Kingdom and Kingdom solicitors is Mr Snell, a comedic character whose life's work is to sue anyone and everyone.

    This series is categorized as a drama/comedy and in my opinion it is a perfect blend of the two. Mr Snell, Beatrice and Lyle, are classic comedic characters who can bring a smile to your face. The casting of Kingdom is excellent with Stephen Fry, Hermione Norris, Celia Imrie, Tony Slattery and Karl Davies as central characters with great British actors such as Richard Wilson in guest roles. The beautiful background Norfolk scenery is treated almost as a character in itself. These feel good storylines which can often bring a tear to the eye make for perfect Sunday evening viewing or for any other night of the week come to that! I would highly recommend it to anyone!