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  • bring it back!

    I went out and bought the DVD's because I missed it so much. Everyone who stays at my apartment has seen this and ends up calling me and asking the same question: "Where is the rest of this - we can't find it?" Thinking that I only left those three DVD's out by mistake. No mistake - true grit of what people like to watch. No doubt this debut was pitiful. I didn't hear anything about it when it ran on network TV. I think it should be re-released and followed up on!
  • The Mexican Godfather

    I love gangster movies and well crafted gangster TV shows. Kingpin definately falls into the later catagory. It is hard to do organized crime dramas on network TV without them becoming campy and unbelivable. Kingpin is neither.

    All though there are time when thing are a little over the top (Danny Trejo as the voodoo practicing cousin) I think the mini-series as a whole more than makes up for it You could almost think of Danny Trejo and Brian Benben as comic relief.

    It is too bad that NBC chose to leave Kingpin as a mini series instead of rolling the dice and trying it as a regular series. It's a much better idea than, oh let's say, Heist.

    Kingpin is worth finding on DVD.
  • A good show, but has its flaws.

    Kingpin was an interesting show about several characters whose lives are affected by drug trafficking, including a United States Drug Enforcement Agent, a plastic surgeon, and the Mexican family behind the trafficking. The closest thing I can compare this show to is the movie or miniseries Traffic. While I personally liked this show, I did find several flaws in it. The most obvious one is the fact that early in the story, it seemed to focus on the drug family in Mexico, and the countless problems they must overcome in taking part in such a business. Toward the end of this miniseries though, it seemed to lose that focus, and wound up being based more on the DEA trying to stop drug trafficking in the US. It just felt like sloppy writing in my oppinion. Another problem I had with this show was the fact that it had no real conclusion. It sort of just "ended" without resolving some of the storylines. This show was a miniseries, meaning there was never any intention on there ever being a second season, but it's pretty hard to tell that based on the incomplete ending. Still, I enjoed this show for what it was and would recommend it to someone who enjoys stories about the world of drug trafficking.
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