King's Crossing

ABC (ended 1982)


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  • A great introduction to Linda Hamilton, whose acting verve shown even then.

    Wile I was stationed in Germany in the early \'80s, Armed Forces Network Television (AFNTV) ran \"King\'s Crossing.\" I loved it, as did other friends who\'d sit in the barracks & watch it with me. There was something about the whole out-of-place sensibility her character showed--uprooted from a familiar palce and landing in an environment that she resited--seemed to meld with our feeligns of being \"strangers in a strane land.\" I loved her portrait of an angst-ridden, sehnsucht-infused young person. I too had been searching for meaning, direction, and, yes, succor somewhere. Since the journey is the reward, her character seemed to struggle on that journey...yet we viewers reaped the reward.

    So, I\'ve always had a soft spot for this show.

    Then again, I have always felt an affinity for her, since we both were born on the same date in the same year. ;)
  • Revamped version of Secrets Of Midland Heights

    In 1980 the series \"Secrets Of Midland Heights\" debuted as a prime time soap aimed at the teen set. When that series was cancelled after 2 months, the producers promised to bring the show back in another form. What emerged a year later was \"King\'s Crossing.\" It was a completely different program but featured four of \"Midland Heights\" stars. They were Linda Hamilton, Doran Clark, Marilyn Jones and Daniel Zippi. In the first series none of the characters were related. In this version, Linda Hamilton and Marilyn Jones were sisters and Doran Clark was their cousin. The only other similarity between the two shows was that Marilyn Jones and Daniel Zippi\'s characters were romantically involved. As a teen, I really enjoyed \"Midland Heights\" probably because it reminded me of the small town I was living in at the time. Although I enjoyed \"King\'s Crossing\", it left me a little cold despite the presence of a very talented cast that also included future \"Newhart\" wife Mary Frann and the award-winning actress Beatrice Straight. Unfortunately only 10 episodes of each series were produced. Hopefully they will turn up on cable one day. I would love to see them again. VCR\'s were just starting to take off at that time and we didn\'t get ours until 1984. I\'m really surprised this show hasn\'t turned up anywhere yet since Linda Hamilton became such a big star a few years later.
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