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Inspired by the biblical story of King David, this contemporary soap is about a typical small town guy who becomes involved with high society and politics and rises to the top against all odds. Kings is produced by 3 Arts Entertainment in association with Universal Media Studios and distributed by the NBC Television Network. The series has been given a 13 episode initial order.

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  • Ian McShane

    Ian McShane

    King Silas Benjamin

    Wes Studi

    Wes Studi

    General Linus Abner

    Allison Miller

    Allison Miller

    Michelle Benjamin

    Susanna Thompson

    Susanna Thompson

    Queen Rose Benjamin

    Christopher Egan

    Christopher Egan

    David Shepherd

    Sebastian Stan

    Sebastian Stan

    Jack Benjamin

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    • NBC's Kerfuffle ... In My Humble Opinion

      Well, NBC's Kerfuffled it up yet again! I really didn't know this show existed back in 2009 and only just recently watched it for the very first time today, June 9-10, 2013 ... and ya wanna know what ... I hated the sexual content! We can make movies and great ones at that with out being so explicit! There was some profanity and that demeaned it a bit also ... the movie was not exactly following the "True Bibical Account of King Saul and King David" (Hollywood etc. never does), but, the writers here did manage to adequately make the necessary correlation.

      The overall writing for the show was in my humble opinion, quite good acutally, in fact, I felt it was excellent! The portrayal of each of the characters was superbly written and acted by both writers and actors/actresses alike! So, what does NBC go and do ... well, not exactly what you and I would want them to do, no, of course not, ... why they seem to do what they have been doing best for quite a while now it would seem, ... and they go and kill a Fantastically Great Show that if it had continued to be done right & write ... could have gone on to the moon and back for many, many seasons!!! I really do think that this series could have been as near and as close to a "Gone With The Wind" TV Blockbuster had NBC shown a lick of sense! But of course, they don't so they didn't! CBS seems to have the same infamous "Killing Thumb" axe as NBC and has used it a few times also to a few of their great shows, so NBC, you're alone. Do these people running the programing really want to have any "good" shows at all? I can't believe this show didn't have good ratings!

      I'm sorry to see that it's gone, and even though it is now 2013 ... and I know it's pure fantasy to ever believe any network would pick it up and continue it is sheer lunacy on my part, but hey ... I believe in dreams and happy endings! ,,,

      PS: if it ever does come back ... I hope they leave out the profanity and explicit sex ... good shows don't need it and the public will be better off without it!!! ... In My Humble Opinionmoreless

    • Overwhelming

      Officially, one of the best shows. Captivating, moving, inspiring. It's sad, the series has ended. If there was more publicity, im sure it could top the charts for shows like The Big Bang Theory, Glee, 90210, etc.

      Season 2 is a must!
    • Would sign for a second season immediately.

      An epic way of retelling an epic story. I was hooked as soon as I saw the pilot, and the episodes just keeps getting better. The cast is selected with such great care, they do an atonishing job. The chemistry between Ian Mcshane and Christopher Egan, and between the latter and allisson miller (Silas - David, David - Michelle), is overwhelming. Immaculate acting, with deep, profound insight in the emotions of the different characters and their own personal struggles (Susanna Thomson, Sebastian Stan, etc etc).

      One of the best series I have ever seen, by far.moreless
    • What Happened To Kings? It merits a return season don't you think? It was a great show!!

      I really liked this show too. The writers was very well written and was powerfully delivered by the actors; most of all the character King Silas(and Jack's character was cleverly written as well) It was a bummer to find out that the series was not to return; I actually didn't start watching the show until I think episode 7 'Javelin' and then the following ep and I was completely hooked and had to catch up online ( thank you ) and start from the beginning because it was so good. I hope they bring it back. I'd like to see where they had planned to go with the story since David retreated into Gath.moreless

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    destiny, Politics, war hero, short lived series, forbidden love