Season 1 Episode 1

Goliath, Part 1

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 15, 2009 on NBC

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  • This pilot episode starts off on the day that a new country's King Silas is dedicating the completion of the new capital city, Shiloh. A parallel story of a country boy named David's experiences are shown to us as well.

    I really enjoyed the pilot much more than I though I would from the advertisement. The storyline has much more substance than I predicted. I watched originally because of Ian McKellen, I adore his work. I was pleasantly surprised to find that recognized most of the actors and that the casting was as excellent as the writing was. I enjoyed the drama as well action. The family interactions within each family the Kings and David's made it even easier to relate to the characters. The symbolism shown in the show is surprisingly good. You usually do not get that on television. I cannot wait for the next episodes.
  • A great start to a great new series.

    Besides being a little hard to follow the pilot episode of this episode was very well done. I loved every minute of it. The story was new fresh and interesting. Acting was great on all accounts I was a big fan of everyone's character especially the King and David both did great. Hopefully the show stays on this track, and picks up viewers because it was very entertaining and new to watch not many shows are this good anymore. This was one of the better Pilot episodes of anything that I have seen lately this is a great addition to television hopefully it stays this good, and NBC keeps it going and gives it maybe better marketing.
  • A King with no crown huh? Weird. Could be mistaken for anyone. Good show, though.

    As usual, I give a new pilot until it's first commercial break to keep me interested. Kings is lucky the premise is so fascinating. I was ready to tune out by minute 15, but by minute 20, I was really interested in where things were going. There seems to be so much depth filled behind McShane's words as King Silas that really, I think the show would be even stronger focusing only on him and his rule and not the young upstart, David. I like the kid, but he's played kind of like the "perfect" human being. What I mean by this is he has no flaws. He's young good looking, fixes cars, super polite, humble, a dedicated patriot and soldier, and even plays the piano! Look out ladies! (Gag me.) With the drama behind Silas' son (the prototypical young prince who's wild night life may cost him the throne) and the possible affair by the queen, this has the makings of something on the level of The West Wing + The Sopranos, something I'm much more welcome to if they keep the O.C. elements out. "Kings" is the ultimate in escapist TV (who doesn't daydream of being royalty?) and as long as the writing stays compelling, I'll be able to overlook the silly names of these places (Gilboa?) in this 'alternate-universe'.
  • I would have liked a show like Kings not to live on the mercy of the ratings and instead see it be able to lead a quiet and conclusive life on a cable network like HBO, AMC or Showtime.

    Goliath is a great start for a show, but I can't help but wonder why a network like NBC bothered to pick this up. Saga-like series doesn't work on network television and NBC should understand that, especially after their struggles with Heroes. Kings is bound to dwindle in the ratings and die before the show really hits its stride, and it's near-guaranteed demise makes it a lot harder for me to follow. This is a shame because the premise is great, the show exhibits excellent production values with good writing, and the acting is mostly well-executed by an ensemble cast lead by the charismatic and eloquent Ian McShane. I would have liked a show like Kings not to live on the mercy of the ratings and instead see it be able to lead a quiet and conclusive life on a cable network like HBO, AMC or Showtime.
  • It's the King! Doing King things! :D

    Wow. Just ... wow. I thought some parts were dragging too much but they were part of the momentum that built with the storyline. I'm glad David Shepherd didn't show up in Shiloh and just relax like everyone expected him to. He was out of place and quickly intuited that the palace was at least as dangerous as any battlefield, and he resented being dragged from his deployment. I liked his matter-of-fact commentary and his reactions to everything, including the king.

    And what a King! I've never really encountered Ian McShane in much before this, but what an outstanding job -- no one's "puppet," btw, just politically savvy and as beholden to interests as anyone in power. The military-industrial complex, just to comment, is real, and kings hew to legitimacy in government (divine right, etc.) as much as presidents rely on mandates from a constituency.

    I loved Queen Rose looking out for her son's public image, and I also loved that the King had a consort and an illegitimate heir -- given his misgivings about the Prince -- and of course Rose will find out about her and them and then oh, the palace intrigue that will unfold.

    I love the official historian, I love the Princess and her squishy heart and social-minded nature, and I love the mutual attraction between her and David, and how it scrapes at the king's soul (although I didn't have a sense that there were other suitors in the wings -- surely there's a Paris somewhere in the mix).

    Ultimately, the producers have created an intriguing world in which all familiar human history seems to have led up to this prismatic shift of perspective. King Silas is something other than Josiah Bartlet, Darth Cheney or Bill Clinton, but he's something like all of them, and his court, to me, is extremely interesting.

    Well done, everyone! Keep up the good work. :)
  • "We are King and we do as we see is right in mine eye"

    I loved this show. It was grand and well written and the cast, wow, what an amazing bunch. It had everything I want in a show.

    Dialogue: check. Never had one ion of a moment where I thought I could've written better crap than that ('Supernatural' I'm talking about you)

    Character I have a crush: check. I love the freaking daughter she makes me feel the way Claire from Heroes did back in the first season.

    Amazing acting: check. Ian McShane what commanding presence. An intriguing alternate world: check. It's all so interesting. Great position to make social commentary on our current world. Shiloh is a weird name for a city though (isn't it a dogs name?).

    Character I hate but feel sorry for: check. The gay son with the flaming lips.

    So all in all it was tight. Especially the King and his growing corruptness which I think is the most interesting plot (he killed a man because he stood to leave before the king did). When he dies that will be the end of the show.
  • Best Pilot Since "Fringe"

    I think that "Kings" has started with the best pilot episode since "Fringe" late in 2008. I do think that the two-hour episode was much needed in order to really draw me into the show and this is one show that I will be watching in the weeks to come.

    Main Idea --> I love the main idea of the show. A modern day country that is rules by a King. The King keeps notes on a blackberry looking device that he can get access too later. The King himself is a very good actor. On the surface he seems like the most powerful man in this kingdom, however, behind the scenes there is a man who is controlling all of the money in the kingdom and if the kind chooses to cross this man he is going to destory everything that the king has accomplished. We got right into this aspect of the show in this epsiode when the man (brother in law to the king) told him that he wanted to continue the war. David is a great lead character too. I think that was the aspect I loved the most about the show. Two big stars will be able to carry this show into something really great I think. I do like David more then the king, but they are both great characters. The beginning scene kind of set up the episode well, but at the same time the two year jump seemed pretty quick and I don't think they are ever going to go back to the last two years. I think there are a lot of good stories that could have been told in those two years, but I think I will grow to accept such a huge gap right there at the beginning of the show. Overall - I wish I could say more about the shows first epsiode but I have school to focus on and a March Madness bracket to be working on. If you didn't get a chance to watch this show - go to NBC and watch it.
  • An excellent start to a promising drama with some nice twists and turns

    I had expected the basic setup of a medival mentality in modern-day times. What I did not expect were all the excellent twists the story provided, the turns on what you expected:
    *That David was surrendering, not attacking to the tank.
    *The truth of the king's son's sexual preferences.
    *the affairs the King had and his wife's knowledge of them.
    *The King being the one who wanted the attack as an excuse to go to war. All of these combine into some great turns on the drama that help the story along. The financial backer wanting the war to continue and ready to stage a coup was a good move and makes sense the son would be open to it. The preacher was also good refusing to back the attacks and warning of the king's downfall. The acting helps it along, mostly McShane who fits perfectly as the king, powerful, conniving and charasmatic. The young man playing David was also good with his bold stand before the tanks and standing up to the king. The romance with the daughter is off to a good start and promises more powerful intrigue.

    Overall, a great start and this series can really click if given the chance, showing how politics and cutthroat royalty can never change, no matter the time.
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