Season 1 Episode 1

Goliath, Part 1

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 15, 2009 on NBC

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  • It's the King! Doing King things! :D

    Wow. Just ... wow. I thought some parts were dragging too much but they were part of the momentum that built with the storyline. I'm glad David Shepherd didn't show up in Shiloh and just relax like everyone expected him to. He was out of place and quickly intuited that the palace was at least as dangerous as any battlefield, and he resented being dragged from his deployment. I liked his matter-of-fact commentary and his reactions to everything, including the king.

    And what a King! I've never really encountered Ian McShane in much before this, but what an outstanding job -- no one's "puppet," btw, just politically savvy and as beholden to interests as anyone in power. The military-industrial complex, just to comment, is real, and kings hew to legitimacy in government (divine right, etc.) as much as presidents rely on mandates from a constituency.

    I loved Queen Rose looking out for her son's public image, and I also loved that the King had a consort and an illegitimate heir -- given his misgivings about the Prince -- and of course Rose will find out about her and them and then oh, the palace intrigue that will unfold.

    I love the official historian, I love the Princess and her squishy heart and social-minded nature, and I love the mutual attraction between her and David, and how it scrapes at the king's soul (although I didn't have a sense that there were other suitors in the wings -- surely there's a Paris somewhere in the mix).

    Ultimately, the producers have created an intriguing world in which all familiar human history seems to have led up to this prismatic shift of perspective. King Silas is something other than Josiah Bartlet, Darth Cheney or Bill Clinton, but he's something like all of them, and his court, to me, is extremely interesting.

    Well done, everyone! Keep up the good work. :)
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