Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 05, 2009 on NBC

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  • Silas gives away Port Prosperity to the Gath, and now he gives away the land that David's family lives on as well. The people living there prepare to rise up against it and Silas sends David to keep peace. It does not work as planned.

    I liked this episode because it caused all the players to really show their true colors and also to decide exactly what side they were on. Most of them were really only out for their own self interest. What really shocked me was that David's family would completely shun him in the end. His mother in particular who had said she knew that her son had a destiny treated him as if he were a criminal. I imagine there will be more drama about that in the future. Jack televising his sister's being taken hostage was just priceless. In the end, Jack may have gotten more than he bargained for.
  • King Silas's efforts towards peace do not go down well with everyone and David is forced to choose between his king and his family.

    King Silas's efforts towards peace do not go down well with everyone and David is forced to choose between his king and his family.

    As the show continues to get better and better, the ratings continue to decline to the point where a second season not only seems unlikely, but it's getting to the stage of "impossible" when you look at the costs of the show compared to the viewships that its getting. That being said, its really hard to put everything I have into this show when I know it's not looking good in terms of giving me a good conclusion.

    All the aside, this epsiode was another very good episode. The King steals this episode I thought. David was good, but the King making these decisions and dealing with everything that does wrong is just great television. Reminds me of 24 political talk back in its prime in seasons 2,3, and 5. The King's son stuff is kind of boring, but the girl that they brought in to take him over looks to be a very promising character. The relationship between David and the princess should take off soon too, with him coming to the rescue at the end of this episode.
  • Silas makes a decree that will affect many families. David continues as the golden boy but sees the kings for what he really is.

    Very nice episode. This show has great production value and the performances are just really good. I hope Kings stays on the air till we can see more of the story and an actual conclusion, unlike some good shows that have come and go without a proper ending.

    We continue to see Silas as a manipulative and dark king that uses his power and influence for his benefit and the benefit of his family. David is torn between his duty as an officer and follower of the king and his family and their needs. People of port prosperity arent thrilled about the Kings decree to give back their lands to Gath and insurrect.

    We see that the conection between David and the daughter of Silas its still there and will keep growing as time goes by.