Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 05, 2009 on NBC



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    • Thomasina: Sir, I have concerns…for your heart.
      King Silas: Doctor gave it a clean bill, just last winter.
      Thomasina: Not the function; the temperature. I fear it's gone cold…since Serenity, sir. Since you stopped going.
      King Silas: I know of no such place.
      Thomasina: So it seems.
      King Silas: You have a point?
      Thomasina: Without it…without her, you have not been yourself as…as I know you. What you spied sharply escapes notice; and what gave you pause, doesn't. And without counterbalance of warmth, you've grown mean, sir. And I don't know how to serve this cold Silas. And my duty is to protect the family.

    • David When everything inside me screamed I was betraying my family, I still trusted you.

    • Ethan: I stood up to the king for what I believe; why would I want to live a life that's saved by a lie? As much as you believe in Silas, I know that he's wrong. I know that he's not the one in God's heart.
      David: I don't even know if there is a God! But I know that we can change things – you and I. We're the ones here. We're the ones who can save you.
      Ethan: Can't you see, David? I'm already saved.

    • David: I hate the idea of losing our home. I lost my father... my brother. I know a lot of you here lost people too. And it's natural to say they died for this land, and we're never giving it up. (The protesters applaud) But I'd happily trade our farm to bring Dad or Eli back; lives are more important than livelihood. I think of all the other fathers and brothers who are gonna go on living because Silas ended the war, and it makes me love our king even more.

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