Season 1 Episode 11


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jul 11, 2009 on NBC
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David is on trial for his life as Michelle learns interesting news. Meanwhile, a plot to overthrow Silas is emerging.

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  • This was an up and down episode!

    This episode was very good. I cannot say amazing, but it was good enough to not leave my seat once through the entire episode. It is starting to become increasingly strange to me that hollywood would get rid of this show. I think if anything it showed the human side of Rev. Samuels and that all humans make mistakes. Likewise I would say the same for David. At first I though it was stupid that he lied to King Silas, but think about it. Who would actually tell a potential father in law on the spot that you are dating his daughter and slept with her! Not me! It would take more courage than I have. And I think that is what happened to David. In his heart he was going to tell the king, but being put on the spot was probably too much and he needed to process his hero's secret lifestyle. So I think that this episode really does show that the characters have real moments of greatness and failure. Seriously this was a good episode. The king in less than a minute destroyed what he had been trying to control since he became king: his media image and the people's perception of him. This was a great episode that progressively built off of the previous episodes. And to think that this was based off of the Biblical story of David. This show is a great modern day representation and one that has me wondering what is going to happen next!moreless
Christopher Egan

Christopher Egan

David Shepherd

Sebastian Stan

Sebastian Stan

Jack Benjamin

Allison Miller

Allison Miller

Michelle Benjamin

Eamonn Walker

Eamonn Walker

Reverend Ephram Samuels

Susanna Thompson

Susanna Thompson

Queen Rose Benjamin

Ian McShane

Ian McShane

King Silas Benjamin

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    • Silas: (to David) King. All these years, authority unquestioned. You think it's a coincidence they conspire against me now? A monarchy stands on a belief in the singularity of its sovereign, all vectors pointed here. (Silas points to his heart) And then along came you. Oh, and they looked at you, and they they might improve upon me. Replaceable. You thought to inspire. But you inspired treason.

    • Silas: Be the lamb. Or be the knife. Try to be both, you end up slaughtering yourself.

    • Rev. Ephram Samuels: He is not your enemy Silas you know that. You have a chance to end this now. Make it right.
      King Silas: Whatever your visions…
      Rev. Ephram Samuels: He is only becoming what is meant to be. What God intends for this nation.
      King Silas: Well then he didn't tell me.
      Rev. Ephram Samuels: Danger's coming Silas. You were supposed to foster it, to nurture it, to see the future improve upon the past. Now you can still have your part, but don't…
      (Lights go out)
      King Silas: So that's it. From arcane to tricks?
      Rev. Ephram Samuels: Don't give God reason to tear from you this kingdom. I have known you to be a man to make mistakes in the name of vanity. But never a villain.
      King Silas: There was a time, once, not far from memory, when you lost what was most dear to you. And you asked me that those responsible for the death of your wife not be just punished, not be just killed, but that all memory of their existence on Earth be swept clean. And you asked not with the countenance of God, not magic hands, just as a broken man seeking revenge. Your friend did that for you, and you thanked him for it. So who are you now, to ask that friend not to seek revenge on those that would take from him? Be the lamb or be the knife, try to be both, you'll end up slaughtering yourself.

    • King Silas: Let him go.
      Michelle: I don't care what anyone thinks of me so long as they know David is innocent.
      King Silas: Damnit Michelle, we're trying to make this easy for you.
      Michelle: I'm going to help him.
      King Silas: Don't you dare.
      Michelle: I have to.
      King Silas: Everyone for David is against me, now stay out of this or by God I'll count you amongst them.
      Michelle: You want him dead?
      King Silas: He's guilty. I'll have every shred of his existence wiped from this Earth. It'll be against the law ever to speak his name.

    • David: You want me to run?
      William Cross: Only if you want to live. Your death is a foregone conclusion. Silas is only waiting to sell the last few believers on his version of your truth.
      Rev. Ephram Samuels: Which is why we must protect you David.
      William Cross: Silas won't be around for long. We need to keep you safe so he doesn't kill you first.
      David: Why are you so sure he won't be around for long?
      William Cross: The problem with great men is they don't always die at their best. Some live to make mistakes, which outlive their accomplishments.
      Rev. Ephram Samuels: Come on David.
      David: No, if I go with you everything Silas says about me is true.
      William Cross: You're worried about his good opinion of you?
      David: I'm worried about my own. I'm no traitor.
      William Cross: You'd rather die then be misperceived? Careful David, you never wanna be…too good. You heard him. Rush the man back to his execution.

    • David: There's a plot against your father. I think they mean to kill him, replace him as king.
      Jack: You call me here to make up some stories about what? Some coup? You think that's gonna save you? You should have stuck to begging. It has more dignity.
      David: It's your uncle. And Reverend Samuels.
      Jack: The Reverend? Really? And what do they want from you? You wanna be their king?
      David: If I did easier for you to attack me when you know I've done no wrong. You need to warn Silas.
      Jack: You sit in you cell thinking of ways to save a man who's gonna let you hang. You think you're that good?
      David: He won't listen to me, but he'll listen to you.
      Jack: He's not your father. He's mine.
      David: He's still my king.
      Jack: Even now?
      David: I'm just doing what you'd do, Jack. You should be careful too.

    • King Silas: How do you plead?
      David: Guilty. I stand before you prepared to elaborate on my crimes.
      Jack: Stop talking, David.
      King Silas: You're out of order Major.
      David: I'm guilty.
      Jack: No, he's not!
      King Silas: The prosecution will stand down.
      Jack: I can't go along with this anymore. This was all a set-up. David Shepherd was framed. He's not a traitor. I am. Silas is.
      King Silas: Silence.
      Jack: No, there's been silence for too long. I am guilty, but not more so than my father, who colluded to have David found a traitor when he's anything but!
      King Silas: Shut…Up!
      Jack: King Silas framed this entire case. Coerced witnesses, faked evidence, convinced me to lie against David! But I see now that David is a better man than the rest of us. Innocent, deserving respect.
      King Silas: What do you know about respect? You never had it; you've never given it!
      Jack: He's innocent. It's over.
      King Silas: He's admitted guilt!
      Jack: You're no king.
      King Silas: And you're no prince, you fa---t! Guards, arrest Major Benjamin, now! David Shepherd, you are guilty of treason. Take him away.
      David: You lied, to everyone.
      King Silas: You're traitors. You're both traitors. You're all traitors!

    • William Cross: We have their allegiance now. The king's own guardsmen follow you, as do all Silas's generals.
      Jack: I couldn't watch him do that to David. I'm sorry.
      William Cross: Don't be. You were perfect. After seeing what Silas really is, they'll be begging for his replacement. Only one thing changes.
      Jack: What?
      William Cross: No more waiting. We act now.

    • Michelle: I'm pregnant.
      Queen Rose: But… you can't be? Are you sure? The doctors said it was impossible. David's child? Oh God, does he know?
      Michelle: I'm afraid of my own father.
      Queen Rose: Your father must never know.
      Michelle: You'll help me.
      Queen Rose: No. This is a blessing. This is our family's future. This kingdom's future. But you must have nothing to do with David, ever again.
      Michelle: No, I can't. He needs me.
      Queen Rose: No, it doesn't matter. You're scared of your father. You should be. He has eyes for David's blood. And that blood now pumps through you veins. He will see David dead and all his kind. If he knew, he would never let that child live. You've been given this, nothing else matters. You listen to me, you understand now, you feel it. A mother will do anything to protect her own, as I will protect you.

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