Season 1 Episode 6

Judgment Day

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 18, 2009 on NBC



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    • Boyden: I hate Judgment Day, more a mess every year.
      Klotz: I like it. Each envelope contains a unit of hope; more envelopes, more hope.
      Boyden: More envelopes, more hopes denied.
      Klotz: Some of us hold on to hope.

    • David: You'd do this?
      King Silas: Not for favor. I am justice, impartial, not blind. But when a court sentences in such an extreme, it validates the sovereign's right of oversight.

    • Michelle: You'd let his brother die, for jealousy? What, one too many magazine covers?
      Jack: I'm not jealous; he can have all the magazine covers he wants.
      Michelle: Then *why* ruin him... risk someone dying?
      Jack: To save myself! Don't you get it? I'm fighting for my right to exist!
      Michelle: Whose life is more secure than yours? You're the prince!
      Jack: And you're the princess - born first by four minutes; eldest by a hair. Are you really that innocent? That you haven't thought about it yourself? Or are you just too ashamed to admit you have?
      Michelle: No one wants your crown.
      Jack: Not yet. You can't produce an heir, so what? You could still take pride of place. I see the way you look at Shepherd; I see the way our father looks at him. All it takes is one wedding, and he can make the pair of you king and queen... and me, suddenly the court jester? I will not sit by and be plowed into obscurity by someone else's ambition... not after all I sacrificed.

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