Season 1 Episode 9


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jun 27, 2009 on NBC
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King Silas goes on pilgrimage taking David with him, while in Shiloh Queen Rose is in charge and dealing with damaging information about Michelle and Jack.
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      • Jack: Ruin me, and you'II crush my mother far worse.
        Katrina: What if I offered you a way to save your sister and yourself?
        Jack: And how many Iives would I have to destroy to make that happen?
        Katrina: Just one: The Queen.
        Jack: And how would I do that?
        Katrina : By marrying me. I've always wanted to be royalty.

      • Jack: You want me to help hide this thing with David.

        Michelle: Were we that obvious?
        Jack: No. You hid in the shadows like the best of us. You have a talent for deceit. I was impressed. That's why I won't help you.
        Michelle: Well, you want to see David suffer? This hurts me, not him.

        Jack : Whatever it is you don't want him to see or hear or know. You can bury it. You can bury it so deep
        you won't find it yourself anymore. But you'II wish
        you hadn't. You want help with things you'II regret?
        Go to your uncle. I won't do it.

      • Rev. Ephram Samuels: Joseph Michael Lasile - a man, like us, beloved in the eyes of God... challenged, by the traits that God bestowed. Such a split can divide a man in two, but not Joseph - he lived as one man his whole life, despite the inequality, despite the hate. He took his own life not for loving wrong, but for loving too much. Some will say he died a cowardly death - but he lived a courageous life. Let's remember that.

      • King Silas: I need someone close to me that I can trust, and there are those who say that I should not trust you... that you want what you cannot have... I was there, that day - I *saw*.
        (David is cautiously uncertain about what Silas is referring to)
        King Silas: The butterflies - the crown of butterflies; what does that mean to you, David?
        David: It's hard to put in words.
        King Silas: Try.
        David: I grew up hearing your story - how the butterflies crowned your head... and you knew you were meant to be king. So when they came to me... I knew.
        King Silas

      • David: Your son, he doesn't know about you does he? What happens when he grows up? What will you tell him?

        Silas: I pray every night to have that problem. Seth has the same condition as Michelle. Michelle was only saved when…I fear my currency with God is spent.

        David: There's no chance for him?

        Silas: His whole life is chance. I fear my blood is poison. All my children, somehow afflicted. All but you.

        David: Me?

      • David: I wish I could have this. What you have here?
        Silas: You can. Everyday.
        David: How?
        Silas: Don't ever be a king.
        David: Then why not stay here? Leave Shiloh behind. You don't have to be king.
        Silas: Oh, but I do. If it's in you, to be of service to your fellow man then you have an obligation to do it. Being a policeman, fireman, soldier, a king, if it's in your DNA. The job fits, you must do it.
        David: I don't know if there's one thing I have to do. Can do.
        Silas: Lucky you.

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