Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 22, 2009 on NBC

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  • Captain America helps usher in the peace. A special guest helps elevate the show even more!

    Kings fascinates me. I didn't know about the biblical inspirations until after the pilot had already aired. If anything, it felt very Shakespearean to me. And to be honest, I prefer to look at the show in this way. The characters, the conspiracies and politics are all worthy of something along the lines of Hamlet or MacBeth. (Take the comic relief guards for example: Rosencrantz and Guildenstern perhaps?) Biblical or theatrical, I was basically judging Kings purely on entertainment value (as we should with anything on TV). But I've gone into this second episode with a new mindset now.

    In this episode, King Silas hopes to confirm a peace treaty with the Gath, but they had no intentions of doing so- using David's brash actions (who looks an awful lot like a young Matt Damon, now that I think about it) as an excuse to continue to war. It was great seeing Silas get really hands-on in trying to quell the situation, and he visits the great BRIAN COX in a fantastic surprise appearance! Looks like his majesty has some secrets of his own!

    David's mother, the Prince's shopping spree, and a secret involving the King's daughter were all played nicely, and I loved the skits with the guards and the birds. At the end, there was a botched assassination attempt on young David that I found: 1) premature.
    2) contrived and predictable.
    3) annoying and conveniently dodged.
    I expect attempts on lives to be made, sure, but not so soon, and not so poorly executed (He went radio silent, just so no one could reach him? Aren't these professionals? Really, guys?)

    Leave the cheap stuff on Heroes...
  • Change of Pace

    A peace treaty signing ceremony could be jeopardized when the leader of the Gath military inquires as to why David Shepherd isn't there. Tensions mount as King Silas and General Abner come up with a plan to get rid of David, while William plans to get rid of King Silas.

    This show just had the biggest change of pace from Pilot episode to second episode. The pilot episode I think really worked on the "epic" image of the show. This episode was a huge slow-down and progress the plot episode. I was surprised that it didn't build too much on the characters. A lot carried over from the very first episode, with King Silas looking to take out David from the moment the episode started. I liked the couple of scenes where the guys were trying to get rid of the birds, once you saw David about to get shot those random scenes didn't seem so random. Love how everything came together like that. Couple of things surprised me. Surprised that the treaty didn't work out and then by the end of the epsiode it did work out. Makes me wonder what's going to happen from here on out. Looks like for the moment the external conflict is gone, but I think the David / Silas relationship is going to get interesting here in a couple of episodes. Silas gives David the warning about his daughter, who happened to change her mind it seemed all of a sudden. Not exactly sure what happened there. Overall, still heavily buying into the show and its characters and I am hoping that the numbers look a little better for tommorrow then they did for the opener.