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  • NBC's Kerfuffle ... In My Humble Opinion

    Well, NBC's Kerfuffled it up yet again! I really didn't know this show existed back in 2009 and only just recently watched it for the very first time today, June 9-10, 2013 ... and ya wanna know what ... I hated the sexual content! We can make movies and great ones at that with out being so explicit! There was some profanity and that demeaned it a bit also ... the movie was not exactly following the "True Bibical Account of King Saul and King David" (Hollywood etc. never does), but, the writers here did manage to adequately make the necessary correlation.

    The overall writing for the show was in my humble opinion, quite good acutally, in fact, I felt it was excellent! The portrayal of each of the characters was superbly written and acted by both writers and actors/actresses alike! So, what does NBC go and do ... well, not exactly what you and I would want them to do, no, of course not, ... why they seem to do what they have been doing best for quite a while now it would seem, ... and they go and kill a Fantastically Great Show that if it had continued to be done right & write ... could have gone on to the moon and back for many, many seasons!!! I really do think that this series could have been as near and as close to a "Gone With The Wind" TV Blockbuster had NBC shown a lick of sense! But of course, they don't so they didn't! CBS seems to have the same infamous "Killing Thumb" axe as NBC and has used it a few times also to a few of their great shows, so NBC, you're alone. Do these people running the programing really want to have any "good" shows at all? I can't believe this show didn't have good ratings!

    I'm sorry to see that it's gone, and even though it is now 2013 ... and I know it's pure fantasy to ever believe any network would pick it up and continue it is sheer lunacy on my part, but hey ... I believe in dreams and happy endings! ,,,

    PS: if it ever does come back ... I hope they leave out the profanity and explicit sex ... good shows don't need it and the public will be better off without it!!! ... In My Humble Opinion

  • Overwhelming

    Officially, one of the best shows. Captivating, moving, inspiring. It's sad, the series has ended. If there was more publicity, im sure it could top the charts for shows like The Big Bang Theory, Glee, 90210, etc.

    Season 2 is a must!
  • Would sign for a second season immediately.


    An epic way of retelling an epic story. I was hooked as soon as I saw the pilot, and the episodes just keeps getting better. The cast is selected with such great care, they do an atonishing job. The chemistry between Ian Mcshane and Christopher Egan, and between the latter and allisson miller (Silas - David, David - Michelle), is overwhelming. Immaculate acting, with deep, profound insight in the emotions of the different characters and their own personal struggles (Susanna Thomson, Sebastian Stan, etc etc).

    One of the best series I have ever seen, by far.

  • What Happened To Kings? It merits a return season don't you think? It was a great show!!

    I really liked this show too. The writers was very well written and was powerfully delivered by the actors; most of all the character King Silas(and Jack's character was cleverly written as well) It was a bummer to find out that the series was not to return; I actually didn't start watching the show until I think episode 7 'Javelin' and then the following ep and I was completely hooked and had to catch up online ( thank you ) and start from the beginning because it was so good. I hope they bring it back. I'd like to see where they had planned to go with the story since David retreated into Gath.
  • Send This to other Fans and to your friends, family How to save KINGS: This CAN save KINGS: Email Director jamie.french@nbc.c

    Its up to you.
    Send This to other Fans and to your friends, family

    How to save KINGS:

    This CAN save KINGS:

    Email Director,

    GREAT SHOW One of the Best shows. If we all do this "together mountains can move." Spread the "swarm of butterflies"

    This is what happened to KINGS

    it aired(March 15 2009 in US) on Sundays for only 4 episodes. It was very popular and it begun with HIGH ratings. After that it disappeared for a few weeks and resumed on Saturdays. It aired its final 8 episodes and Few followed through its new timing. This caused EXTREMELY low ratings.

    People say that it wasn't good because it received low ratings BUT the overall content of KINGS was good, amazing. If you don't believe me watch the episodes.
  • Simply Amazing!

    Already being committed to too many shows this season, I grudgingly agreed to give this show a shot on a week to week basis. Unfortunately, I found myself completely hooked by the second hour of this 2 hour premier. I love the characters and the actors who play them. Ian McShane is one of my personal favorites -- I loved him in Deadwood and think he is just brilliant in Kings. Christopher Egan also plays his character brilliantly and I look forward to seeing how his character progresses through the series.

    My main concern, however, is NBC's lack of confidence and commitment to their new shows, and consequently the fans that devote their time to them. I hope that they at least give this show a chance and see it through the initial 13 episodes they have ordered.
  • Brilliant story line

    This show is to be compared with The Sopranos and Dexter. The season premiere was brilliant with a very strong story line. The show is based on the Biblical story of David, so obviously the kingdom is shook up when a young soldier named David Shepherd (Christopher Egan) rescues Jack from behind enemy lines, and is photographed standing up against a tank in the process. The tank is called Goliath, in case you're still behind on the reference. The striking image ends the ongoing war with Gath immediately, and farm boy David is whisked away to a series of parties and press conferences in Shiloh. By the end of the pilot he has been commissioned as the military's official spokesperson, despite Silas's suspicions that David is a potential usurper of the throne. If you've read the Bible, you know Silas will probably be proven right.

    If you have not seen the show yet, please do yourself a favor and watch it. Since joining this site and watching many shows, I truly believe Kings is one of my personal favorite.
  • Bring Kings Back!! One of the best series ever!

    Show was excellent full of allegorical twists. I love this show. Bring it back!! Every week held out hope for some new surprise and Kings did not fail to deliver. I was for once caught up in a series with something good to offer. It had all the elements of a great show: Love, hate, jealousy, passion, competition. Every human emotion displayed with equal fervor. I can't say enough about the acting or the actors in this show. Each played their parts splendidly and I am willing to bet that if enough of us put the pressure on NBC will realize what a mistake they have made and bring this interesting show back on the air.
  • Based on a Biblical story of David and Goliath.

    One of the best shows for the summer season. Not only do they have an interesting plot but actors are brilliant. I love the visual aspect of it and symbolism intertwined in every scene. I love how the Kingdom is visually painted to be the place of tomorrow. The sotry grasps such themes as the basis of human nature, friendships and betrayals by those we trust the most... I would like to see where the show goes next...

    I wonder with so many people rediscovering this show (for at first they have underestimated the value of it), why did the NBC network decide to shut it down? It has so much potential and I am sure many more viewers to gain.
  • fascinates and its abstract

    R you HIGH Cancelling this show ?!!! Good luck at the RETARD AWARDS !! to me ,in terms of intrigue this is the best show to do that since Prison Break ,well knit drama , witty literature , comic relief !!!.As for the season i think it was too short a season couldve watched more ,if kings isnt making numbers in terms of viewership it must be the marketing or something . ima guy who watches it all ,stuff like the closer deserves to be cut !!! KINGS ???Kings is in the holy Grail of tv to me , retards !!
  • I love this show.

    One of the best show's i'v ever watch.(and i watch a lot of tv.) I loved every minute of it. There should be a season two without a question. I can not comprehend what so ever why they cancelled it. I need a season two. By far the greatest tv show in a very long time. I love every character. Every episode. I would love for the network to wake up and realize how utterly stupid they were and pick it back up. I love kings! I can't even think of an other show to even begin comparing it to. There's nothing out there like it. It is truly brilliant. It is so excellently done. And Chris Egan is amazing. I love him, his acting and his character. I want to see more of that character badly.
  • A great show!

    I know the story of King David and the history of People of Israel and this show us just amazing!
    Moreover, one can easily see the quality and the efforts that were put into this show. The network didn't publish it enough!
    I think in Israel this show could have been a blockbuster... The actors, the set, the screenplay, the twists, the surprising turns... All those are getting A++ for this show. I really wish it could come back - me and my friends are very sad it went off air.
    Not every day a great show with such good vibes and characters is coming to air.
    Please bring it back!
  • Canceling another great show!!!!! What a waste of a good one! Bring this one back!

    One of the best new shows out there, and they cancel it! It is starting to be very hard to get behind ANY TV show, as every time I get into a show, they yank it! Put this one back on, please!! There are very few shows my husband & I both like, and this was one of them....
    The casting in this one was superb, with every little detail put in. The Queen was kind, with just enough underhandedness put in, and the King, well, he played it exactly as I would inagine a King to act. The fact that his son was not "up to his par", was great, and the soldier was played to the max. A little "Romeo & Juliet". This was one of the best shows of the season....
  • Great show, poor marketing

    This is the story of the King David from the bible before he was king. Set in a modern world, with golith being tanks not giants. Although the show does move slowly at times the story intrigues you and makes you want to root for the young David.

    The style of the series is Shakespearian, making the current royal family and all that they did seem grander and more imposing. There is little comdey and this show is a solid drama, but there is enough action to make the drama have a point to go towards.

    I liked the modern take on the story and I wish that the show had been continued, but poor marketing and little advertizing on a show that odviously cost a far amount of money does not help a show gain popularity. This is definately a show that should be picked up on dvd.
  • Every time I like a show They go cancel it.Any way the show is awesome everybody should give it a chance.

    I love this show I wish it didn't have to end thought I should have expected it. It always happens with good show(pushing daisies,Eli stone,Veronica mars,Carnival,John Doe,Threshold,Firefly,Dirt,Men in tress,I could name more but it would be to depressing to go on)They could at least do a movie.I'm going to miss this show and Jack and David the most.I Totally thought Jack and David should have gotten together (might have brought in more viewers) who knows.Any way the show kind of ended on a cliff hanger And I really need to know what would have happened next hope fully it would end in the king being stoned to death by his people(okay that probably wouldn't have happened but I think you guys now what I mean).
  • Loved the show. Just loved it. Was very disappointed that they don't plan to having it return. And, to think Ugly Betty is still on?????

    Loved the show. Looked so forward to catching it every week. A must that it should return. To think that other shows are kept on, while that has been taken off. Who does the voting on what shows stay and what shows are to be taken to the chopping block? You brought it back and placed it on the week-end, but those that caught it on the week-end missed the beginning of the show, therefore they had no clue what the show was about. Why didn't you continue to have it in the regular slot on Monday night, and then on the week-end, start it from the beginning for those that had no idea what it was about?
  • love the entire season, more please

    One of this years best series. please tell me it was renewed. I must know what is going to happen, it's just great plots and acting everything. my husband and I are truly hooked. It has been the best plot & acting. I love as much as Tudors which I feel is awesome too.the last show again because we couldn't find it on tonight, sunday august 2. There is a 2nd season coming? It has been the best plot & acting. I love as much as Tudors which I feel is awesome too.I have watched this whole series and my husband and I love it. We just watched the last show again because we couldn't find it on tonight, sunday august 2. There is a 2nd season coming? It has been the best plot & acting. I love as much as Tudors which I feel is awesome too.
  • My beliefs on the actions taken by NBC based on previous series and reason show did not kick off.

    I would have to agree with you all. This show was an amazing show and I have seen several series that have came on and canceled due to a moral or truthful dilemma that politics do not want to be view by the public where it would get people to think.
    One such show that I was amazed at was “Over There� According to FX they canceled the show due to falling ratings, however, it was during a time (only two years after invasion of Iraq) and since the show was extremely familiar to actual life as a soldier in Iraq it is believe FX and sponsors were pressured into canceling the show.
    Kings has a religious theme based in a modern and current world. Of course this will not do because the series has the potential to give people the opportunity to think of the series and implicate it into their own lives causing a religious growth or unrest. Of course I could care less, religion is to his/her own and you cannot blame tv for that. I loved the series and I wish it would continue. Which brings me to my final thought, I did not know of the show until half way into the series, this was a flaw which cost NBC ratings due to lack of advertisement.
  • Kings is a great drama. The first time I saw the pilot I was very intrigued and interested in watching this show. I also enjoyed the fact that it was a retelling of the biblical story of David and they actually made it good. It's very sad that it won't...

    8.5 coming back for a second season. I think Kings needs a second season or at least a final episode that ends the story because I feel like the finale left us wondering many things. Although it was a good show, some of the episodes were really boring and I sometimes felt like they were just making the story more complicated. All the characters are very complex and unique in their own way. I really liked that sometimes the protagonist is the antagonist and the antagonist is the protagonist. This is a show that I would like to see come back for a second season but it's not going to happen. I really liked this show and I recommend it to anybody who needs to watch a good drama.
  • This show mixes many genres -- and most fans of those genres would like it, if they knew about it.

    Me, my husband, my 24-year-old son, and my 18-year-old son all love this show. The writing, acting, and cinematography are all superb! Marketing blew this by not emphasizing that this is a re-telling of the ENTIRE Saul/David story (not just "David & Goliath"), but set in modern times so that viewers can experience how the political climate affects the personal story -- and vice versa. Hard-right Christians will disapprove (as they do of most television), but this show inspires moderate Christians, Jews, and Muslims to read the scriptures and revel in the similarities and differences with the show. And the folks who don't give a fig about the show's scriptural base (like my sons) will just enjoy the intelligence of this believable drama. It has action, intrigue, suspense (even horror, in one episode), and a full Shakespearean quality to the dialogue -- with the short, poetic speeches balanced by jester-like humor.
  • The greatest show you're not watching. Kings is a new daring drama with a big concept and ever bigger ideas.

    When Kings first premiered the feelixng was unclear. The big settings and elaborate cast was a lot to absorb in one sitting. Now, after each new episode, the characters manage to make more sense each time, while being wildly unpredictible.

    The only thing bigger than the characters is the concept the show presents. A world in which monarchy rules and makes sense and where the King is the ultimate authority. The king, Silas, struggles with the rising of a country boy, Sheppard, as a popular figure of hope and heroism. The figure of Sheppard threatens Silas as people now question his rulings and decisions, particularly when it comes to the war between Gilboa and Gath (the enemy neighbors).

    War being the main motivator of the plot, it is logical that peace works there as well, presenting a basic yet delightful dicotomy.
    Dicotomies is a recurrent theme, presenting itself in good vs. evil, right vs. wrong, Silas vs. Sheppard, and many others.

    Kings gave the first impression of being too big for tv, but slowly (and surely) the tv screen now seems a bit bigger. Kings manages to handle all it's themes with artistic prowess. The dialogue, which at first seemed too theatrical and shakesperean, now it engorges every second of the plot, as it helps pose the biggest of the human challenges, greatness.

    Greatness, history and power marry each other rather well, as they evolve into a clash for power of tragic (as in greek) proportions. The prince and princess both playing key roles in the game for power these characters play, which brings me to the queen and her brother.
    Both of them being a direct metaphor of objective power, the queen married for power in exchange for favors from his brother to the king. The brother, this time a metaphor for corporate greed and control, is a perfect figure of a phantom threat, being behind every move against the kingdom, as long as it serves to his own whimp and gain.

    If there's one thing I can complain about, is the photography, which insists on using low light filters of grey, blue and green, which we all know used in excess can be off-putting.

    Needless to say, religion plays an important part in the story, since the kingdom of silas was appointed by God, and the signals they recieve speak of a new king soon to rise, and who will be worty. Naturally Silas recognises and fears this, as his own reign is threatened by the figure of Sheppard.

    In conclusion, Kings should not be ended, as the story has every single possibility of becoming the next greatest drama on tv.

    My actual rating is 9.8, but it wouldn't let me put that.
  • "another one bites the dust due to nbc's irrational ratings chase." "this show has ethical issues with shakesperian sway and a modern bite":

    this is a great show that unfortunately was overlooked and severely under-promoted. another one bites the dust due to nbc's irrational ratings chase. with networking, dvr, repeats & online tracking this surely would have survived vibrantly. this show has ethical issues with shakesperian sway and a modern bite. allowing the viewers to become attached at an emotional level bringing together centuries of similar wars. to tease us with an intellectual show like this is vicious cruelty. nbc dug a deep ratings grave with their behavior this year, this show being collateral damage. lies. truth. justice. sex. orgy. betrayal. greed. the deadly sinners & the honorable. the best of roman times is portrayed in "kings" the show creators intertwining modernization into "kings" brings is to a subtle level much needed for a television series. "king" is definitely not "rome" but a great center to bring in range of age group fans & history lovers!

    please someone make a show like this and put it on another network! or please another network, buy this show!
  • NBC made a mistake canceling this one!!!

    when i first watched kings i didnt think much of it, i didnt think it was a bad show but i was confused.i didnt know the biblical story too well and at first i thought that would ruin the show for me. Turns out knowing only the gist of it was enough. After watching episode after episodes week after week i began to enjoy the series more and more. It started making more sense and i got so caught up with the characters both their personal lives as well as the lies they live by. This show gets better with every episode. NBC shouldve given it more time to adjust and bring in the audience i know its capable to receiving. After all the show was on a day where other channels where airing episodes of some of the most successful shows in tv.
  • Easily one of the best television shows ever made. On par with The West Wing and Firefly in terms of quality.

    I have been continually amazed by Kings. Every episode is newly compelling. The characters have a level of depth I have not seen in a TV show in a very long time. The scripts are excellent, the acting superb, the framing and cinematography astounding. The only time I have turned on my TV in that past month was on Saturday evening to watch Kings. It would behoove NBC to renew Kings a promote it properly. It has the majesty of a political drama like The West Wing, the driving characters of a premier soap opera, and the story of a classic.

    I think Kings will be remembered as one of the great lost opportunities in TV history. I think Kings should be remembered as on of the greatest works in the history of the medium.
  • This is a perfect show, its nice story good performance, sound effect, soundtrack are great.

    This show is about a king and his family, in a new world (our world), and a solider who serving the king with everything he can (loyal).
    The kings daughter fell in love with him and he feels the same but the brother starts to worry about his position, with the fact that the prince is gay and the father knows that, its really a complicated show that can not be describe so easily really worth to watch. I found the first two episode a little slow and not that interesting but after that each episode i see i pray not to cancel this show, the synergy between David and Michelle, i hope that their more to come from this show.
  • This is an amazing show that has been under promoted and could very well become the next hit series on par with shows such as Lost and House. It leaves nothing to be wanted in its rich development of characters and their history.

    This is an amazing show that has been under promoted and could very well become the next hit series on par with shows such as Lost and House. It leaves nothing to be wanted in its rich development of characters and their history. Betrayal and love, to respect and awe. Kings literally has it all. This show is not something to be taken lightly. It's believable in times such as what we are living in now and not at all too far off from what the world might be facing right now. It is not an exaggeration to say that many countries could end up like this. Fallen and rebuilt and at each others throats in war while wanting peace. This might not only be a great show but a guide to learn from what might be to come in time.
  • It was really under promoted, it's a unique show with a unique plot. I only started watching on hulu, but now I want to see more.

    I only starting watching the episodes on Hulu the other day, finishing the six offered quickly. I got hooked. The characters and story line are intriguing. While more partial to the story of David Shepherd, the intricacies of the royal family is curious. While I don't care much for Queen Rose or Jack, I am fond of King Silas and Michelle, even if I can't really decide whether or not he's a good guy or a bad guy. I'm hoping they at least air the rest of the filmed episodes to at least finish the story, even to a partial degree. If not, hopefully the DVD release, which they really should release, will have more episodes.
  • A series based on the story of David and Goliath but set in a current environment, with current technology and current politics. The series is placed in a fictional world and towns, it provides a context within which great stories can be told.

    The first two episodes were great and grabbed me from the start. Being open to the Bible, the concept of David in modern times fascinates me and gave the show it's depth. Allthough the following episodes (till s01e06) were not as great as the first two, they are still above average and very much so. A great cast and a good writer does help offcourse, the music and camerawork are also worth mentioning. At this moment there aren't that many shows that can compete with "KINGS". I do realize that the ratings are below average and that's not what the networkstation wants. Let's face it, they want (especially in these times) dollars, and as much as possible. This show is much more expensive to make than a "Dancing with the starts"-like show. And that might be the shows downfall. All the networks are putting out are fastfood-like shows and we are turning into fat couch potatoes. It seems the public in general does not want to be confronted with thoughts while they waching TV. The public wants entertainment, and entertainment can be cheap. So why bother making something expensive when we are just as pleased with shows that cost nothing and have no content what so ever (like fastfood). Ironicly enough the writers strike in 2007 provided these cheap shows the opportunity to prove themselves adequate for most viewers (because they have no content, no writers are required). And now we are faced with the consequences. No content, no thoughts, no idea, no identity. Just global degradations of the mind. Is there a solution? Can the networks be turned around? Should we point out to the networks there responsibility to not only entertain but also educate, interest and motivate our thoughts? Or is that just me being unrealistic, or an optimist. Do they not realize that they are losing there position in society to the Internet. In Europe the primary form of entertainment is now the Internet, after it has always been TV. You still dare to ask me why? Atleast on the Internet I can still find a (global) community that provides me with the needs most TV-shows are laking nowdays.

    In conclusion: KINGS is/was a show made for people with a brain and who like to use it. It's writing is substantial although the last episodes lacked the content of the first. The initiative for a Bible inspired show is daring because the stories are known and prefixed. The show includes the concept of a God, and we have seen the reactions of that concept in the reviews of the last "Battlestar Galactica" episodes. I hope KINGS stays on the air to keep me from turning on my computer instead of turning on my TV. If not, I might just even go back to my trusted books :)
  • KINGS, story about DAVID & GOLIATH. More about DAVID. Taking place in an alternate Earth where the Shiloh and Gath fight each other. David is a soldier for Shiloh who defeats Gath's flagship tank GOLIATH.

    EPIC, AMAZING and a TRENDSETTER. Let me blunt and directly point out that the 1st 20 mins of the show will probably be boring to some people who are more into action packed shows. But, if you can just give it a chance, I promise you'll enjoy it enough to catch the next episodes.
    This is a very good indeed. The concept of taking the story in an alternate Earth, with David from David and Goliath as the main hero in modern time might soundy gimicky but it isn't.
    Because of their execution. This David is not from the Bible or Koran. He is a different David with the religious David being used as a template.
    And then you add the wars, the political intrigue, family feud and a our simple soldier hero from a farm town getting caught in the middle of all this. This is one cool, engaging entertaining show.
    Ofcourse, since they made it alternate Earth they could've made Goliath a Mech instead of a tank but that's just my personal nitpicking.

    End Verdict.

    Give this a try, there isn't any show like this on TV and when its gone, there probably won't be any for a while.
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