Kino's Journey

(ended 2003)


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  • A Thinking mans anime, that isn't for everyone.

    Kino's Journey isn't for everyone. It's a thinking mans anime, that isn't for everyone. Kino's Journey isn't for everyone. If your one those people who only care about action and violence this isn't for you. Kino's Journey has no grand story like the end of the world or aliens from outer space. No real supporting characters, the key to this anime is the grand story that is there isn't any story, just Kino and his talking motorcycle. The story is a wondering Kid who has no destination and only travels with his talking bike. He doesn't stay with more than 7 days in one town so they don't become emotionally involved with the town or city. At some points it becomes a very lonely journey for Kino and sometime she thinks about stopping, but doesn't. They live the life most of us wish we could live. Never answering to anyone and going where we want to go. I know I wish I had done something like that when I was younger. Like I said this anime isn't for everyone. There isn't a lot of action, violence, or sex. So if you are on Prozac and need that to keep your attention this isn't for you, but if you want an anime that will make you think about your life and life in general Kino's Journey is a must.
  • A storyteller anime, stories that keep you intrigued until the end of the episode…

    This anime is about a girl called Kino and her bike “Hermes”, which can talk, both travel around the world under two main rules:
    1. Stay just three days and two nights in every country (city) she visits
    2. Don’t interfere with the peculiarities of the places she go

    With this is narrated sceneries taken out of classic philosophic allegories. The best part of it is the script. Even with the slow rhythm of the series, its very entertainment to follow it until the end and look the weird laws the rule over every country she visits.

    Some people label it as a bad anime because they are waiting action (that’s what ADV emphasizes), it has some action parts but that isn’t the main subject in the anime; totally worth checking it out, it doesn’t matter if you only find an advanced volume because all the episodes aren’t connected at all most that the fact that Kino is a journey because she is a traveler.