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Kinvig was so titled because of the central character, a dreamy electrical repair man of that name whose existence, we see, revolves around wiring, sockets, the customers who call into his rundown street-corner repair shop in Bingleton, and home life with his attentive if scatty wife Netta and Cuddly, their loving pooch. One night, out walking the dog, Kinvig meets Miss Griffin, a beautiful woman dressed (but only just) in clothes that leave little to the imagination. Miss Griffin - nicknamed 'Quatermiss' by one Fleet Street wag - is more than just sexy, however, she hails from Mercury and is a swift inter-planetary traveler. Suddenly, Des's life consists not just of corner-shop banality but being zoomed off to other planets. This is the cause of great frustration to his friend Jim Piper who has long been fascinated by the idea of UFOs and so cannot understand why someone so unresponsive to the notion of extraterrestrial life should have all the luck. Des would not exactly call it 'luck' though - together with Miss Griffin and Buddo, who also comes from Mercury and is 500-years-old, their job, no less, is to save the planet Earth from the dreaded ant-like Xux tribe. What was made never clear to viewers, however, is whether all these things really happened to Kinvig or whether they were just the product of a fertile imagination. (BBCi Guide to Comedy)moreless