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  • Season 4
    • Kipper-Water Play DVD
      This DVD features the following stories: The Umbrella The Seaside The Rainbow Puddle The Paddling Pool Big Owls Bath
    • Kipper: Amazing Discoveries
    • Kipper - Hide And Seek And Other Stories
      This video includes Tigers Rocket, Water, Water Everywhere, Pig's Shop, Hide And Seek and The Jumble Sale.
    • Big Owls Bath
      Big Owls Bath
      Episode 3
      Kipper drops Big Owl in his choclate pudding. Tiger comes in & wants to wash his hat with Kipper. They wash off all of Kipper's items. When they hang them up, the wind blows them off & they try to get them. Will they ever catch Kipper's stuff?
    • The Paddling Pool
      It's a hot day & Kipper wants to relax. He gets his paddling pool & tries to fill it. it turns out that there is a hole in his pool. Will Kipper be able to fix the paddling pool?
    • The Rainbow Puddle
      Kipper is playing in the puddles. He then spots a frog jump out of one of the puddles. The frog says that he's magic & can grant three wishes. One wish for finding him, one wish for catching him, and one wish for kissing him. Kipper wastes his first two wishes. Then, the frog creates an elephant & the elephant drinks the puddle. The frog can't get back home without the rainboe puddle. What will Kipper do?moreless
  • Season 3
  • Season 2
  • Season 1