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Kirby: Right Back at Ya!

Season 1 Episode 31

Abusement Park

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Feb 01, 2003 on FOX
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Episode Summary

Abusement Park
King Dedede builds an amusement park in order to trap and destroy Kirby but when Metaknight stops Dedede's plan they hold a kareoke contest in order to send Kirby to NME headquarters.

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  • Fun at the fair?

    Fun at the fair? Castle Dedede has been converted into an amusement attraction. The King wants to give something back to the people of Cappy Town or does he? Dedede is up to something so Tiff and Tuff want to find out what. Everyone appears to be having a good time but the rides start becoming dangerous. It seems Dedede wants to use this opportunity to get rid of Kirby and his friends, lock them away down in his castle depths. Kirby and the guys are soon on the run and the King wants to put our Star Warrior on a one way trip to Nightmare Enterprises!

    In all the plans to capture Kirby that King Dedede has made so far this particular episode begins by leaving the viewer bewildered as to how setting up an amusement park inside the castle can allow him to capture our hero. What is Dedede up to? Is the King getting smarter in his plans for domination over Dream Land? It's probably more likely his plans are becoming more convoluted. He wants to capture Kirby and his friends just for the sheer giggles of it and then lock them away in the dark depths of the castle where all sorts of traps await them. How the King manages to single Kirby's gang out with everyone around I'm not sure but the whole episode gets even more absurd into the second part. I like it. The one thing this series is great at is satirical, absurd humour. Realising giant rock machines are no match for his enemy Dedede calls on help from Nightmare Monster Enterprises who in turn give him a monster teleporter disguised as a microphone. NME want the Cappy Town people to sing on a stage shaped platform. When Kirby is on it NME will teleport him to their headquarters. So when 'Microphone Kirby' in full karaoke mode teleports straight to his adversaries the customer service agent desperately beams him back since his music is so awful it's starts destroying NME's monsters. Forget the fact that for the first time we get to see NME up close or even the fact that this episode makes us understand the corporation has more of a secret interest in Kirby than Dedede. No, this is all inconsequential next to Kirby taking out most of NME as well as Castle Dedede with a karaoke attack while me as a critic feeling the need to write this sentence, adding a label to this episode with the phrase "you can't make this s**t up". But I digress? Well I wish I could! I mean it's difficult to know by the end who more deserving of Kirby's singing. You feel sorry for everyone. It's an enjoyable episode and heavy on the satire but it leaves the viewer as dazed as the characters. I guess the moral of this story is never give Kirby a microphone but I guess Meta-Knight sums it up best with "I fear Microphone Kirby might be Kirby's most powerful form!" But seriously, bar its insanity its great comedy stuff and well worth watching if only for Kirby performing a karaoke attack on the villains.moreless

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