Kirby: Right Back at Ya!

Season 2 Episode 17

Crusade for the Blade

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Feb 08, 2004 on FOX



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    • Response to previous "goof": Please do not bash anime dubbers. They are American, like us, and bashing anime dubbers is like bashing America.

    • I think I got it! Meta Knight said something about that if people try to claim the sword as their own, they'll get hurt. Kirby wasn't trying to claim the sword, he was trying to protect everybody. Or maybe there's just something that they cut out of the Japanese episode and now the English one doesn't make sense.

    • And I'm responding to the one saying maybe Kirby has the power to wield Galaxia. Galaxia told Cirica that MetaKnight was the 'chosen one'. Though Kirby may have the power, Galaxia never mentioned Kirby.

    • how come kirby use the glaxais sword but not Sirica

    • Kirby sucked up Sword Knight's sword, but it broke when Kirby battled the monster . . . How's he ever gonna get it back? (And watch, next episode he has his sword back . . .)

    • Response to the above thing-
      Maybe Sword has an entire closet full of extra swords. C'mon, his name is "Sword"! It's probably his hobby to collect them or something!

    • I'm responding to the one referring to Kirby being able to use Galaxia and Sirica not being able to. Meta Knight said that only those who had a certain power could wield the Galaxia sword. My bet's that Kirby has this power too.

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    • Villain: Kirisakin. Apparently some sort of mandrill, Kirisakin was the beast that once guarded Galaxia. While the Star Warriors claimed victory when Meta Knight retrieved the sword, Kirisakin claimed Garlude's life. It's easy to see why this purple primate won that fight; he's got razor-edged regenerating scythes for hands, and is quite skilled in both melee combat and swordplay, despite his lack of an actual sword. An intimidating beast indeed, and that's on sight alone.

    • For anyone thinking Galaxia is the sole "official" Kirby ability to never appear in the games - think again. Galaxia is available (going under the name, "master") after beating the final boss in the new Kirby Magic Mirror game for GameBoy Advance

    • This episode does not end with the usual star-shaped iris out.

    • Galaxia Kirby returns - and this time, they colored the Sword Beam green, which is what color it should be, coming from meta Knight's sword.

    • We learn the history of Meta-Knight's sword in this episode.

    • Sword Kirby Returns.

    • Cirica's name in the Japanese version is 'Silica'.

    • Galaxia Kirby appears for a second time in this episode. Well, we now know why he's called 'Galaxia' Kirby, ne?

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