Kirby: Right Back at Ya!

Season 2 Episode 25

Delivery Dilemma

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Apr 03, 2004 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • Why was Tiff so proud of Kirby when she caught up with him? Even if he didn't eat the food himself, it still never reached its destination.

  • Quotes

    • King Dedede: Huh? Hey Kirby, what you doin' here?
      Jet Kirby: Poyo! (gives Dedede his order)
      Escargoon: Ugh! Hey sire, somethin' tells me he's been sittin' on this slop since you ordered it.
      King Dedede: He can keep it. Kawasaki's food's startin' to not agree with me. Do what you want with it Kirby!
      Escargoon: Yeah, why don't you eat it? You can pay for it too.
      King Dedede: Hey, now that there's usin' yer noodle!
      Jet Kirby: POYO! (happily eats the noodles and displays the empty bowl as the episode ends)

    • Escargoon: HEY Bring the king something to eat, will ya? (moment of silence) I don't get it, couldn't they hear me?
      King Dedede: Maybe they'll hear this! (storms into kitchen) HEY, you lazy good-for-nothin' bums, you heard the snail, I WANT MY DINNER!!!

  • Notes

    • Villain: Deliveryman. He's hired by Dedede to make deliveries for Kawasaki's restaurant (thus putting his Cappy delivery staff out of business, and Kirby along with them), but his true purpose is that of a hunter. With a targeting system in his visor, extending legs, and an armed motorcycle, his prey is Kirby, and he's certainly fast enough to catch him! But woe be unto anyone who's on the road when he zooms through.

    • The noodles that Kirby is delivering is actually Raman Curry, a very famous and popular Japanese dish of meat, vegetables, and noodles. This episode REALLY makes you hungry for Japanese food.

    • Response to second note, just because Tiff hugged Kirby, it doesn't mean she is in love with him. Tiff was just happy that Kirby could resist food and gave him a small hug, basically telling Kirby "Good Job!"

    • Another romantic spark between Tiff and Kirby are shown.

    • Jet Kirby debuts.

    • In Kirby SuperStar for SNES Jet Kirby looks slightly different because the jet hat is light blue.

  • Allusions

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