Kirby: Right Back at Ya!

Season 2 Episode 16

Foxbox Superbrawl

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Feb 01, 2004 on FOX
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Episode Summary

Foxbox Superbrawl
The Foxbox stars fight each other.
Round 1: Kid Muscle vs Yoh Asakura
Yoh gazes at Kid Muscle. Amidamaru comments that he may have muscles, but he doesn't look focused at all. Yoh replies that he's ready to fight.

Meat knows Yoh is not a mindless wrestler, and tries to warn the Kid. But Kid Muscle feels he has nothing to worry about, as Yoh is as thin as a wire. The match starts, and Yoh leaps into the air. The Kid screams in horror as Yoh unleashes a Celestial Slash, sending Kid Muscle flying to the ground and scoring one point. Meat tells him to get up and actually start fighting.

Eventually, Yoh tries that leap again. But this time, the Kid stops Yoh's wooden sword with his hands. Amidamaru is dumbfounded. The Kid then leaps off the ring ropes and punches Yoh in the chest with his fist, scoring one point. He then throws more fists. Yoh dodges each thrust, but the Kid is way too powerful. He executes a spinning back kick, which knocks out Yoh for good. Morty screams in defeat, and Terry Kenyon, Dik Dik Van Dik, Checkmate, Jeager, and Wally Tusket cheer.

Round 2: Sonic vs Kirby
Kirby transformes into Fighter Kirby, but can't find Sonic. Sonic, in fact, is zooming around the stadium, and eventually charges at Kirby. He scores a point. The star warrior is battered, but gets back up. Tuff is getting nervous.

Kirby then charges at Sonic and kicks him in the face, getting his own point. Tails gives Sonic a ring, making him move faster. Kirby compensates by throwing fulcan jabs at Sonic. To avoid getting blasted, Sonic jumps into the air. Kirby then blasts Sonic with a smash punch. Chief Bookem and Mayor Blustergas cheer, but soon realize that Kirby completely missed Sonic. Exhausted, the two speed demons charge at eachother. A collision occurs, and both Sonic and Kirby are down. Since it it a tie, both teams are eliminated. Tiff believes that is unfair.

Round 3: Splinter, Leo, Raph, Donny, and Mikey vs Cubix
The two teams seize eachother up. Mikey is frightened, and asks if Donatello brought any gadgets to downCubix. Eventually, the turtles leap. Cubix then uses Solix to smack the mutants down, scoring a point.
Mikey is really nervous now, and can't handle the situation. So Cubix attacks him. Mikey uses his weapons to block Cubix's ropes (and taunts his opponent while doing so). Suddenly, Spliner comes out of nowhere and whacks Cubix, tying the score. Donatello is sick of the fight, and takes out one of the special ninja stars he once used against the foot tech ninjas. He throws it at Cubix, short-circuiting the giant robot and giving his brothers the victory. Connor is too shocked to do anything but yell "CUBIX!!!!"

Final Round: The Muscle League vs The Ninja Turtles
The turtles's next opponent is Kid Muscle. The Kid is scared, but relaxes when Kevin Mask and Jeager show up, saying they'll help him. The fight starts, and Kid Muscle charges. Donatello takes this opportunity to smack him with his bo staff. The Kid is stupefied, and Raph just laughs at their first point.

Furious, Jeager leaps into the air and kicks Raph out of the ring, tying the score. Leonardo and Donatello retaliate by kicking the Kid at the same time, reclaiming their lead. Kevin Mask then does a backflip and kicks Donatello into the post, once again tying the score.

Desperate, Leonardo organizes his brothers to follow his lead. The four ninjas leap into the air with flying kicks, and it works. The Kid, Jeager, and Kevin are smacked down, this time for good.

And the turtles win the competition! They rejoice by putting their hands together and yelling, "TURTLES FOREVER!"moreless

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