Kirby: Right Back at Ya!

Season 3 Episode 105

Fright To The Finish

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Dec 09, 2006 on FOX
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Fright To The Finish
Kirby and his friends get into NightMare Enterprise's base, only to be ambushed. To make matters worse, eNeMeE kidnaps Tiff to lure Kirby into a trap. Can Kirby defeat his most powerful opponent and save the galaxy from his evil?

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  • fight to the finish

    after 4 years of toucher kirby finally faces the most evilest being in the universe eNeMeE japanese dud (nightmare)

    appearances kirbys adventure in dream land 1993

    kirbys nightmare in dream land 2002

    kirby triple deluxe as a ballon of circus kirby 2014 also as a keychain

    while kirbys kicking nightmares ass chief Kawasaki and sir cosmos plans a bomb in nightmare fortress but the ship crashed they have no other choice but to go to the monster delivery system the fights all down kirby falls into a deep sleep but tiff throws kirby the warp star he inhales the warp star and becomes star rod kirby he managed to defite nightmare with the star rod now can our friends make it back home or will they also die and see nightmare in hell find out in the final kirby right back at ay only on the fox boxmoreless
  • If you are going to see this movie and expect it to be something new then you will be dissapointed when you see it.

    When I first read that there was going to be a Kirby movie, my jaw dropped because I was so anxios to see it so I waited for it to come out on DVD but then when one of the staff of the 'Kirby's Rainbow Resort' site saw the movie and told about what it's like on the site, I came to a huge dissapointment. It turned out that 4Kids where just merging a few episodes of the series together to make it a movie. Those episodes they put in together in the movie weren't even made in the order they played in the movie. It's just the 2-part episode that adapted 'Kirby Air Ride', the episode where the Cappies trick King Dedede into thinking they killed Kirby and the episode after that one (if I remember correctly). I don't really hate 4Kids' dub of Kirby like I hate their 'Sonic X' dub and their 'One Piece' dub but this movie is something they did not need to make. Don't intend to see this movie or get it on DVD unless you actually want to see those 4 episodes merged together which I don't see why anyone would want to.moreless
  • This is my favorite nintendo movie.

    Kirby saves the day, or should I say the entire universe? This is added with Sci-Fi because of going off into space. How long did it take those Destroyas to get to Popstar anyway? Puting Ship: Halbred in the movie was a great idea. I also like the idea of puting air ride machines because I like Kirby Air Ride. Poor Dedede, he lost his castle. Anyway, this is a fine ending to the Kirby: Right Back At Ya series. I watched this movie over and over again. The battle with Nightmare is so short. This ends my reveiw. So long!moreless
Andrew Rannells

Andrew Rannells

Cloaked Nightmare, Iro, Additional Voices

Dan Green

Dan Green

NightMare Enterprise Salesman, Additional Voices

Eddie Paulson

Eddie Paulson

King Dedede

Eric Stuart

Eric Stuart

Meta-Knight, Blade Knight, Gus

Kayzie Rogers

Kayzie Rogers

Buttercup Bookum, Hana Blustergas, Lady Like

Kerry Williams

Kerry Williams


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