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  • Worst. Television show. Ever.

    If you have played my "September the 14th" games over at, you may already know that this show is the #1 worst thing in my life. Not only did this destroy the Kirby series, but it also tortured the sake of television itself. I have never seen a show so horrible in my entire life. Never. It's even worse than the worst movie I have ever seen in my entire life. Such unbelievably amazing suckage. The Kirby cartoon and I are like George W. Bush and Michael Moore. I REALLY love to complain about the Kirby cartoon. If you want to know the one thing worse than death, watch this show. This show's suckage is due to two reasons: Tiff & Tuff, the two worst characters on television. They SUCK. And when I say "SUCK", I mean "SUCK". The show sucks every disgusting thing you can think of (e.g. donkey balls, lemons, tarantula legs, etc. etc.). THIS SHOW SUCKS! PERIOD!!!
  • the show baced onm the popular nentendo games of a giant pink blob that sucks things and takes there power then uses the power to kill enemies it was never ment to be on tv it should have stayed a game why must the good be killed by 4Kids entertainment

    not a good show the games are good and nentendo should never have let 4kids entertainment take control over it nentendo please get your franchise back it was never ment to be a tv show it was supposed to be a popular game but when they have it be on tv they've gone too far so you know what kirby heres somothing for you to suck, go suck dick
  • Let me explain. For this version I give it a 1. For Japanese I give it a 10 (even higher)

    Don't get me wrong I love Hoshi no Kirby but I hate the dubbed version. Every single character in Hoshi no Kirby sounds 10 times better than Right Back at Ya. Also if you watched this version you pretty much missed half of what was going on in the show. 4kids took away a lot of scenes. My suggestion is to not watch this version and to go on youtube or veoh and search for the Japanese. Trust me it's a lot better and the jokes are really funny. Dee Dee Dee is not a car salesman, Meta Knight is not Zoro, and Blade Knight is not some bumbiling old man who nobody can understand. Watching the original will improve the vision of this show.
  • I hate this show! It drives me bonkers!

    This show is a total waste of time. The plot and episodes are so dumb that I pulled the plug on this show! This is the worst show ever. Stay away from this pathetic, crazy show! At first, the video games and etc of this pick blob are great, but this show is a total rip-off.
  • I like the video games, but the show is a slap in the face to all Kirby fans.

    This show was a mess. So many useless characters and so many pointless episodes.

    1- Tiff and Tuff: WTH? Tuff has the IQ of a lamp and Tiff is like an angry housewife IMO.(no offense to you housewives out there)

    2- Cappys: A very dumb set of people with very little use.

    3- Tiff and Tuff's Mom and Dad: If King Dedede hates Kirby so much, why don't they get punished for their kids being friends with Kirby?

    4- King Dedede: If he's so evil, why doesn't the guards rebel against im and overthrow him?

    There are some silver linings though :

    1- Kirby: The main character, and one of the only things worth watching the show for

    2-Animation: Nice work. This actually might be the best thing of the show, next to Kirby

    3- Meta Knight: A very cool character, who nobody knows which side he's on.

    I hope, that when they bring back the show, they will make some changes


  • Exactly who made this show?

    When I first heard this show was being made my hopes were high, maybe that's why they came crashing down. Kirby in my opinion fails to capture that feel the game brings me...adventure. Kirby doesn't talk or travel around and what's with the villians? They're just too bland. I've seen them before and every story plot seems like a hyper pokemon rip-off. However it's not all bad after all there is much worse on TV. Kirby just doesn't reach my expectations. Oh well.
  • Kirby is cool!

    Kirby is cool!, he is funny like the video games and all the characters and more from the video games are on this show!

    I've always liked Kirbys sucking power but on the show it takes complete action! The fightning is good and the action and animation is even better!

    I like this show and the video games and I really like people to watch this!
  • Five words:The video game is better.

    Since Viva Pinata did pretty good,I don't know about this one.I mean,I pretty much think the video game is better because I don't like those two kids that are a friend to Kirby and that slug dude and one more think to say:Isn't King DeeDeeDee a good guy?I mean,seriously,I think their friends.I don't know about this show because the video games are better than this show and they have stuuf that the video games doesn't have.I can't even decide if htis one is good or bad beacuse it has some stuff that some awesome shows have.Well,it's pretty much very good.
  • Not great,but kicks the crap out of all of those terrible video game shows.

    There have been so many bad shows over the years that were based on video games. But there is actually one show that was good,and is wayy better than Sonic X. Kirby:Right Back at Ya! is about Kirby who crash lands his ship on the city of Cappy Town,and meets two other kids named Tiff and Tuff. Now,the show is actually really good,and actually relies on the video game. And it actually has a plot instead of just doing stupid things like building a water park or going into different worlds. But here's the problem:it acts too cheesy most of the time. I mean,the show sometimes doesn't feel dark,and feels like slapstick. King Dedede and Escargoon are not good antagonist. They instead,feel like Scratch and Grounder's brothers. I also find it irritating that Dedede has to buy his stuff online,from a freakin human. I mean,he can't just build it or something? The designs also look like crap. I mean,Kirby looks too CGI heavy,and the citizens from Cappy Town look creepy,and feel like the ancestors of the Pac-Man ghosts. The voice acting is also pretty bad. Tiff is always screeching and yelling,while King Dedede sounds too blackish (Not to be racist or anything). But overrall,even though it could be too cheesy,it's a good show,and seems like a major improvement over Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Bros. Super Show.
  • I thought this could be a decent show. I really did.

    I'm a huge fan of the Kirby game series. I own every game in the series so far, and I anxiously await the next. So I decided to see if the show would have what it takes to be one of my favorites.

    Well, it failed dismally. The voices for Tiff, King DeDeDe, and Escargoon were admittedly done nicely, but the rest was shockingly bad. A strange mixture of computer-generated animation and hand-drawn characters wasn't too appealing as well. The ideas for the episodes were decent, but the animation just didn't give off that high-quality feel.

    But what the series lacks in animation, it more than makes up for with its high-spirited music, an always-happy ending and cute characters. If Nintendo had left it to VIZ, it would of been much cleaner, but I'm still content to watch it the way it is.
  • Coudle have been beetter if 4kids didn't dub it.

    The english dub is horrible alot senes are edited and plus they changed the vilians name cloacked nightmare to eNeMeE and voice is wrong also he's supposed to have the same voice actor as the the nightmare salesman Banjou Ginga but the salesmans voice is right at least but about this I have always been a fan of kirby since IU wasv younger I love kirby its a fun game series to play and this anime is good exept I hate the english dub but it's a shame it's cancelled though so overal, I like this show it's a fun show to watch.
  • I'm a mega Kirby fan....It's just...the show...not so good.

    Kirby makes the world go round. Where would we be today if Kirby never jumped on that coolerific star and set sail? I don't even want to think about something like that. The show just has no plot or a very limited plot. It just doesn't come out, smack you in the face and, "Hey kid! This show is really good: Watch it!" It says "....Kirby's in it...." It bores me, but I do love my man, (or pink thingy) Kirb! Woot!
  • Kirby is going to eat up this review!

    kirby is a star warrior that has an appetite for adventure in this series where he lives with a rich family that takes care of him while King DDD tries to destroy him with a company that produces monster that is so cool! Kirby is on of the best shows on 4kids tv which ain't that hard if you watch the new season. Kirby deserves to viewed and reviewed.
  • A classic show

    I think this show is pretty cool. I saw this show a few times on the POP channel in the UK and I liked the episodes. They were quite funny and the plots were good too. I love Kirby he's my favourite character in the show, but the other characters are good. Some people may not like the fact that there are characters who are not from the games, but I liked them because they bring in new ideas for the show. If you are a big Kirby fan yet haven't seen this show, I suggest you take a look at this because it is a fun show for all ages. Definitely recommended by me.
  • This show is enchanting and nice to watch.

    The show doesn't resemble the Kirby games at all. A lot of characters were added, and it's not a bad thing since there wouldn't be enough characters to make a good cartoon.

    At first, Kirby: Right Back at Ya! seems really childish, but there's a little something that keeps you watching and wanting to watch the next episode.

    The show is really colourful and nice to watch. Some of the new characters add a little something, too. Some of them are really annoying, especially the ones with irritating voices, but it doesn't ruin everything. Some voices are not irritating but weird; Meta-Knight has a Spanish accent and Dedede speaks with a funny accent too, even if in the original cartoon they speak normally. That doesn't matter too much, though.

    There are some things that are really annoying, like the little mexican-like song playing EVERY time Meta-Knight shows up, or this irritating violin sound when we see Tokori. These things only happen in the dub version; they shouldn't have done that.

    Kirby: Right Back at Ya! is enchanting and nice to watch, but don't expect to find too much similarities with the games. If you don't mind about this minor detail, you could actually like this cartoon, so give it a try.
  • Kirby Kirby Kirby!

    This is an Anime based on my 2nd favourite Nintendo character. Kirby, He has his own show, but guess what? its dubbed by 4kids, so thats a bad saying, but the show is not that bad, Kirby retains his voice from the Japanese version, King Dedede speaks proper english and the new characters are great editions, Tiff and Tuff are 2 young cappys that found Kirby when he crashed into Cappy Town, Escargoon is King Dedede's assistant, and Customer Service of Nightmare enterprises and loyal assistant to Nightmare, buys all the monsters to clobber Kirby, but fail every time. Some villains are good in this series such as wispy woods and Meta Knight (Meta Knight is more of an anti Hero), overall, i give the show a 8.5/10 with the title of Awesome!
  • Kirby: RBaY proves that some video games can be turned into shows if done right.

    When it comes to video games being made into TV shows, there are mixed outcomes. One one hand, Sonic has had great shows, but on the other the Mario Bros have very corny and cheesy shows that aren't that good. However a new video game character has come to prove that video games can be turned into shows, and it is Kirby. Th games are about a little pink creature who is able to suck up enemies and use their abilities. He also guards Dream World from the evil King Dededee. The show pretty much follows the same format as the games, but the added a place called Nightmare Enterprises (can's exactly remember the name, sorry). The show has wonderful characters added to the Kirby universe and each one is great and has a distinct personality to each. The artwork in this show is amazing and the monster designs look very creative, and if not inspired. The story is very good and has plenty of arcs for the characters and you come to know and love all of them. The episodes are also really creative and have really good humor to them that can appeal to everyone. The animation is very smooth and moves nice and quickly in this show. The action scenes are also fun to watch and are gripping. There are only three problems with this show. 1: Some of the voice work on this show are terrible. Some of the characters like Meta Knight and Tuff were good, but Escargoon and Tiff are terrible and annoying. 2: There was a lot of content cut in this show. Some scenes for the English version of this show were cut from the Japanese version, and it bothers me that they had to do that. 3: This show was canceled to soon, and should have lasted longer. Other than those two problems, you will find that Kirby: RBaY is a really good show based on a game and proves that video games can be made into shows, and I will credit 4Kids for actually not completely butchering a show from Japan.
  • Awesome anime

    This is a great anime, so far one of the best I've seen.
  • I like the Kirby games and I like the show, but there's only one problem ...

    4kids butched it! That's right, they like to butcher every anime they see, making them have messed up voice actings, many cut-out scenes, and such to make it look like the anime's not even there anymore. They've done this to One Piece, Shaman King, and such. Since Kirby's canceled, it doesn't have to deal with the 4Kids spell of doom anymore, but that's why I like to watch the Japanese version. Funimation's a WAY better dubbing company.

    Anyways, the Kirby show's awesome. Even though there's many characters that aren't from the game, including Tiff, Tuff, Escargoon (Or as I like to call him, Escargon) - but that doesn't make a show crappy. Kirby's powers are pretty powerful, and I love his Mike powers in certain episodes they appear in. Also, when I first watched this in the American version, I had to wake up REALLY early and Kids WB was also competing with FoxFox at the time, which is now 4Kids TV. They shouldn't of made Kirby look more of a baby than he is though, he's a powerful Star Warrior no matter what, and Meta Knight kicks so much butt.
  • Who doesn't love a pink fluffy ball coming from space,sucking up monster,wielding swords,Has no violence,and helps a village save the day?Okay,I don't like it that much either but it's still worth watching.I seriouly think you need to consider this...

    Who doesn't love a pink fluffy ball coming from space,sucking up monster,wielding swords,Has no violence,and helps a village save the day?Okay,I don't like it that much either but it's still worth watching.I seriouly think you need to consider this...

    I personally think that after the first 17 episodes it started to get annoying to me but,it was those first 17 episodes that started to get me addicted.If the creators of Kirby started making episodes like that more people would watch it.Even now I Still watch it because I know that seeing a pink fluffy ball sucking up enimeis is funny to me.I seriouly think you should re-consider watching this show.
  • A great show that's back on TV.

    Before today, I have not seen Kirby: Right Back At Ya! in about 5 years. I did not see this show in its entirety, but I did enjoy every episode I have seen. I liked the action in this show. It is just soooo cool seeing Kirby suck up everything, and transform! The battles were amazing. I also liked the characters in this show. My favorite to be honest was Meta Knight. Sorry, Kirby:(. Tiff, and Tuff were really cool too. I really just do not have much to say, but overall, great show, lovable characters, awesome action, mild humor. I am very relieved that 4Kids TV put this show back on, because alot of people in my mind like this show, and want it back on TV. Well, people you got your wish! So enjoy!!!
  • A good show.It's animated,has a good follow-through,and storyline.

    Really you should see the first episode.It follows through the rest of the episodes.Trouble is brewing on the planet Popstar, and it's in the form of a giant octopus that's eaten a herd of sheep! King Dedede claims to know nothing about this monster, saying the only thing fitting the description is his new pet octopus. But the people of Cappy Town don't believe him. The wise ancient Kabu says a Star Warrior named Kirby will come to solve their problem. Sure enough, he does, although he isn't what the Cappies expect. That night, the mysterious Meta Knight makes his entrance and shows off what Kirby can do! Kirby uses his inhaling-and-copying abilities to defeat the octopus monster.That's preety musch the summary of episode 1.Again It's a good show.It has a good animation,a good follow through,and storyline.So you should see the show.
  • If you're a fan of kirby or nintendo then you should definetly watch this show!

    this show is great especially king Dedede, kirby and metaknight are pretty cool too, Tiff does get kindof annoying sometimes but just try not to let her ruin the show. Some of the episodes are almost laugh out loud hilarious but most are usually just somewhere in between. The show has a general storyline; Dedede orders monsters form a company called N.M.E. which are sent to destroy Dream Land and kirby destroys them and saves the day, but sometimes there are different plots mixed in. Anyway it has it's ups and downs but it is for the most part very enjoyable.
  • What a classic anime to look back on

    I used to love this as a kid. Even though the Kirby games weren't a big part of my childhood (I have really gotten into them now though), I was still able to understand the concept about Kirby and the ability he possesses. And while I usually don't like the openings 4kids give to anime they dub, the opening for Right Back at Ya is very catchy. I'll find myself singing once in a while. There may not be many good video game animated shows, but this is definitely one of the best out there.
  • That was my favorite anime along with Pokemon original version from Season 1-5.

    I remember that 2002 day as kid when I was Kirby fan and Mario fan, my mother called me and show me anime animation of Kirby and then I gasps in surprised I was like "Wow, I didn't know there Kirby cartoon on I did watch it while sitting down while eating breakfast.
  • Great anime!!

    Funniest anime of the first decade of the current millenium!!
  • Who Acted Who?

    Hey Who acted Meta Knight, Blade Knight, and Sword Knight?
  • Great Anime !

    This brings back some memories! Those were the days :)
  • The best show based off a video game.

    Kirby is my favorite Nintendo character and it's great to see him with his own show. Kirby: Right Back at Ya is a awsome show and it deserves some more respect and needs some more new episodes. This show has a lot of funny characters and a lot of nice plots. What more can you ask for. The only thing that ticks me off is they need to release season box sets of this but they're not releaseing any. And also I like the cool monsters that King DeDeDe orders and then Kirby kicking the crap out of them Go Kirby.
  • I wonder why this show dosen't come on anymore. Really decent show.

    This cute pink spud is one of my favorite shows followed by his friends trying to destory King dede's gaurds. I really miss this show sooooo much. Everyone loves this show including my sister. I got really mad when at 2006 or 2007, they had the racing episode as the last episode that I have missed and I got upset and like that wasthe last show. Please bring it back!! I really miss this show but I guess I'll watch other animation and children's shows instead until they get this show back on again soon. I wish! Even my sister wishes because we are both 10% loving this show and if their could be some DVD's on, I would defintly have to buy them for me and my little sister.
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