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  • Kirby: Right Back at Ya! is a show about Nintenodo's pink star warrior,Kirby, who battles monsters on the planet Popstar. Kibry uses his amazing ability to steal his enemies powers and throw it right back at them!

    Kirby: Right Back at Ya is a surprisingly good show since most shows based on video games aren't that good. Kirby fans of all ages will enjoy seeing their favorite characters from his video games. They will also get a kick out of the copy abilities. The show even has a good joke or two. The action-packed batttles are fun to watch. The ricj array of characters help make this show interesting and unpredictable. Having a lot of characters helps the show stay true to the game, which also has many characters. This action packed cartoon will always leave you wanting more.
  • Exactly who made this show?

    When I first heard this show was being made my hopes were high, maybe that's why they came crashing down. Kirby in my opinion fails to capture that feel the game brings me...adventure. Kirby doesn't talk or travel around and what's with the villians? They're just too bland. I've seen them before and every story plot seems like a hyper pokemon rip-off. However it's not all bad after all there is much worse on TV. Kirby just doesn't reach my expectations. Oh well.
  • Kirby: Right Back at Ya! is a show based on one of Nintendo's franchised. This show stays true to the games by giving Kirby copy abilites and also by addind the same characters that were in the game. The is also environments that can be recognized.

    Kirby: Right Back at Ya is a surprisingly good show since most shows based on video games aren't that good. Kirby fans of all ages will enjoy seeing their favorite characters from his video games. They will also get a kick out of the copy abilities. The show even has a good joke or two. The action-packed batttles are fun to watch. The ricj array of characters help make this show interesting and unpredictable. Having a lot of characters helps the show stay true to the game, which also has many characters. This action packed cartoon will always leave you wanting more.
  • the show baced onm the popular nentendo games of a giant pink blob that sucks things and takes there power then uses the power to kill enemies it was never ment to be on tv it should have stayed a game why must the good be killed by 4Kids entertainment

    not a good show the games are good and nentendo should never have let 4kids entertainment take control over it nentendo please get your franchise back it was never ment to be a tv show it was supposed to be a popular game but when they have it be on tv they've gone too far so you know what kirby heres somothing for you to suck, go suck dick
  • This cartoon series is obviously based on nintendo's beloved pink puffster Kirby who has won over his fair share of fans with his fantastic abilities and complete cuteness. Now, to the review!

    Ok, where to begin.....I have to say the animation is pretty cool! The battles and Kirby transformations are fun to watch....although many are rather short they are still sweet to watch. The series utilizes computer animation for particular characters such as King Dedede and Escargoon which I think is interesting....perhaps to make them stand out differently then the completely drawn characters. Kirby is sometimes digitalized as well and so is Metaknight.

    The characters stay true to the game like having Kracko, Whispy Woods, and Bugsy involved and the Waddle Dees. Also, mixing in new characters such as Tokkori, Tiff, Tuff, Chef Kawasaki, and various other Cappies throws in some fresh originality. In addition to Fololo and Falala who were actually from a Nintendo game called "Adventures Of Lolo" which was somewhat popular. It's definetely great getting to see them on the big screen as well.

    Overall, I would definetely recommend seeing this if you are a massive Kirby fan like I'am. Problem is you may have to get it on DVD seeing as it's been ousted by "The Menu" on FOX BOX. (Which is really STUPID...and hopefully some other channel out there will be smart enough and pick up Kirby.)
  • A young star knight learns about the world around him.

    I loved the game, and this show also brings out a great addition to the family. You can't get too much of Kirby. The show has great anime, fun storyline, and hints of comedy here and there. Though it is repeptitve that no one silence's King Dedede, butits' still fun to see whats going to happen next.
  • Kirby is cool!

    Kirby is cool!, he is funny like the video games and all the characters and more from the video games are on this show!

    I've always liked Kirbys sucking power but on the show it takes complete action! The fightning is good and the action and animation is even better!

    I like this show and the video games and I really like people to watch this!
  • Kirby is going to eat up this review!

    kirby is a star warrior that has an appetite for adventure in this series where he lives with a rich family that takes care of him while King DDD tries to destroy him with a company that produces monster that is so cool! Kirby is on of the best shows on 4kids tv which ain't that hard if you watch the new season. Kirby deserves to viewed and reviewed.
  • This show is good and funny and fun to watch!

    Okay, I've seen a lot of bad reviews for this show and I think I know why. The whole world chooses to hate this because they think having an infant as a hero is gay. (Cough) stereotypes!(Cough) C'mon, give it a chance. This is one of the few shows out there not altered by 4Kids! It's worth a shot. Even adults watch this series because of its humour and action fight scenes. I mean, they once made references to Psycho and Harry Potter! Most kids wouldn't know what Psycho is and what Harry Potter is about, so this show is definately not just for kids! They use advanced humour that kids wouldn't understand in 1,000,000 years! The only child-friendly thing they ever did was cut out Thr Ring Story of Memu and Parm. (Japanese episode 17) This show has a lot of references kids wouldn't understand. Heck, teenagers don't even understand the Frankenstein reference used in Escar-Droid! Anyone who says this show sucks is biased. (Like my sister who thinks that Kirby is ugly and stupid. Stupid, but certainly not ugly.) I mean, he has more games than Final Fantasy. (Advance games don't count.) So don't hate this show because it stars Kirby. If teens can stand shows like Teen Titans, then surely they can appreciate Kirby, Right Back at Ya'! So, just C'mon!
  • I hate this show! It drives me bonkers!

    This show is a total waste of time. The plot and episodes are so dumb that I pulled the plug on this show! This is the worst show ever. Stay away from this pathetic, crazy show! At first, the video games and etc of this pick blob are great, but this show is a total rip-off.
  • very odd show but the story line was unique it was always changing with every episode and its comedy was of the best for children of all ages.

    this show had some good action scenes cool tansformations 3-D graphics blended into the cartoon with cell shading creating a special and unique show that has made me laugh alot whenever i watch it. its very original with every episode which they usually wood have a completely new story on each episode.
  • Worst. Television show. Ever.

    If you have played my "September the 14th" games over at, you may already know that this show is the #1 worst thing in my life. Not only did this destroy the Kirby series, but it also tortured the sake of television itself. I have never seen a show so horrible in my entire life. Never. It's even worse than the worst movie I have ever seen in my entire life. Such unbelievably amazing suckage. The Kirby cartoon and I are like George W. Bush and Michael Moore. I REALLY love to complain about the Kirby cartoon. If you want to know the one thing worse than death, watch this show. This show's suckage is due to two reasons: Tiff & Tuff, the two worst characters on television. They SUCK. And when I say "SUCK", I mean "SUCK". The show sucks every disgusting thing you can think of (e.g. donkey balls, lemons, tarantula legs, etc. etc.). THIS SHOW SUCKS! PERIOD!!!
  • That little, pink, ball-shaped, um... thing.. has his own show! Yes Kirby from the popular Nintendo games has his own show.

    That little, pink, ball-shaped, um... thing.. has his own show! Yes Kirby from the popular Nintendo games has his own show.

    Each episode Kirby inhales his opponents moves and gets powered up with them and uses his does own powers against him. and each day kirby would win.. Kirby is not alone he has a bunch of friends to help him and all the Cappytown residents! go Kirby! he'll send it right back at ya!
  • Yay! Muchos love to Kirby.

    Sure, yell at me all you like, but I've loved Kirby! I've got all the games from the NES era (Power Paintbrush DS to be added soon from Lik-Sang) and it's comedic, funny... King Dedede is hilariously stupid and obnoxious!

    And Kirby is so cute!!! Luff him. NOW! Otherwise I'll bonk you with a hammer.
  • Woooo!!! I love this show!

    This show rocks! Kirby ish so kawaii! *glomps him* Hehehe I have loved Kirby FOREVER (hey, i'm named after him ^_^) And i luff his puffyness! This show really brings out his cuteness, and Meta Knight is awesome too! Besides Kirby, Meta Knight is my favorite character. He's just so COOL! ^_^ I really wish that they would put this show back up somewhere, but for most people who hate this show (which i cannot see why) they can just...I wont say it...but anyway, Please put this show back up! It rocks my house! XD *bows* It would really make a lot of us really happy ^_^.
  • Greatest show ever!

    You can't do better than Kirby. Not only is he cute, but also powerful. And he has the best catch phrase ever: Poyo.

    With a never ending supply of abilities Kirby never gets old. He can be Fire, Sword, Stone, Spark, Wheel, Needle, Ice, Mirror, Bomb, or even Galaxia. The possibilites are endless.

    And King Dedede is so funny. Its good to see that the main enemy isn't some big powerful dude bent on world domination. Instead an over weight knig who just wants Kirby gone and uses monsters to do it.

    With a huge cast of meorable characters, never ending forms, and all kinds of monsters Kirby has been and always will be the greatest show ever.

    Go Kirby.
  • I'm a mega Kirby fan....It's just...the show...not so good.

    Kirby makes the world go round. Where would we be today if Kirby never jumped on that coolerific star and set sail? I don't even want to think about something like that. The show just has no plot or a very limited plot. It just doesn't come out, smack you in the face and, "Hey kid! This show is really good: Watch it!" It says "....Kirby's in it...." It bores me, but I do love my man, (or pink thingy) Kirb! Woot!
  • This show is enchanting and nice to watch.

    The show doesn't resemble the Kirby games at all. A lot of characters were added, and it's not a bad thing since there wouldn't be enough characters to make a good cartoon.

    At first, Kirby: Right Back at Ya! seems really childish, but there's a little something that keeps you watching and wanting to watch the next episode.

    The show is really colourful and nice to watch. Some of the new characters add a little something, too. Some of them are really annoying, especially the ones with irritating voices, but it doesn't ruin everything. Some voices are not irritating but weird; Meta-Knight has a Spanish accent and Dedede speaks with a funny accent too, even if in the original cartoon they speak normally. That doesn't matter too much, though.

    There are some things that are really annoying, like the little mexican-like song playing EVERY time Meta-Knight shows up, or this irritating violin sound when we see Tokori. These things only happen in the dub version; they shouldn't have done that.

    Kirby: Right Back at Ya! is enchanting and nice to watch, but don't expect to find too much similarities with the games. If you don't mind about this minor detail, you could actually like this cartoon, so give it a try.
  • this show is cute & idisent to go off the air a "Hamtaro" of our time

    Personaly my favorit is Tiff (kerry williams who also played Mechazawa in Cormartie High School)this is a rare show & after all I think it like "Hamtaro" & "Super Milk-Chan" Don't cansele it I love it all ready

    but what a shame that DeDeDe is rip-offed in "Disney House of Mouse"
  • And when the HELL!!! is it coming to Europe

    I Watched the First episode on Youtube and my god this program was decent, ive always loved that little pink blob
    All his games Got em.
    But Dang Man if Only it would be realesed in Europe come on we have the rights to see it im dieing to watch this program.
  • Just because it's a classic dosen't mean you basterd have to cancell it.

    Kirby is the best thing I have seen to Bad this, Hamtaro, & Super Milk-Chan got cancelled but hay It's A head of it's time Favort Charater Kirby, Tiff & Tuff, Dedede (Riped offed in House of Mouse) But I want this show to stay on the air because it's golden classic. to mush please put it back 4kids T.V. it's the only good thing on your staiton
  • I like the video games, but the show is a slap in the face to all Kirby fans.

    This show was a mess. So many useless characters and so many pointless episodes.

    1- Tiff and Tuff: WTH? Tuff has the IQ of a lamp and Tiff is like an angry housewife IMO.(no offense to you housewives out there)

    2- Cappys: A very dumb set of people with very little use.

    3- Tiff and Tuff's Mom and Dad: If King Dedede hates Kirby so much, why don't they get punished for their kids being friends with Kirby?

    4- King Dedede: If he's so evil, why doesn't the guards rebel against im and overthrow him?

    There are some silver linings though :

    1- Kirby: The main character, and one of the only things worth watching the show for

    2-Animation: Nice work. This actually might be the best thing of the show, next to Kirby

    3- Meta Knight: A very cool character, who nobody knows which side he's on.

    I hope, that when they bring back the show, they will make some changes


  • A good show.It's animated,has a good follow-through,and storyline.

    Really you should see the first episode.It follows through the rest of the episodes.Trouble is brewing on the planet Popstar, and it's in the form of a giant octopus that's eaten a herd of sheep! King Dedede claims to know nothing about this monster, saying the only thing fitting the description is his new pet octopus. But the people of Cappy Town don't believe him. The wise ancient Kabu says a Star Warrior named Kirby will come to solve their problem. Sure enough, he does, although he isn't what the Cappies expect. That night, the mysterious Meta Knight makes his entrance and shows off what Kirby can do! Kirby uses his inhaling-and-copying abilities to defeat the octopus monster.That's preety musch the summary of episode 1.Again It's a good show.It has a good animation,a good follow through,and storyline.So you should see the show.
  • Bring it Back

    Back in the good old days of Nick, this was my favorite show, alone with Rocko's Modern Life, Hamtaro, and Courage the Cowardly Dog. Why ever people hate this show is beyond me.

    It seems that a lot of people hate anime because they are simply being cartoons. That's really why its great. The show is random, but not to random so it stays interesting.

    The shows characters are are the strongest I have seen from any cartoon. I can't think of any weak characters. Unlike most cartoons made within the past two years, Kirby's characters are not one-dimensional and flat. The viewer gets to see many sides of Tiff or Tuff or any major character.

    The show is just genius. I just wish the show could have been more popular. Unlike most animation now, this show can be enjoyed by the whole family. It makes a good kids show, yet it also has a strong appeal to a more mature audience. Truly one of 4kids's classics and one of their best cartoons.
  • Why don't they air this anymore?

    One of my favorite Anime my favorite episode is the one where Tuff steals the Deded's Van & dove it to the volcanio & it no-longer on along with "Mew Mew Power", "Shaman King", "Viewitful Joe" & other 4kids shows I like

    They should take-off "The Winx Club" or the stupid "CatDog" or "The Buzz on Maggie" I mean who want to what a show about a fly girl, lame

    I use to watch show & I want to watch it again.
  • I like the Kirby games and I like the show, but there's only one problem ...

    4kids butched it! That's right, they like to butcher every anime they see, making them have messed up voice actings, many cut-out scenes, and such to make it look like the anime's not even there anymore. They've done this to One Piece, Shaman King, and such. Since Kirby's canceled, it doesn't have to deal with the 4Kids spell of doom anymore, but that's why I like to watch the Japanese version. Funimation's a WAY better dubbing company.

    Anyways, the Kirby show's awesome. Even though there's many characters that aren't from the game, including Tiff, Tuff, Escargoon (Or as I like to call him, Escargon) - but that doesn't make a show crappy. Kirby's powers are pretty powerful, and I love his Mike powers in certain episodes they appear in. Also, when I first watched this in the American version, I had to wake up REALLY early and Kids WB was also competing with FoxFox at the time, which is now 4Kids TV. They shouldn't of made Kirby look more of a baby than he is though, he's a powerful Star Warrior no matter what, and Meta Knight kicks so much butt.
  • And I mean THE favorite.

    This is the best show I have ever watched, even though I didn't get to see all of the episodes. I could only view about 20 episodes of the dub. And I would love to see it again on reruns. Other shows like Little Einsteins and Full House are pretty fine, but this is the way best.

    My favorite character is Tiff because she acts like many girl characters out there in the past. She even cares for Kirby the most, and is always against Dedede and Escargoon. I kind of disliked Meta Knight, because that accent of his just sounds terrible. But overall, Kirby is still the best.
  • I would like to bring Kirby back because I highly enjoy the show. I enjoy the show because it is my dream to watch my favorite show oncemore on Saturday mornings. I would appriete it if I could view it on 4Kids Tv.

    The show helps me get up on those long Saturday morning. It is a great joy I get to see that little pink starwarrior fight furriously against the force of evil. He changes to different forms and puts a rumping to that evil King Dedede. He also shows great teamwork to use the help of his friends to overcome his challenges. I love thge way he changes into the different forms such as Fire Kirby, Bomb Kirby, Cook Kirby, Sword Kirby, Fighter Kirby, Freeze Kirby, Wheel Kirby. Some if Kirby's fierce friend are Metaknight, Tiff, and Tuff. Altogether it is a great show!
  • Kirby: Right Back At Ya! is perfect for Kirby fans and it is based on the Kirby series. It has a lot of Kirby characters, places etc in it as well as characters which are not in the Kirby series. It is full of action, adventure and some humor in it.

    I loved this show, I was eagerly waiting for its arrival to air in the UK. I first seen this was in Hong Kong at my grandma's house. The first episode of this anime I seen which was "Lololo and Lalala Melody of Love", when Kirby was with Fololo and Falala. Kirby was fighting against an enemy called Slice n' Splice. The episode was in Cantonese but the theme and ending song wasn't which was very awkward. O_o I enjoyed watching this, especially seeing Kirby being incredibly cute and adorable. :) Finally, it aired in the UK on POP, the channel I watch the Mario cartoons on. Phew! I'm very glad that it didn't air on Jetix. I really, REALLY hate that channel!!!! >:-( No offense to people who watches the channel. The reason I hate the channel in the first place because I hate all the shows they air and the animes seemed to ironically show on the same time my favourite shows are on. Besides in my opinion, I think they don't even know how to celebrate anything properly. I think Cartoon Network and POP should show that f****** Jetix how it's done. Anyway, since I'm a massive Kirby fan, I really loved the anime even though I normally hate animes and never watch them. The things in the anime I hate is the voice of Meta Knight and King Dedede. Meta Knight has a spanish accent and I usually never hear him say stuff in that accent. King Dedede's voice is just as worse. He speaks in a Midwestern U.S. accent. Normally, I don't hear Kirby speak in the games and it's pretty weird to hear him speak only one word in the anime because I'm used to Kirby being mute, sort of. I enjoyed listening to the theme song and the ending song but they are very cheesy. I'm sure it wouldn't hurt to hear the Japanese version of those songs. I loved seeing the mix between 3-D and 2-D animation art in this, it's really unique, appealing to my eyes and interesting. :D But the plot seems to be the same every episode: Kirby and friends are having fun or doing anything, King Dedede ruins everything and sends a monster to destroy Kirby, Kirby fights it and sucks something to get an ability, Meta Knight says the name of the copy ability, Kirby uses it against the monster and triumphs, everything turns out all right for the puffball and Kirby ends the episode by saying "Poyo". Sometimes some episodes don't have the same plot but I guess episodes in some shows have the usual plots, so I'm okay with that. :) I like the humor like for example Kirby sucking in the food that Tiff brought with her when she goes out at night with Tuff and Kirby to get proof of who is behind the mess of dumping heaps of trash all over Cappy Town in the episode, "Junk Jam". Overall, I'd give this anime the highest score because it didn't copy the words or script from the games, the creators of the anime made their own characters and places like for instance, the citizens of Cappy Town and Cappy Town, using the combo of both 2-D and 2-D animation art like for example the 2-D realistic landscape of Cappy Town and the 3-D animation art of Kirby and so on. I'd say Kirby fans will be heads-over-heels for this anime! ^_^
  • I thought this could be a decent show. I really did.

    I'm a huge fan of the Kirby game series. I own every game in the series so far, and I anxiously await the next. So I decided to see if the show would have what it takes to be one of my favorites.

    Well, it failed dismally. The voices for Tiff, King DeDeDe, and Escargoon were admittedly done nicely, but the rest was shockingly bad. A strange mixture of computer-generated animation and hand-drawn characters wasn't too appealing as well. The ideas for the episodes were decent, but the animation just didn't give off that high-quality feel.

    But what the series lacks in animation, it more than makes up for with its high-spirited music, an always-happy ending and cute characters. If Nintendo had left it to VIZ, it would of been much cleaner, but I'm still content to watch it the way it is.
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