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  • Yay Kirby x3 XD The loveable lil pink gumball looking thing xD

    This show rocks ^^ I used to watch it on 4kids, but I keep forgetting now (I fail when it comes to remembering stuff x.x) But still, this show is awesome ^^ Who DOESN'T love a pink round thing that pwns enemys by eating them & then copying their power, & then kicking everyone's butt with it? xD I guess my fav characters would be Kirby, King DDD, Escargoon (I think I spelled his name wrong..FAIL), Metaknight & that yellow bird (Forget his name..) cause they're pretty funny characters. I remember first playing his first game of his was Amazing Mirror, and I LOVED it. I mean LOVED it. I was really depressed when I lost it T~T (I found it, don't worry XD) so I guess naturally I love his show xD

    Anyways, back on subject, my score for the show is 10/10. I also recommend this show for any Kirby/Nintendo fans out there who our reading this (But I doubt anyone will read this =/)
  • Kirby! That one name should be enough for you.

    Everyone's favorite pink puffball, Kirby! I am a huge Kirby fanatic, and you should be too. This show was incredible! At times it seemed a littled kiddy. Which is why I prefer the japanese version of the show. But anywho, this show kept me amused as a young child, and still does. I keep my eyes out for Kirby Right Back at Ya! DVDs which can be bought online. I also watch the show on youtube. And also, I feel that many shows based on video games weren't that great. But this one was a complete success in my book.
  • king dedede is the best, plus this show is the best

    i remember when kirby first came on tv i always have been thinking that kirby would get his own tv show and to that day kirby is enjoyed by fans everywhere around the world and i think it was a good idea to give kirby his own tv show and every saturday morning at 11 o clock i wake up and watch every single minute of it but one day they stop airing it so i got upset and i wonder if they canceled the show. in june 2008 they brought the show back on tv and i was so happy. if you love kirby you must watch this show
  • If you're a fan of kirby or nintendo then you should definetly watch this show!

    this show is great especially king Dedede, kirby and metaknight are pretty cool too, Tiff does get kindof annoying sometimes but just try not to let her ruin the show. Some of the episodes are almost laugh out loud hilarious but most are usually just somewhere in between. The show has a general storyline; Dedede orders monsters form a company called N.M.E. which are sent to destroy Dream Land and kirby destroys them and saves the day, but sometimes there are different plots mixed in. Anyway it has it's ups and downs but it is for the most part very enjoyable.
  • Kirby: RBaY proves that some video games can be turned into shows if done right.

    When it comes to video games being made into TV shows, there are mixed outcomes. One one hand, Sonic has had great shows, but on the other the Mario Bros have very corny and cheesy shows that aren't that good. However a new video game character has come to prove that video games can be turned into shows, and it is Kirby. Th games are about a little pink creature who is able to suck up enemies and use their abilities. He also guards Dream World from the evil King Dededee. The show pretty much follows the same format as the games, but the added a place called Nightmare Enterprises (can's exactly remember the name, sorry). The show has wonderful characters added to the Kirby universe and each one is great and has a distinct personality to each. The artwork in this show is amazing and the monster designs look very creative, and if not inspired. The story is very good and has plenty of arcs for the characters and you come to know and love all of them. The episodes are also really creative and have really good humor to them that can appeal to everyone. The animation is very smooth and moves nice and quickly in this show. The action scenes are also fun to watch and are gripping. There are only three problems with this show. 1: Some of the voice work on this show are terrible. Some of the characters like Meta Knight and Tuff were good, but Escargoon and Tiff are terrible and annoying. 2: There was a lot of content cut in this show. Some scenes for the English version of this show were cut from the Japanese version, and it bothers me that they had to do that. 3: This show was canceled to soon, and should have lasted longer. Other than those two problems, you will find that Kirby: RBaY is a really good show based on a game and proves that video games can be made into shows, and I will credit 4Kids for actually not completely butchering a show from Japan.
  • I wonder why this show dosen't come on anymore. Really decent show.

    This cute pink spud is one of my favorite shows followed by his friends trying to destory King dede's gaurds. I really miss this show sooooo much. Everyone loves this show including my sister. I got really mad when at 2006 or 2007, they had the racing episode as the last episode that I have missed and I got upset and like that wasthe last show. Please bring it back!! I really miss this show but I guess I'll watch other animation and children's shows instead until they get this show back on again soon. I wish! Even my sister wishes because we are both 10% loving this show and if their could be some DVD's on, I would defintly have to buy them for me and my little sister.
  • A great show that's back on TV.

    Before today, I have not seen Kirby: Right Back At Ya! in about 5 years. I did not see this show in its entirety, but I did enjoy every episode I have seen. I liked the action in this show. It is just soooo cool seeing Kirby suck up everything, and transform! The battles were amazing. I also liked the characters in this show. My favorite to be honest was Meta Knight. Sorry, Kirby:(. Tiff, and Tuff were really cool too. I really just do not have much to say, but overall, great show, lovable characters, awesome action, mild humor. I am very relieved that 4Kids TV put this show back on, because alot of people in my mind like this show, and want it back on TV. Well, people you got your wish! So enjoy!!!
  • The best show based off a video game.

    Kirby is my favorite Nintendo character and it's great to see him with his own show. Kirby: Right Back at Ya is a awsome show and it deserves some more respect and needs some more new episodes. This show has a lot of funny characters and a lot of nice plots. What more can you ask for. The only thing that ticks me off is they need to release season box sets of this but they're not releaseing any. And also I like the cool monsters that King DeDeDe orders and then Kirby kicking the crap out of them Go Kirby.
  • I love this show

    I got bored on a summer weekday and there was nothing to watch, so i went throught all the channels and found the show. that is how i started watching kirby right back at ya. kirby right back at ya was my favorite show ever. it was funny and good. i wish they would bring it back. the show was about kirby coming to cappitown. kirby is from a different planet and he can eat things in one bite without chewing! it was really creative each episode and it always made me watch it the next week. Overall: this is a really great show and i wish they could bring it back!
  • Not great,but kicks the crap out of all of those terrible video game shows.

    There have been so many bad shows over the years that were based on video games. But there is actually one show that was good,and is wayy better than Sonic X. Kirby:Right Back at Ya! is about Kirby who crash lands his ship on the city of Cappy Town,and meets two other kids named Tiff and Tuff. Now,the show is actually really good,and actually relies on the video game. And it actually has a plot instead of just doing stupid things like building a water park or going into different worlds. But here's the problem:it acts too cheesy most of the time. I mean,the show sometimes doesn't feel dark,and feels like slapstick. King Dedede and Escargoon are not good antagonist. They instead,feel like Scratch and Grounder's brothers. I also find it irritating that Dedede has to buy his stuff online,from a freakin human. I mean,he can't just build it or something? The designs also look like crap. I mean,Kirby looks too CGI heavy,and the citizens from Cappy Town look creepy,and feel like the ancestors of the Pac-Man ghosts. The voice acting is also pretty bad. Tiff is always screeching and yelling,while King Dedede sounds too blackish (Not to be racist or anything). But overrall,even though it could be too cheesy,it's a good show,and seems like a major improvement over Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Bros. Super Show.
  • Who Acted Who?

    Hey Who acted Meta Knight, Blade Knight, and Sword Knight?
  • Great Anime !

    This brings back some memories! Those were the days :)
  • Kirby! Kirby! Kirby! That's the name you should know!

    Kirby! Kirby! Kirby! That's the name you should know! If you don't know who Kirby is, search it on youtube and watch a few videos about him. Kirby Right Back at Ya! is a show about a little, round pink thing named Kirby. He came from a far away place and landed in Dreamland. In Dreamland he lands in Cappy Town. The ruler of Cappy Town, King Dedede also known as Triple D, wants to get rid of him at any cost.

    Kirby finds many new people, from a chef to Tiff and Tuff, but King Dedede will do anything to get rid of him. First, he goes to a company called NME. It gives King Dedede evil monsters to get rid of Kirby. But Kirby has a power that he can use. It lets him change into anything he wants as long as he eats it. So he can change into Cooking Kirby, Ice or Fire Kirby, and many more different Kirby's.

    Overall, this is a great show, but had to end. I watched it from the beginning and hope that one day it can come back.
  • And I mean THE favorite.

    This is the best show I have ever watched, even though I didn't get to see all of the episodes. I could only view about 20 episodes of the dub. And I would love to see it again on reruns. Other shows like Little Einsteins and Full House are pretty fine, but this is the way best.

    My favorite character is Tiff because she acts like many girl characters out there in the past. She even cares for Kirby the most, and is always against Dedede and Escargoon. I kind of disliked Meta Knight, because that accent of his just sounds terrible. But overall, Kirby is still the best.
  • this show is cute & idisent to go off the air a "Hamtaro" of our time

    Personaly my favorit is Tiff (kerry williams who also played Mechazawa in Cormartie High School)this is a rare show & after all I think it like "Hamtaro" & "Super Milk-Chan" Don't cansele it I love it all ready

    but what a shame that DeDeDe is rip-offed in "Disney House of Mouse"
  • Woooo!!! I love this show!

    This show rocks! Kirby ish so kawaii! *glomps him* Hehehe I have loved Kirby FOREVER (hey, i'm named after him ^_^) And i luff his puffyness! This show really brings out his cuteness, and Meta Knight is awesome too! Besides Kirby, Meta Knight is my favorite character. He's just so COOL! ^_^ I really wish that they would put this show back up somewhere, but for most people who hate this show (which i cannot see why) they can just...I wont say it...but anyway, Please put this show back up! It rocks my house! XD *bows* It would really make a lot of us really happy ^_^.
  • This show is good and funny and fun to watch!

    Okay, I've seen a lot of bad reviews for this show and I think I know why. The whole world chooses to hate this because they think having an infant as a hero is gay. (Cough) stereotypes!(Cough) C'mon, give it a chance. This is one of the few shows out there not altered by 4Kids! It's worth a shot. Even adults watch this series because of its humour and action fight scenes. I mean, they once made references to Psycho and Harry Potter! Most kids wouldn't know what Psycho is and what Harry Potter is about, so this show is definately not just for kids! They use advanced humour that kids wouldn't understand in 1,000,000 years! The only child-friendly thing they ever did was cut out Thr Ring Story of Memu and Parm. (Japanese episode 17) This show has a lot of references kids wouldn't understand. Heck, teenagers don't even understand the Frankenstein reference used in Escar-Droid! Anyone who says this show sucks is biased. (Like my sister who thinks that Kirby is ugly and stupid. Stupid, but certainly not ugly.) I mean, he has more games than Final Fantasy. (Advance games don't count.) So don't hate this show because it stars Kirby. If teens can stand shows like Teen Titans, then surely they can appreciate Kirby, Right Back at Ya'! So, just C'mon!
  • Kirby: Right Back at Ya! is a show based on one of Nintendo's franchised. This show stays true to the games by giving Kirby copy abilites and also by addind the same characters that were in the game. The is also environments that can be recognized.

    Kirby: Right Back at Ya is a surprisingly good show since most shows based on video games aren't that good. Kirby fans of all ages will enjoy seeing their favorite characters from his video games. They will also get a kick out of the copy abilities. The show even has a good joke or two. The action-packed batttles are fun to watch. The ricj array of characters help make this show interesting and unpredictable. Having a lot of characters helps the show stay true to the game, which also has many characters. This action packed cartoon will always leave you wanting more.
  • Great anime!!

    Funniest anime of the first decade of the current millenium!!
  • What happen to RBAY?

    I miss this show so much, it dosn't seem that old. it's like Hamtaro but better.

    I just love Tiff & Tuff, I just couldn't get enough of them anymore. Kirby was one of my fav 4kids dubs & I even like RBAY as much as Skunk Fu! & other shows I like. I glad that it ended in 2007 & the only 4kids classic that had more episodes then any dub in 2002.

    why did it end? will it be redubed? what will happen to Tiff & Tuff? please sobody tell me? overrall this was 4kids golden classic in a way.
  • Why don't they air this anymore?

    One of my favorite Anime my favorite episode is the one where Tuff steals the Deded's Van & dove it to the volcanio & it no-longer on along with "Mew Mew Power", "Shaman King", "Viewitful Joe" & other 4kids shows I like

    They should take-off "The Winx Club" or the stupid "CatDog" or "The Buzz on Maggie" I mean who want to what a show about a fly girl, lame

    I use to watch show & I want to watch it again.
  • Bring it Back

    Back in the good old days of Nick, this was my favorite show, alone with Rocko's Modern Life, Hamtaro, and Courage the Cowardly Dog. Why ever people hate this show is beyond me.

    It seems that a lot of people hate anime because they are simply being cartoons. That's really why its great. The show is random, but not to random so it stays interesting.

    The shows characters are are the strongest I have seen from any cartoon. I can't think of any weak characters. Unlike most cartoons made within the past two years, Kirby's characters are not one-dimensional and flat. The viewer gets to see many sides of Tiff or Tuff or any major character.

    The show is just genius. I just wish the show could have been more popular. Unlike most animation now, this show can be enjoyed by the whole family. It makes a good kids show, yet it also has a strong appeal to a more mature audience. Truly one of 4kids's classics and one of their best cartoons.
  • And when the HELL!!! is it coming to Europe

    I Watched the First episode on Youtube and my god this program was decent, ive always loved that little pink blob
    All his games Got em.
    But Dang Man if Only it would be realesed in Europe come on we have the rights to see it im dieing to watch this program.
  • Greatest show ever!

    You can't do better than Kirby. Not only is he cute, but also powerful. And he has the best catch phrase ever: Poyo.

    With a never ending supply of abilities Kirby never gets old. He can be Fire, Sword, Stone, Spark, Wheel, Needle, Ice, Mirror, Bomb, or even Galaxia. The possibilites are endless.

    And King Dedede is so funny. Its good to see that the main enemy isn't some big powerful dude bent on world domination. Instead an over weight knig who just wants Kirby gone and uses monsters to do it.

    With a huge cast of meorable characters, never ending forms, and all kinds of monsters Kirby has been and always will be the greatest show ever.

    Go Kirby.
  • That little, pink, ball-shaped, um... thing.. has his own show! Yes Kirby from the popular Nintendo games has his own show.

    That little, pink, ball-shaped, um... thing.. has his own show! Yes Kirby from the popular Nintendo games has his own show.

    Each episode Kirby inhales his opponents moves and gets powered up with them and uses his does own powers against him. and each day kirby would win.. Kirby is not alone he has a bunch of friends to help him and all the Cappytown residents! go Kirby! he'll send it right back at ya!
  • very odd show but the story line was unique it was always changing with every episode and its comedy was of the best for children of all ages.

    this show had some good action scenes cool tansformations 3-D graphics blended into the cartoon with cell shading creating a special and unique show that has made me laugh alot whenever i watch it. its very original with every episode which they usually wood have a completely new story on each episode.
  • A young star knight learns about the world around him.

    I loved the game, and this show also brings out a great addition to the family. You can't get too much of Kirby. The show has great anime, fun storyline, and hints of comedy here and there. Though it is repeptitve that no one silence's King Dedede, butits' still fun to see whats going to happen next.
  • Kirby: Right Back at Ya! is a show about Nintenodo's pink star warrior,Kirby, who battles monsters on the planet Popstar. Kibry uses his amazing ability to steal his enemies powers and throw it right back at them!

    Kirby: Right Back at Ya is a surprisingly good show since most shows based on video games aren't that good. Kirby fans of all ages will enjoy seeing their favorite characters from his video games. They will also get a kick out of the copy abilities. The show even has a good joke or two. The action-packed batttles are fun to watch. The ricj array of characters help make this show interesting and unpredictable. Having a lot of characters helps the show stay true to the game, which also has many characters. This action packed cartoon will always leave you wanting more.
  • I like the Kirby games and I like the show, but there's only one problem ...

    4kids butched it! That's right, they like to butcher every anime they see, making them have messed up voice actings, many cut-out scenes, and such to make it look like the anime's not even there anymore. They've done this to One Piece, Shaman King, and such. Since Kirby's canceled, it doesn't have to deal with the 4Kids spell of doom anymore, but that's why I like to watch the Japanese version. Funimation's a WAY better dubbing company.

    Anyways, the Kirby show's awesome. Even though there's many characters that aren't from the game, including Tiff, Tuff, Escargoon (Or as I like to call him, Escargon) - but that doesn't make a show crappy. Kirby's powers are pretty powerful, and I love his Mike powers in certain episodes they appear in. Also, when I first watched this in the American version, I had to wake up REALLY early and Kids WB was also competing with FoxFox at the time, which is now 4Kids TV. They shouldn't of made Kirby look more of a baby than he is though, he's a powerful Star Warrior no matter what, and Meta Knight kicks so much butt.
  • This show is enchanting and nice to watch.

    The show doesn't resemble the Kirby games at all. A lot of characters were added, and it's not a bad thing since there wouldn't be enough characters to make a good cartoon.

    At first, Kirby: Right Back at Ya! seems really childish, but there's a little something that keeps you watching and wanting to watch the next episode.

    The show is really colourful and nice to watch. Some of the new characters add a little something, too. Some of them are really annoying, especially the ones with irritating voices, but it doesn't ruin everything. Some voices are not irritating but weird; Meta-Knight has a Spanish accent and Dedede speaks with a funny accent too, even if in the original cartoon they speak normally. That doesn't matter too much, though.

    There are some things that are really annoying, like the little mexican-like song playing EVERY time Meta-Knight shows up, or this irritating violin sound when we see Tokori. These things only happen in the dub version; they shouldn't have done that.

    Kirby: Right Back at Ya! is enchanting and nice to watch, but don't expect to find too much similarities with the games. If you don't mind about this minor detail, you could actually like this cartoon, so give it a try.
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