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  • Kirby: Right Back At Ya! is perfect for Kirby fans and it is based on the Kirby series. It has a lot of Kirby characters, places etc in it as well as characters which are not in the Kirby series. It is full of action, adventure and some humor in it.

    I loved this show, I was eagerly waiting for its arrival to air in the UK. I first seen this was in Hong Kong at my grandma's house. The first episode of this anime I seen which was "Lololo and Lalala Melody of Love", when Kirby was with Fololo and Falala. Kirby was fighting against an enemy called Slice n' Splice. The episode was in Cantonese but the theme and ending song wasn't which was very awkward. O_o I enjoyed watching this, especially seeing Kirby being incredibly cute and adorable. :) Finally, it aired in the UK on POP, the channel I watch the Mario cartoons on. Phew! I'm very glad that it didn't air on Jetix. I really, REALLY hate that channel!!!! >:-( No offense to people who watches the channel. The reason I hate the channel in the first place because I hate all the shows they air and the animes seemed to ironically show on the same time my favourite shows are on. Besides in my opinion, I think they don't even know how to celebrate anything properly. I think Cartoon Network and POP should show that f****** Jetix how it's done. Anyway, since I'm a massive Kirby fan, I really loved the anime even though I normally hate animes and never watch them. The things in the anime I hate is the voice of Meta Knight and King Dedede. Meta Knight has a spanish accent and I usually never hear him say stuff in that accent. King Dedede's voice is just as worse. He speaks in a Midwestern U.S. accent. Normally, I don't hear Kirby speak in the games and it's pretty weird to hear him speak only one word in the anime because I'm used to Kirby being mute, sort of. I enjoyed listening to the theme song and the ending song but they are very cheesy. I'm sure it wouldn't hurt to hear the Japanese version of those songs. I loved seeing the mix between 3-D and 2-D animation art in this, it's really unique, appealing to my eyes and interesting. :D But the plot seems to be the same every episode: Kirby and friends are having fun or doing anything, King Dedede ruins everything and sends a monster to destroy Kirby, Kirby fights it and sucks something to get an ability, Meta Knight says the name of the copy ability, Kirby uses it against the monster and triumphs, everything turns out all right for the puffball and Kirby ends the episode by saying "Poyo". Sometimes some episodes don't have the same plot but I guess episodes in some shows have the usual plots, so I'm okay with that. :) I like the humor like for example Kirby sucking in the food that Tiff brought with her when she goes out at night with Tuff and Kirby to get proof of who is behind the mess of dumping heaps of trash all over Cappy Town in the episode, "Junk Jam". Overall, I'd give this anime the highest score because it didn't copy the words or script from the games, the creators of the anime made their own characters and places like for instance, the citizens of Cappy Town and Cappy Town, using the combo of both 2-D and 2-D animation art like for example the 2-D realistic landscape of Cappy Town and the 3-D animation art of Kirby and so on. I'd say Kirby fans will be heads-over-heels for this anime! ^_^
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