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  • Not great,but kicks the crap out of all of those terrible video game shows.

    There have been so many bad shows over the years that were based on video games. But there is actually one show that was good,and is wayy better than Sonic X. Kirby:Right Back at Ya! is about Kirby who crash lands his ship on the city of Cappy Town,and meets two other kids named Tiff and Tuff. Now,the show is actually really good,and actually relies on the video game. And it actually has a plot instead of just doing stupid things like building a water park or going into different worlds. But here's the problem:it acts too cheesy most of the time. I mean,the show sometimes doesn't feel dark,and feels like slapstick. King Dedede and Escargoon are not good antagonist. They instead,feel like Scratch and Grounder's brothers. I also find it irritating that Dedede has to buy his stuff online,from a freakin human. I mean,he can't just build it or something? The designs also look like crap. I mean,Kirby looks too CGI heavy,and the citizens from Cappy Town look creepy,and feel like the ancestors of the Pac-Man ghosts. The voice acting is also pretty bad. Tiff is always screeching and yelling,while King Dedede sounds too blackish (Not to be racist or anything). But overrall,even though it could be too cheesy,it's a good show,and seems like a major improvement over Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Bros. Super Show.