Kirby: Right Back at Ya!

Season 2 Episode 9

Scare Tactics (2)

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Nov 01, 2003 on FOX
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Scare Tactics (2)
Where we left off, Tuff had found MetaKnight, and told him of the 'haunted house'. MetaKnight followed Tuff to the strange building, but when they tried to get in, the door was locked. MetaKnight tells Tuff that this mus be the work of NME. Dedede and Escargoon show up as the two hide behind a nearby tree, and easily walk in. MetaKnight throws his sword, stopping the door from closing all the way. Back where Tiff and Kirby are, te two see Dedede and Escargoon walk in. 'I betcha they have something to do with this . . .' Tiff says. 'As well as NME," Tuff adds. Tiff turns around to see her brother, followed by MetaKnight. So the group goes around and plays a prank or two on Dedede and Escargoon. But then things get serious as Dedede and Escargoon enter a room set up to be a 'Kirby trap', or so we hear from the NME Salesguy. Dedede agrees to play 'bait', and Escargoon paints him with red paint, making it look like the penguin's bleeding. The two then set everything up. Tiff, Tuff and Kirby (Heavens know where MetaKnight went) find a video camera and watch the horror scene Dedede and Escargoon made. MetaKnight shows up after they watch the scene. Tuff says they have to go save Dedede, hands MetaKnight the video camera, then the three follow the fake screams. MetaKnight watches the video. The three enter the room, where Dedede's paint is starting to melt. Kirby is just about to 'save' him, when MetaKnight walks in, 'It's a trap!' throws his sword, and knocks Kirby out of the way of the transportation machine: Just before Kirby's transported to NME. The NME salesguy comes on and says he'll have to send a monster to get rid of Kirby. It's a bone monster. Kirby sucks up one of the bones, but doesn't transform. Tiff asks why, and MetaKnight doesnt really know either. MetaKnight eyes a torch on the wall, grabs it, and throws it to Kirby, who sucks it up, becoming Fire Kirby! Fire Kirby disintigrates the bone monster, and the group high-tails it out of there as the house is collapsing. They get out just before it bursts into flames. Dedede and Escargoon walks out of the debris, get into a small argument, and fall asleep. 'Well, at least the can't do any damage in their sleep, huh Kirby?' Tiff says. 'Huh?' Kirby's not there. MetaKnight points to a tree, "He's over there." Kirby's sleeping. The end!moreless

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