Kirby: Right Back at Ya! - Season 1





Episode Guide

  • The Fight for the Fox Box
    A mysterious evildoer, fed up with villains losing every episode, steals the broadcast codes for the FoxBox, breaks it up, and gives the pieces to King Dedede, Dial Bolic of the dMp (of "Ultimate Muscle"), Dr. K ("Cubix"), Dr. Ivo Robotnik ("Sonic X"), and the Shredder ("Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles"). The Funky Cops overhear this evildoer's plans, and meanwhile the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, after showing a preview for "Shaman King", head off to find the parts of the code. Kirby, Kid Muscle, Cubix, and Sonic Hedgehog are along for the ride. Can the heroes, with the help of the millions watching this special, save their Saturday morning block, or will the villains be victorious for once? Well... how much do you want to bet on the former?moreless
  • A Novel Approach
    A Novel Approach
    Episode 45
    There's a problem in the castle! King Dedede's ratings for Channel DDD have gone to zero. King Dedede learns that the cause of this is the book "Pappey Pottey and the Fool's Stone" (a parody of "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone"). King Dedede swipes a copy, but it's useless to him, as... HE CAN'T READ! Escargoon takes off with the king's copy, and Dedede listens in as Tiff reads to her friends and Tuff. When King Dedede learns later that nobody finished the book yet, he snatches every copy, and bans the book from Dreamland. That done, he then somehow downloads the author from NME, and she suggests they turn the castle into a magic school. After turning out to be moreinterested in money than the spirit of writing (or her fans), she decides they should play a game on flying brooms... with Kirby as the ball! Before things get too far out of hand, Meta-Knight appears with... the author? Exposed, the fake author reveals her true form, the Broom King, who even fooled Dedede, and was sent to get rid of Kirby. But Kirby will have none of that...moreless
  • Tourist Trap
    Tourist Trap
    Episode 44
    King Dedede attempts to make Dream Land a popular tourist destination for the NightMare Enterprises magazine. But Dream Land is just too ordinary for the tourists that visit, and the tourists themselves seem to cause more trouble than Dedede can handle. So while he makes Tiff the new head tour guide, he also plans to spice up the trip (and barbecue Kirby) with his new monster, Flame Feeder.moreless
  • Pink-Collar Blues
    Pink-Collar Blues
    Episode 43
    Tired of the inept and slow Waddle Dees that act as his servants and guards, King Dedede orders a servant robot from NightMare Enterprises. When Waddle Doo asks for one day off for the Waddle Dees, King Dedede fires them all. They pack up and leave, and choose to keep their intentions secret, even from Tiff, Tuff and Kirby. However, back at the castle, the robot can't handle everything at once... mainly because it's busy stealing the castle's treasures to pay off Triple D's bill to N.M.E.moreless
  • War of the Woods
    War of the Woods
    Episode 42
    Whispy Woods warns Tuff, Kirby, Tokkori, and their friends of a premonition he has: His wise old friend, Acore may be in some sort of danger. Tuff agrees to help, only he is unsure of the exact danger: a gang of forest animals that claim to be protecting the sleeping Acore, King Dedede and Escargoon, or a nasty rainstorm that's approaching Dreamland. After a brawl with the animals (and with some advice from Coo and Tiff), they discover the true danger is indeed not the animals. But is Triple D more dangerous than Nature itself?moreless
  • Sheepwrecked
    Episode 41
    A ram comes to Cappytown, complete with a wolf pack mind and a desire to achieve his goal of liberating sheep everywhere. Asserting himself as leader of the Mayor's flock, he soon turns the tables on the town and has them catering to the flock like royalty.
  • Prediction Predicament (2)
    With the impending doom of the asteroid coming MUCH sooner than 1000 years, Dream Land decides to enjoy what time they have left. King Dedede, not wanting to go with a dirty conscience, decides to build the park he'd promised, and spends what would be his last day alive with Kirby, being nice to his subjects for once. But, as the asteroid gets too close for comfort, Tiff gets a plan that just might save them from their final fate. Castle Dedede cannons and Kirby ready, can they pull it off?moreless
  • Prediction Predicament (1)
    Dedede keeps having a nightmare in which Kirby attacks him. When he goes to Mabel to see what it is about, he is stopped by the towspepole, who demand to know why Dedede hasn't built the park he promised. He ignores them and goes to Mabel, who says that it is because his consince. Meanwhile, Sammo reveals to Tiff that Mabel is just a wise woman, not a fortune teller. Mabel, with Tiff, sneeks into Dedede's observatorty, and looks into the telescope. King Dedede orders a manster named Chilly to destroy Kirby, which is defeated by Fire Kirby. Mabel shows Dedede his nightmares are a premenition of an asteroid heading to earth. Dedede finally falls asleep, and Mabel tells the kids it's really a thousand years! However, N.M.E just can't wait... TO BE CONTINUEDmoreless
  • Monster Management
    Monster Management
    Episode 38
    Knuckle Joe returns to Dreamland, this time as the new Monster Manager at NME, and sends King Dedede a multitude of monsters non-stop. With Kirby's hands (and his mouth) already full handling the mini-monsters, will he be able to take on both Knuckle Joe and NightMare Enterprises' strongest monster, Masher? Or does Knuckle Joe have something else in store for Dream Land?moreless
  • Escar-gone
    Episode 37
    Escargoon is invaded by King Dedede's new monster, Erasem. Unfortunately, Erasem's power is that whoever it takes as host is forgotten by all but himself, which means nobody recognizes or remembers Escargoon.
  • Watermelon Felon
    Watermelon Felon
    Episode 36
    King Dedede and Escargoon videotape Kirby eating watermelons and roaming about town in hopes of catching him breaking the law. When Kirby does nothing wrong, they edit the footage and air it on the new show, "DDD Undercover", in hopes of turning the townsfolk against Kirby - and selling their new line of DDD products!moreless
  • A Recipe for Disaster
    The real Chef Shiitake comes to Cappy Town, and decides to open his own restaurant after tasting his former student's cooking. However, Tiff believes there is more than meets the eye (or in this case, the mouth) to the master chef's food, and decides to investigate. Then there's the matter of Triple D's new monster, Cobgoblin...moreless
  • The Kirby Derby (2)
    The Kirby Derby (2)
    Episode 34
    With the Grand Prix underway, King DDD attempts to triumph with his usual antics. Who will have the skills to win the race of 12 laps?
  • The Kirby Derby (1)
    The Kirby Derby (1)
    Episode 33
    Everyone is exited about Cappy Town's first Grand Prix. Kirby's starship has been restored, but will Kirby be able to use his piloting skills in the Grand Prix?
  • Junk Jam
    Junk Jam
    Episode 32
    When the residents of Cappy Town awake dreamlnd is covered in trash and every night more and more come finally tiff,tuff,and kirby have a stake out and realize it is aliens polluting there beautiful home.
  • Abusement Park
    Abusement Park
    Episode 31
    King Dedede builds an amusement park in order to trap and destroy Kirby but when Metaknight stops Dedede's plan they hold a kareoke contest in order to send Kirby to NME headquarters.
  • Cappy New Year
    Cappy New Year
    Episode 30
    The Villagers Of Dreamland Are Busy Talking About Their New Year's Eve Celebration When Suddenly, There Is An Announcement From King Dedede That He Is Planning A Huge Extravaganza This Year. The Night Is To Begin With A Parade And Floats, Then Conclude With A Firework Display. The Villagers Are Delighted To Hear The King's Exciting News. However, He Then Announces That No One Except Himself Will Be Allowed To Participate In The Planning. This Makes The Cappys Very Angry. So, Despite The King's Order, They All Ban Together To Organize Their Own Celebration. King Dedede And Escargoon Smile Mysteriously When They See Villagers Eagerly Working Away. Will Kirby And His Friends Have A Peaceful New Years Celebration Or Is There A Conspiracy Behind The New Years Eve Display?moreless
  • Hatch Me if You Can
    Hatch Me if You Can
    Episode 29
    Dedede hides a Golba egg under a sleeping Kirby so that when the egg hatches, Kirby will develop a bond with it. The baby Golba that hatches becomes fast friends with Kirby, but it has an appetite even more out of control than Kirby's and terrorizes Cappy Town by eating all the food. The citizens order Kirby to take the creature away, but then Dedede sends in a full grown Golba to attack! Unfortunately, his bond with the baby Golba is making Kirby not want to hurt the full grown one. Can Kirby overcome this and defeat the Golba before he's fried to a crisp?moreless
  • A Spice Odyssey (aka The Hot Shot Chef)
    Tired of the Bland food served by Kawasaki, DeDeDe downloads a top class chef to cook up something spicy. Can Kawasaki compete with this new chef?
  • Labor Daze
    Labor Daze
    Episode 27
    Dedede employs the residents of Cappy town to make appliances and at the end of the day can take home TV's and such. But Dedede uses the parts built to create a monster to destroy Kirby.
  • The Flower Plot
    The Flower Plot
    Episode 26
    King DDD steals the only flower in Whispy Woods and turns it into a monster. Unaware that Tiff, and Tuff broght it back to whispy. Can the kids stop DDD before he levels the forest and bulids a golf course.
  • Sword and Blade, Loyal and True (aka Hour of the Wolfwrath)
    King Dedede orders a monster. This one being a red/crimson colored wolf-like creature. King Dedede tells it to go destroy Kirby, but it's response was a snarl, and it jumped over his head. The NME salesguy explains to DDD that it doesn't take to orders very well. Wolfwrath, the wolf-like creature, sprints right past Sword and Blade. "Was that . . . Wolfwrath?" Sword Knight asks. "We've gotta tell Meta-Knight!" And so the two run off. Well, Kirby and Tuff are playing their version of soccer, while I think Tiff is just watching. Suddenly, though, as the ball is kicked in the air, Wolfwrath jumps out of no where, grabs the ball in his mouth, and pops it with his fangs. Meta-Knight suddenly jumps out from behind the water fountain near the area where Tuff and Kirby were playing. Sword and Blade show up on the scene. Meta-Knight tells them to get Tiff, Tuff and Kirby to safety. Well, the two knights wander off with the three kids near them. So now Meta-Knight faces Wolfwrath. "So, we meet again." Drawls MetaKnight. "We will battle. But this time, only one of us will survive." Wolfwrath just growls, and leaps out at Meta-Knight. Meta-Knight unsheathes his sword, and blocks Wolfwrath's claw attacks. After a while of sword vs claw, Wolfwrath shoots out fire blasts from his mouth in MetaKnight's direction. Meta-Knight dodges them, and later they end up in a castle hall. MetaKnight stands on one side, and Wolfwrath on the other. Sword and Blade suddenly show up on the scene, apparently hearing the commotion. "Meta-Knight! Let us battle Wolfwrath for a while!" Sword Knight suggests, but Meta-Knight just shakes his head. "No, you must protect Kirby!" MetaKnight and Wolfwrath both jump towards each other. Slow motion now. As they meet in the middle we don't see any sign of something happening. Regular speed. the two land at the same time, at opposite ends of the hall I might add. As they do, Wolfwrath jumps over Sword and Blade, knowing he had won that battle. But we don't know that yet. Meta-Knight had not moved since he landed, and Sword and Blade were wondering why. " . . .Meta-Knight?" Meta-Knight falls to his side. Sword and Blade rush over, and help Meta-Knight up, but actually end up holding Meta-Knight up. As we look, Meta-Knight has a fang stuck in his forehead, right through his mask. "Please . . . Y-you must . . . protect . . . K-kirby . . ." Famous last words. His eyes fade into a darker shade of amber, and we're not really sure if he's dead or not. But Tiff, Tuff and Kirby show up on the scene, and the group hurries into Sword and Blade's room, one of them carrying Meta-Knight. When the enter the room, Tiff asks, "Is he all right?" "He's paralyzed. And we won't awaken until that Wolfwrath's defeated." and somehow Sword and Blade get to talking about how they first met MetaKnight.


    Meta-Knight was running up a mountain, running away from something we couldn't see. Sword and Blade step out from the shadows looking more . . . tough than they are today. Meta-Knight stops, and says, "Please, let me through. The monster I am running away from is very powerful." Sword and Blade explain that they were bandits back then when the war started. Wolfwrath suddenly appears on the cliff above the three. Meta-Knight unsheathes his sword. "Go! Run, and save yourselves!" Wolfwrath jumps down from the cliff, and the two get into an intense battle. But Sword and Blade do not leave. "We had tried to steal from him, and yet he still saved our lives." Sword explained. Meta-Knight grabs onto one of the spikes on Wolfwrath's back, and in his haste to get the Star Warrior off, Wolfwrath falls off another cliff, Meta-Knight still clinging on. Cut to a shot of Meta-Knight standing on a rock, his caped wrapped around himself, and his back to Sword and Blade. "And that's how we came to follow him." Blade finished with some mumbles here and there. "Are you sure you want to follow me? It will be dangerous." Meta-Knight says to the two. "Of course! We owe you our lives!" Sword says.

    End flashback.

    Tuff notices some weapons hung on the wall. "What're those?" he asks. Sword Knight turns towards the weapons. "Those are the weapons we used to steal from others. We hung them up there to remind us of what fools we were back then. We have to defeat Wolfwrath to save Meta-Knight. You two stay her and watch after him and Kirby." Sword directs towards Tiff and Tuff. Before Tiff can stop them, they're out the door. Sword and Blade split up to cover more ground. The two meet in the kitchen, and see that it's on fire, with Wolfwrath in the middle of the flames. The two unsheathe their own swords, and rush into the flames to battle Wolfwrath. Wolfwrath just starts to spit out fire blasts from his mouth at them. Tiff enters the kitchen and gasps. "Sword! Blade! Get outta there!! We need to go back!!" Tiff yells. Sword and Blade look at her like she's crazy, and rush in again, but get thrown out of the kitchen. "Let's go!!" Tiff yells again. They run away from Wolfwrath, and enter the room again. They start talking, and Tiff scolds, "You didn't listen to Meta-Knight!!" The two knights appear to look embarrassed, and stay silent. Tiff continues her lecture, "MetaKnight told you to protect Kirby! And you ran out on him!" Sword and Blade continue to stay silent. Suddenly, (I say that too much . . .) steam pours in through the cracks in the door. The scene changes to Dedede, "I want the monster outta here! He's ruining my castle!" The draw bridge opens, and the scene cuts to where the protagonists are. "No time to speak about that, we've gotta get outta here!" So they all rush outside, following Wolfwrath. When they get out, Sword and Blade tell Kirby to stay with Tiff and Tuff, and despite the lecture they just received, they go after Wolfwrath again. Kirby wants to help to, but doesn't have any weapons. He suddenly looks at MetaKnight's unconscious figure, walks over to him, and pulls his sword out of it's sheath. Tiff and Tuff gasp, and Kirby goes after Sword and Blade. Tiff calls on the Warpstar, and Kirby hops on it when it arrives. He swallows Meta-Knight's sword, and becomes Sword Kirby . . . But instead of his usual, original sword, Meta-Knight's sword is held in his hands. He rushes at Wolfwrath, Sword and Blade, who, by now, have gotten to the edge of a lake. Sword and Blade have a flashback of the way MetaKnight defeated Wolfwrath: leading him into a lake. So the two wrestle Wolfwrath into the lake, and Kirby uses the sword beam that Meta-Knight taught him, to destroy Wolfwrath. As we look back at Meta-Knight, the fang dissolves, and Meta-Knight's eyes glow their usual amber-color again. ENDmoreless
  • Like Mother, Like Snail (aka Escargoon Rules)
    Escargoon mom comes back to visit him, thinking that he is a successful snail.
  • Ninja Binge
    Ninja Binge
    Episode 23
    King Dedede steals the ancient scroll that holds secrets of the ninjas from Mr. Curio's store. Can Tiff and Tuff get the scroll back before he uses it to train his army to be ninja fighters?
  • The Empty Nest
    The Empty Nest
    Episode 22
    Escargoon invents a formula that will turn any creature into a mega-monster. Can Kirby prevent King Dedede from taking Dyna Blade's chick and turning it from a birdie into a beast?
  • Island of the Lost Warrior
    A warrior finds Kirby in a island and plans to exercise him, Tiff, and Tuff for battle.
  • A Princess in Dis-dress
    Cappy Town is excited to find out a princess is visiting. King DeDeDe meets her and is quickly smitten. So he plans to impress her by singing a song & asking her to marry her. But the princess' guard Captain Vee protects her from DeDeDe and that makes the king angry enough to challenge Vee to a fight and when he was close to losing, he pulls out a NME monster to fight while Kirby wants to help Vee. When the fight was over and King DeDeDe loses, Vee reveals that she is really the princess and that the princess was really her lady-in-waiting.moreless
  • Dedede's Snow Job
    Dedede's Snow Job
    Episode 19
    It's a very hot day in Cappy Town, so King DeDeDe decides to order up an N.M.E monster, but all he gets is a pint-sized dragon. The dragon uses his power, to freeze. Everybody takes notice to this change in weather. They then realize what's going to happen, so Kirby (and his new friend Chilly) must destroy the (grown up) dinosaur. Can he do it, or will Cappy Town be struck with the new Ice Age?moreless
  • Kirby's Duel with the Son
    A son accidently thinks Kirby killed his father,so he challenges the star wrestler to a fight.
  • Flower Power
    Flower Power
    Episode 17
    Kirby swallows a noddy, not knowing that it might put him to sleep for 1,000 years. Will Tiff and Tuff be able to find the magical Flower Pukey to save Kirby!
  • A Fish Called Kine
    A Fish Called Kine
    Episode 16
    In this episode, Tiff discovers that she has an admirer....a fish named Kine. A relationship with a fish would never work. Though Tiff is unaware that Kine has gave away the secret locations of the rainbow reef to King DDD so he can be with tiff. Kine doesn't know that King Dedede wants to take over the beautiful reef and turn it into an underwater castle.moreless
  • Escargoon Squad
    Escargoon Squad
    Episode 15
    Dreamland Is Always Peaceful...Well, Not Today. When King Dedede Has His Picture Taken, A White Image Hovering In The Background Appears In The Photo. The Worried King Dedede Visits The Town's Fortune Teller Who Informs Him That The White Image Is A Ghost And It Is Living In The Castle. King Dedede Rushes Back To The Castle When Suddenly, The Drawbridge Starts Moving Up And Down By Itself. Even Though The King Pretends To Be Strong, He Is Beginning To Get Scared. Sir Ebrum And His Family Tell The King That They Also Have Seen The Ghost. People Get Suspicious That The Ghost Is A New Monster Purchased By King Dedede. King Dedede Didn't Purchase The Ghost, But He Does Want To Purchase A Monster To Get Rid Of The Ghost. Unfortunately For Him, He Hasn't Paid Off His Outstanding Balance And Night Mare Enterprise Rejects The King's Delivery Request. Now King Dedede Is Left To Chase The Ghost All By Himself. He Tries To Pretend That The Ghost Doesn't Exist, But He Can't Stop Shaking In Fear. King Dedede Tries To Go To Sleep Forgetting About It, But He Finds Himself Wide Awake In Bed. Who Is Haunting His Highness?moreless
  • The Pillow Case
    The Pillow Case
    Episode 14
    As a reward for being N.M.E's best coustemer, N.M.E sends Dedede a pile of pillows that give people nightmares about Kirby. He announces on TV he's giving out the pillows and, dispite Tiff's objections, evreybody gets one. Eventually, Tiff breaks down and gets one too. That night, evreyone has nightmares about Kirby from previous episodes. Eventually it brainwashes evreyone, but Tiff, Tuff, Metaknight, Sword, & Blade are able to resist it. They rush to Kirby's house where a mob is breaking in. Meta Knight, Sword, and Blade cut open the pillows and find Notties, creatures that causes dreams. Tokkari comes out and says Kirby was asleep all day and didn't get a pillow, and evreyone is relieved.moreless
  • Kirby's Pet Peeve
    Kirby's Pet Peeve
    Episode 13
    Kirby needs a playmate his own size so the family decides to buy him an electronic dog from the toy store. But, King Dedede has other plans for Kirby's pet. What happens next is shocking!
  • The Big Taste Test
    The Big Taste Test
    Episode 12
    To impress a food critic, King Dedede hires Chef Kawasaki to whip up a gourmet dinner. And, only the finest ingredients will do. Kirby loves to eat, but this time will the Chef cook Kirby?
  • Hail to the Chief
    Hail to the Chief
    Episode 11
    The Cheif is sleeping when he is suposed to be controling traffic. The King gets mad and is going to fire him but when Tuff falls in a volcano It is up to the cheif to save him.
  • The Fofa Factor
    The Fofa Factor
    Episode 10
    King Dedede orders Fololo and Falala to split up, but they refuse. Then they go to sir Ebrum and Lady Like to ask where they came from, but they quickly change the subject. After evrey one leaves, they recall howw Dedede dropped them in their laps and ordered them to take care of them, then found out they were actually from a monster named Fofa. Kirby is found listening to them. Meanwhile, Dedede orders a monster called Splice and Dice. Splice 'n' Dice finds Kirby and cuts him into a male and female Kirby. Fololo and Falala carry the Kirbys off. S 'n' D reconizes them as Fofa and tells them he split them up and sent them to Dedede a few years ago. After a wacky chase, Tiff and Tuff steal S 'n' D's Sun Rod witch can put them back together. They put Kirby back together, who sucks up S'n'D's cutter rod and becomes cutter Kirby. Kirby easily defeats S'n'D, but the Sun rod is destroyed before they put Fololo and Falala together. But they don't mind, they like being apart.moreless
  • Curio's Curious Discovery
    The burial site of an ancient Cappy King is discovered, proving King Dedede's ancestor established the Cappy civilization. Unconvinced, Tiff does some digging and uncovers a big secret.....
  • Kirby's Egg-cellent Adventure
    The ancient bird, Dyna Blade, has reappeared in Cappy Town after 100 years to lay and hatch her egg. When the eggshell turns up empty, is Kirby's unruly appetite to blame?
  • Un-Reality TV
    Un-Reality TV
    Episode 7
    Excitement ensues when the King brings TV to Dream Land, but breaking news reports a huge monster?s destroying Cappy Town in search of Kirby. What's really behind Dedede's TV deception?
  • Beware: Whispy Woods
    Lured by a trail of juicy, red apples, Kirby gets lost in the mysterious Whispy Woods, putting him in danger! Can Tiff, Tuff and Tokkori save their friend from the trap set by the King?
  • Dark and Stormy Knight
    King Dedede tries to oust Kirby from Cappy Town by ordering up a fierce cloud monster. Meanwhile, Tiff heads to Kabu Valley and uncovers a valuable secret from an unexpected source.
  • Kirby's Duel Role
    Kirby's Duel Role
    Episode 4
    Tiff and Tuff get a letter from Metoknight, and it says he wants to have a duel with Kirby. Durring the duel between Kirby and Metoknight, Kirby uses Pysco Attack but Metoknight is too strong, and it does nothing. Kirby gets badly defeated. Kirby falls asleep. But then, Kirby strikes back and turns in to Sword Kirby, and defeats Metoknight.moreless
  • A Blockbuster Battle
    Kirby needs a place to live, but to pay rent he'll need a job! Unfortunately, King Dedede is determined to make sure Kirby fails at every turn. Will Kirby be chased out of Dream Land?
  • Kirby Comes to Cappy Town
    Trouble is brewing on Dreamland, and it's in the form of a giant octopus that's eaten a herd of sheep! King Dedede claims to know nothing about this monster, saying the only thing fitting the description is his new pet octopus. But the people of Cappy Town don't believe him. The wise ancient Kabu says a Star Warrior named Kirby will come to solve their problem. Sure enough, he does, although he isn't what the Cappies expect. That night, the mysterious Meta Knight makes his entrance and shows off what Kirby can do! Kirby uses his inhaling-and-copying abilities to defeat the octopus monster!moreless
  • What's In The Fox Box?
    The kids of Spy Kids 2 host this special about the new four-hour kids block - Fox Box. The Fox Box includes shows such as: Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, Ultraman Tiga, Ultimate Muscle, Stargate Infinity and Fighting Foodons.