Kirby: Right Back at Ya! - Season 2





Episode Guide

  • A Whale of a Tale
    A Whale of a Tale
    Episode 28
    King Dedede organizes a whale-watching cruise, but his real intention is to catch the whale and turn it into a submarine-like weapon.
  • Buccaneer Birdy
    Buccaneer Birdy
    Episode 27
    The Cappys are tired of having Tokkori around until they discover he's a descendent of a royal bird that sailed with pirates. They find out there is hidden treasure and everyone's out on a treasure hunt to find it, especially King Dedede.
  • Trick or Trek
    Trick or Trek
    Episode 26
    King Dedede guides an Eco-tour to cover his latest attempt to wreck Whispy Woods and build his golf course. He inadvertently sets a huge forest fire and the tour group gets trapped in the flames. Can Kirby save Whispy Woods and his forest from King Dedede's inferno?
  • Delivery Dilemma
    Delivery Dilemma
    Episode 25
    Tiff gives Chef Kawasaki an idea to improve his restaurant by starting a delivery service with Tuff and his friends doing the deliveries. But when Kirby has a hard time delivering King Dedede's noodles due to he wants to eat the noodles in which he can't, King Dedede orders a delivery monster to do all the deliveries for Kawasaki as well as ruin his restaurant.moreless
  • The School Scam
    The School Scam
    Episode 24
    King DeDeDe reopens his DeDeDe Academy, and puts Tiff in charge- But not before enrolling three bad to the bone trouble-makers sent in from NightMare Enterprises!
  • The Chill Factor
    The Chill Factor
    Episode 23
    This episode begins on a summer morning with Tuff waking up and looking out the window. He calls for Tiff and Kirby to come and look. They see snow all over the place, which is unseasonal; it is summer. The cappies ask King Dedede if he's using Ice Dragon again, but he says no, because NME refuses to send him monsters with the expenses he's racked up and not paid. Later in the day, the cappies see a huge iceberg, and a tribe penguins riding on it. Their leader introduces himself as Pengy, leader of the Pengy tribe. He asks if he and the tribe can stick around and enjoy the cold weather, and everyone says yes. The cappies love having the penguins around, but Tiff is suspicious, thinking the Pengy knew about the cold weather before coming. She confronts the leader, who says, nervously, that it was sheer coincidence, but Tiff is skeptical. Late at night, Tiff, Tuff, and Kirby sneak into the iceberg, and Kirby finds a secret entracne. They catch Pengy, making snow and ice, supposedly to spread out all over. Pengy catches them and freezes them in block of ice. He brings them to town, and tells the cappies his story. The Pengy used to be happy. They had the huge icebergs to themselves. However, the Cappies used so much energy that they caused global warming, and the icebergs started to crack. Some of the Pengy were seperated, and never seen again. Now they plan to freeze all of dreamland, and make it cold once again. They temporarily freeze all the cappies, so they can lock them in a jail cell. Meanwhile, Dedede and Escargoon are relaxing with the heaters, and other luxuries turned way up. The Pengy throw water on the two, and announce that they're taking over, and making Dedede and Escargoon their slaves. Back at the jail cell, Tiff, Tuff, and Kirby have a bathroom emergency. They're excused from the cell, but come out of the bathroom in penguin costumes. They hurry to the castle, but notice a guard, and stop. That guard reveals himself as Metaknight, who had the same idea. They hurry into the castle, where Dedede and Escargoon are maopping up floors, and confront Pengy. They warn him not to mess with Kirby, but Pengy wants to fight. Kirby absorbs Pengy's ice breath to become Ice Kirby, and Tiff calls for a Warpstar. PEngy's ice proves stronger, and Kirby is forced to fly away. King Dedede desperately begs the NME salesperson for a fire monster, but with his overdue tab, the best he can get is a bottle of hot sauce. Kirby gets the bottle, and throws it into a volcano, causing the snow to melt. The Pengy tribe admits defeat, and moves on. That afternoon, Dedede and Escargoon are basking in the sun with fans and such turned up to full power, when they get drenched yet again. Tiff is the one who did it, and unplugs the appliances, saying they're taking a page out of Pengy's book and conserving energymoreless
  • Masher 2.0
    Masher 2.0
    Episode 22
    Knuckle Joe arrives on Popstar badly hurt and Sword Knight and Blade Knight hand him to Tiff and Kirby. When Knuckle Joe wakes up in bandages, he finds his medallion that his father gave him gone. He tells Tiff and Kirby that NightMare Enterprise's strongest monster Masher is back...rebuilt and upgraded to Masher 2.0. When Masher 2.0 arrives on Popstar with his revenge on Knuckle Joe, Knuckle Joe heads out to fight Masher 2.0 with Tiff, Kirby, Sword Knight, and Blade Knight not far behind. Meanwhile, Tuff, Fololo and Falala, and Metaknight work hard to reclaim Knuckle Joe's medallion from King Dedede as well as a device that'll help Knuckle Joe defeat Masher 2.0.moreless
  • The Kirby Quiz
    The Kirby Quiz
    Episode 21
    For the new year, NightMare Enterprises holds a Kirby Quiz show. The teams are: Tiff/Kirby, Tuff/Tokkori, Dedede/Escargoon (surprise surprise...), Samo/Kawasaki, and Mabel/Honey. All questions are related to the past events since Kirby had arrived, his abilities, the monsters he fought, and a few strange bonuses, with a grand prize of a trip to Planet Oahu. Unfortunately, King Dedede's not so bright, or else has a bad memory - he impulsively answers most questions WRONG, and tries to cheat to win. Mabel and Honey also don't fare too well, likely because they weren't there for most of the events. And Salesguy just looks hilarious in his NME kimono. During the middle of the show, Tiff is aware that King Dedede and Escargoon will command a Waddle Dee to use a tool that can switch everyone's answers to incorrect ones for the bonus point question at the end of the quiz show, which she actually falls for because she was after Kirby, who was fetching a watermelon. Luckily, when Tiff finds out that this actually happened, the frontman declares Dedede/Escargoon's team placing last, and the prize for doing so is a trip to the world of the stars.moreless
  • Something To Sneeze At
    The NME Salesman has a favor to ask of Dedede... buy a monster or two to boost his sales high enough to make Salesman of the Year at NightMare Enterprises, and he'll even knock off a few extra zeros on King Dedede's bill. Dedede refuses, but the salesman has other ways to get Dedede to "cough up the money". And sure enough, the next day all of Dream Land is stricken with a cold, save for the Waddle Dees, King Dedede, Waddle Doo and Kirby. Escargoon jokes that only intelligent beings get colds, and Dedede asks Salesguy if it's true. He lies that it is, and Tiff and Tuff overhear and pretend Kirby's sick to convince Dedede otherwise. Dedede just gets more paranoid. Desperate to prove his intellect, he orders a vial of Cold Virus monsters, which instantly make him sick. However, when it gets too uncomfortable, he wants them gone, but can't pass the cold on to anyone, because they're all ill. He orders a Microtizer to shrink Kirby down to inhale the virus... but Dedede snezes Kirby out before he can swallow them, and remains sick. The next day everyone else is happy and healthy, and Dedede suspects he's been fooled... and is still sick.moreless
  • Mabel Turns The Tables
    Mabel gets her own fortune-telling show on Channel DDD, making predictions for the day. And with a little help from Samo, Tuff, Kirby, and the Cappy kids, all of her more grisly predictions come true. Of course, the Dream Land citizens will believe just about anything, and soon take heed to her prediction that the world will be swallowed by the sea (which is supported by hr truth of the prediction of the asteroid in "Prediction Predicament"), and those who want to survive had best follow her.moreless
  • Fitness Fiend
    Fitness Fiend
    Episode 18
    Ater pigging out on chips meant for Kirby while watching Channel DDD reruns, King Dedede blows up to such a size that he can't even move. After a visit to the doctor for the king, Tiff decides to investigate the chips and learns they have no manufacturer's ID, so they MUST have been made by NME. Unfortunately, Kirby gets into the chips as well, and soon ends up as fat as Dedede. With both of them too bloated to move, the NME Salesguy sends in a tough, hyperactive fitness trainer called Max Flexer... who turns the throne room into a fast-paced aerobic disco show! Max Flexer has to whip them into shape, but some of his methods are far more rigorous (and dangerous) than any normal exercise regimen.moreless
  • Crusade for the Blade
    A girl named Sirica comes to Dream Land, thinking Meta Knight stole a sword meant for her mother to claim and left her to die at the hands of a monster named Kirisakin. And upon her arrival, she immediately sets to blasting everything she can to make sure she leaves with the sword Galaxia and defeats Meta Knight. However, there is more to the story than she truly knows, and more than Meta Knight or even Kabu could make her believe... and then there's another problem - King Dedede, scared out of his wits of Sirica, orders a monster from NME, and they send someone both Sirica, Galaxia and Meta Knight apparently know very well...moreless
  • Foxbox Superbrawl
    Foxbox Superbrawl
    Episode 16
    The Foxbox stars fight each other.
    Round 1: Kid Muscle vs Yoh Asakura
    Yoh gazes at Kid Muscle. Amidamaru comments that he may have muscles, but he doesn't look focused at all. Yoh replies that he's ready to fight.

     Meat knows Yoh is not a mindless wrestler, and tries to warn the Kid. But Kid Muscle feels he has nothing to worry about, as Yoh is as thin as a wire. The match starts, and Yoh leaps into the air. The Kid screams in horror as Yoh unleashes a Celestial Slash, sending Kid Muscle flying to the ground and scoring one point. Meat tells him to get up and actually start fighting.

    Eventually, Yoh tries that leap again. But this time, the Kid stops Yoh's wooden sword with his hands. Amidamaru is dumbfounded. The Kid then leaps off the ring ropes and punches Yoh in the chest with his fist, scoring one point. He then throws more fists. Yoh dodges each thrust, but the Kid is way too powerful. He executes a spinning back kick, which knocks out Yoh for good. Morty screams in defeat, and Terry Kenyon, Dik Dik Van Dik, Checkmate, Jeager, and Wally Tusket cheer.

    Round 2: Sonic vs Kirby
    Kirby transformes into Fighter Kirby, but can't find Sonic. Sonic, in fact, is zooming around the stadium, and eventually charges at Kirby. He scores a point. The star warrior is battered, but gets back up. Tuff is getting nervous.

    Kirby then charges at Sonic and kicks him in the face, getting his own point. Tails gives Sonic a ring, making him move faster. Kirby compensates by throwing fulcan jabs at Sonic. To avoid getting blasted, Sonic jumps into the air. Kirby then blasts Sonic with a smash punch. Chief Bookem and Mayor Blustergas cheer, but soon realize that Kirby completely missed Sonic. Exhausted, the two speed demons charge at eachother. A collision occurs, and both Sonic and Kirby are down. Since it it a tie, both teams are eliminated. Tiff believes that is unfair.

    Round 3: Splinter, Leo, Raph, Donny, and Mikey vs Cubix
    The two teams seize eachother up. Mikey is frightened, and asks if Donatello brought any gadgets to downCubix. Eventually, the turtles leap. Cubix then uses Solix to smack the mutants down, scoring a point.
    Mikey is really nervous now, and can't handle the situation. So Cubix attacks him. Mikey uses his weapons to block Cubix's ropes (and taunts his opponent while doing so). Suddenly, Spliner comes out of nowhere and whacks Cubix, tying the score. Donatello is sick of the fight, and takes out one of the special ninja stars he once used against the foot tech ninjas. He throws it at Cubix, short-circuiting the giant robot and giving his brothers the victory. Connor is too shocked to do anything but yell "CUBIX!!!!"

    Final Round: The Muscle League vs The Ninja Turtles
    The turtles's next opponent is Kid Muscle. The Kid is scared, but relaxes when Kevin Mask and Jeager show up, saying they'll help him. The fight starts, and Kid Muscle charges. Donatello takes this opportunity to smack him with his bo staff. The Kid is stupefied, and Raph just laughs at their first point.

    Furious, Jeager leaps into the air and kicks Raph out of the ring, tying the score. Leonardo and Donatello retaliate by kicking the Kid at the same time, reclaiming their lead. Kevin Mask then does a backflip and kicks Donatello into the post, once again tying the score.

    Desperate, Leonardo organizes his brothers to follow his lead. The four ninjas leap into the air with flying kicks, and it works. The Kid, Jeager, and Kevin are smacked down, this time for good.

    And the turtles win the competition! They rejoice by putting their hands together and yelling, "TURTLES FOREVER!"moreless
  • The Meal Moocher
    The Meal Moocher
    Episode 15
    After noticing that there are only three things on the King's menu (taco, hot dog, and burger), Triple D decides that he wants home-cooked meals and decides to make a game show in which he goes to people's houses, and he rates their meals and gives them money accordingly. Triple D starts off at the residence of Sir Ebrum and Lady Like, who get a five star rating, thus getting five million of the Cappy Town currency. Tiff thinks this show is rude, but other people get in on it and work their hardest to get approvals and money from King Dedede. Escargoon learns that because of all the prize money given away, the King can't afford to pay him, so he decides to sabotage Chief Bookem's cooked crab with hot red pepper powder. This makes King Dedede angry, and, with a craving for revenge, orders up a crab monster to wreak havoc. A large crab monster from NME emerges, but is too much for the King to handle as it attacks him and prepares to devour him. Tiff says that Kirby will only help if Triple D decides to cancel the game show, and he agrees. Tiff gives Kirby a frying pan, which Kirby sucks up to become Cook Kirby, then enlarges his pan and places it on the transporter, heating it up. Cook Kirby lands the crab monster on the frying pan, cooking it. Triple D decides he isn't hungry anymore, and goes back to regular eating, and as Tiff jokes that even Kirby couldn't eat a crab that big, the episode ends with Kirby inhaling the cooked crab beast.moreless
  • eNeMe Elementary
    eNeMe Elementary
    Episode 14
    After citizens paint graffiti on Dedede's walls, he downloads a school from N.M.E., scaring students by making teachers wear a helmet that makes them mad. During math class, Dedede cheats, and during science the teacher uses explosives. Tiff and Tuff talk about it during lunch. Then, during history, Professor Curio smashes a scroll and announces that Dedede's ancestors ruled Cappy Town. A electric fence prevents the students during gym and they all get homework during gym. Tiff and Kirby sneak in and Meta Knight finds a book of how they built the school. Tiff reads it that night while Kirby sleeps. The next day, Chief Bookem forces everyone to sing. Then during art, everyone but Tiff scuplts Dedede. Kirby gives the hat to Tiff, and when Tuff knocks it out, it becomes a monster. Kirby defeats the monster.moreless
  • A Half-Baked Battle
    A Half-Baked Battle
    Episode 13
    After a disaterous cooking show on channel D D D in which King Dedede gets hit in the face with a pie, he finds that he has become the laughingstock of the town. He tries to show the citizens who's boss by throwing pies at them, but Kirby ends up eating most of them, so Dedede oreders a monster from NME, who supposedly has an even bigger stomach than Kirby.moreless
  • Dedede's Pet Threat
    Dedede's Pet Threat
    Episode 12
    Scarfy's maybe seem like cute, adorable little pets at first..........but they can become vicious aimals if they're fet the wrong food! Yikes! Can Kirby face this cute, adorable, but deadly foe?!
  • Sweet & Sour Puss
    Sweet & Sour Puss
    Episode 11
    Escargoon is at work, placing flowers in a vase by Triple D's bed, singing about how terrible his boss is. When King Dedede hears this, Escargoon expects to get harmed, but for some reason, the King remains quite calm and nice about everything. After several tests, Triple D takes all of them nicely. Confused why the King isn't his regular grumpy self, Escargoon broadcasts a news program on Channel DDD to report to everything that King Dedede has gone insane and is now nice. As the two drive into town, every Cappy in town tries to get Triple D angry by kicking his car, painting him and his car, and smashing him on the head with a hammer. After seeing that Triple D still remained calm and nice through all this, Escargoon decides to hold an event where everyone can take their anger out on King Dedede. At the event that night, even Kirby joins in as everyone tries to make the King angry. As a last resort, Chef Kawasaki feeds Triple D some of his terrible cooking, and after seeing that he could even down that slop, the town decides that King Dedede is officially a nice person. Escargoon figures they won't order any more monsters, and on that thought thinks that a monster may have done this to Triple D. Escargoon runs to the castle and into the monster transporting room, asking the salesman whether Triple D ordered a monster or not. The salesman says yes, and that is a monster that goes inside of its foes and takes away their ability to get angry. Escargoon is excited by the thought, and grabs a mallet to go run and get his revenge after years of abuse. As he runs past Tiff, Tuff, and Kirby, he drops the instruction manual beside them. Tiff skims reads through it, and learns that the monster inside of King Dedede merely stores up anger so that it can unleash it all at once in one mega attack. As the three run to the event to stop everyone before Triple D bursts with anger, they are too late as Escargoon keeps striking the King with a mallet. The monster inside King Dedede's head reaches maximum capacity, and the King goes berserk, glowing red with fury and chasing after Escargoon with his hammer. The King trips, and knocks the monster inside of him outside of his body. It is a small orb, filled with red liquid of anger. As it grows spikes and starts to fire them, Kirby faces the monster head on. After dodging a few explosive missiles, Kirby sucks some of them up and becomes Needle Kirby. Needle Kirby tries to fend off the monster, but it fires too quickly, rendering Needle Kirby's attacks useless. Tiff calls in the Warp Star, and Needle Kirby hops on as he and monster fly through the air, firing needles at each other. Finally, the monster calls up all of its needles at once to fire at Needle Kirby, but Needle Kirby lures them around to strike down the monster. As they do, Needle Kirby fires his own missiles, then flies off as there's a massive explosion which results in fireworks. Kirby returns to normal and comes back on the ground, where everyone is glad that King Dedede is normal again, chasing after Escargoon with his mallet.moreless
  • One Crazy Knight
    One Crazy Knight
    Episode 10
    A starship crashlands in Dreamland, and after being investigated by Tiff and Tuff, an old knight emerges. The knight reveals himself as Sir Gallant, a warrior who fights against opression. Of course, new to Dreamland, he's unsure of just who or what is a monster to vanquish, and first believes Tiff, Tuff and Kirby are monsters, but he's half right with Dedede. After being confronted by Sword and Blade, Sir Gallant goes off to inform the Cappies of his intent to save them from Dedede, while Meta-Knight takes his crew to repair Gallant's ship so he can leave quickly. They both make startling discoveries at this point. Gallant discovers that Mabel the fortune teller is the princess he was forced to send away to conceal her from the forces of evil (his advances on the matter serving to only creep Mabel out), but Meta-Knight and crew inform Tiff, Tuff, and Kirby of the knight's secret: He's acting out his fantasies from his favorite comic books. Unforunately, King Dedede and Escargoon have the same collection, and decide to both get even and expose Sir Gallant to himself as the fraud he is.moreless
  • Scare Tactics (2)
    Scare Tactics (2)
    Episode 9
    Where we left off, Tuff had found MetaKnight, and told him of the 'haunted house'. MetaKnight followed Tuff to the strange building, but when they tried to get in, the door was locked. MetaKnight tells Tuff that this mus be the work of NME. Dedede and Escargoon show up as the two hide behind a nearby tree, and easily walk in. MetaKnight throws his sword, stopping the door from closing all the way. Back where Tiff and Kirby are, te two see Dedede and Escargoon walk in. 'I betcha they have something to do with this . . .' Tiff says. 'As well as NME," Tuff adds. Tiff turns around to see her brother, followed by MetaKnight. So the group goes around and plays a prank or two on Dedede and Escargoon. But then things get serious as Dedede and Escargoon enter a room set up to be a 'Kirby trap', or so we hear from the NME Salesguy. Dedede agrees to play 'bait', and Escargoon paints him with red paint, making it look like the penguin's bleeding. The two then set everything up. Tiff, Tuff and Kirby (Heavens know where MetaKnight went) find a video camera and watch the horror scene Dedede and Escargoon made. MetaKnight shows up after they watch the scene. Tuff says they have to go save Dedede, hands MetaKnight the video camera, then the three follow the fake screams. MetaKnight watches the video. The three enter the room, where Dedede's paint is starting to melt. Kirby is just about to 'save' him, when MetaKnight walks in, 'It's a trap!' throws his sword, and knocks Kirby out of the way of the transportation machine: Just before Kirby's transported to NME. The NME salesguy comes on and says he'll have to send a monster to get rid of Kirby. It's a bone monster. Kirby sucks up one of the bones, but doesn't transform. Tiff asks why, and MetaKnight doesnt really know either. MetaKnight eyes a torch on the wall, grabs it, and throws it to Kirby, who sucks it up, becoming Fire Kirby! Fire Kirby disintigrates the bone monster, and the group high-tails it out of there as the house is collapsing. They get out just before it bursts into flames. Dedede and Escargoon walks out of the debris, get into a small argument, and fall asleep. 'Well, at least the can't do any damage in their sleep, huh Kirby?' Tiff says. 'Huh?' Kirby's not there. MetaKnight points to a tree, "He's over there." Kirby's sleeping. The end!moreless
  • Scare Tactics (1)
    Scare Tactics (1)
    Episode 8
    Scary things are happening in Dream Land - it's time for the annual "Spook-out"! At this event, some Cappies found their true love, while most were scared stiff. Of course, no one invited Dedede or Escargoon, so they sneak into the woods to do a little scaring of their own. Between them and the fake ghosts the adults made, almost everyone is terrified that real spirits haunt the woods, including the adults that planned it all. However, Kirby is fearless, and leads Tiff and Tuff to the graveyard (scaring Dedede along the way) to a prize - a medal of bravery. But then the rain pours down, and the group seek shelter in a strange old house - which blows Tuff outside, locking Tiff and Kirby inside. Tuff brings Meta-Knight to help, but is he too late? Small floating glowing orbs have taken some sort of form before Kirby and Tiff. Who inhabits this haunted house?moreless
  • Air Ride-In-Style (2)
    With NME poised and ready to take out Kirby with their Air Ride machines, Kirby is struggling to even keep the Warpstar operating. Formula Star is sent out first, with the rider bearing a long staff. Kirby manages to suck up the staff, becoming Baton Kirby. Then, using his baton, Baton Kirby shoots out a beam, taking control of the creatures body, then flips it around and throws it into the air, destroying it. However, Kirby is exhausted as he returns back down to land in his normal state. Since the Warpstar isn't at full power, Meta-Knight suggests that Kirby uses the Formula Star instead, so Kirby goes along with it and faces off against the Rocket Star rider, who bears a flamethrower. As the Rocket Star warrior shoots a stream of flame, Kirby zooms down by the lake and sucks up the water, becoming Water Kirby. He then shoots out a stream of water to defend against the Formula Star warrior's flames. However, Water Kirby loses control, falling to the ground with the Formula Star destroyed. Despite this, Water Kirby uses its water power to destroy the Rocket Star warrior, and returns to his regular state. Hopping onto the Rocket Star, Kirby faces off against the Winged Star warrior, who bears a large golden mace. Kirby sucks up the mace and becomes Iron Kirby, leaping off the Rocket Star and onto the ground. Fending off the attacks with his staff, Iron Kirby grows large and sends the Winged Star warrior packing. Returning to his normal state and hopping on the Winged Star, Kirby faces off against the final Air Ride monster, Shadow Star, who bears a top as a weapon. The monster hurls the top at Kirby, grinding against Kirby, but Kirby manages to suck it up and become Top Kirby. Then, shooting his razor-blade top, he slices the Shadow Star to pieces and destroys it. Returning his normal state, Kirby returns to Tiff, Tuff, and Meta-Knight, victorious. Furious, the NME salesman commands the spaceship to fire at the four. As it does, Tiff wakes up to find herself inside Kabu, with Kirby, Tuff, and Meta-Knight. Kabu explains it was a dream that he sent down to Kirby and Tiff, as it was believed that NME was planning an all-out assault upon Dream Land. Then, there is an explosion as the spaceship outside Kabu begins to fire on Kabu, trying to destroy it, this time for real. Kirby hops back up on the Warpstar and into the spaceship, where he sees that is loading a bunch of orange balls like pinballs to shoot down at Tiff, Tuff, and Meta-Knight. Kirby sucks one of them up and becomes Crash Kirby, then summons an energy ball and blows the spaceship to pieces. Returning victorious to the others, Meta-Knight says they still have a long way to go before the forces of NME are destroyed. The NME salesman laughs and tells Dark Matter that Kirby isn't as invincible as they thought. Dark Matter says that it is only a matter of time before all of Dream Land is plunged into eternal darkness.moreless
  • Air Ride-In-Style (1)
    King Dedede is sick of wasting money on monsters, as they aren't successful in taking out Kirby for him. However, the NME salesman has a new pitch - if the Warpstar is taken out, then Kirby will be at a severe handicap. King Dedede unwittingly goes along with this idea. Meanwhile, Kirby, Tiff, Tuff, Sir Ebrum and Lady Like are having a nice picnic that is interrupted by the kidnapping of Tiff at the hands of King Dedede and Escargoon. The two bring Tiff in and demand out of her where the Warpstar is located. Tiff keeps mum about it, and Tuff and Kirby soon come to her rescue. Tuff unknowingly tells King Dedede that the Warpstar can be found inside Kabu, and the Triple D and Escargoon rush off to find the Warpstar. Meanwhile, as the three are on their way out of the castle, a massive starship descends and begins to fire its cannons at the castle. Kirby, who is the specific target, struggles to outrun the blasts, but to no avail. Tiff calls upon Kabu to summon the Warpstar, thus Kirby hops on and escapes the assault. After an unsuccessful attempt at obtaining the Warpstar, Triple D and Escargoon retreat back to the castle to find it in shambles. They inquire the NME salesman as to what happened, and he explains that he sent down the saucer to try and lure out the Warpstar - since it wasn't a monster, it was free. Triple D states that the Warpstar is simply in Kabu, and the NME salesman is shocked at this discovery. He says that there are multiple Kabus all over Dream Land, and they are resting places for Star Warriors. Since the Warpstar was damaged, it was inside Kabu, recovering energy, as they spoke. King Dedede suggests they go after it now, and the NME salesman unveils a new trick up his sleeve - new Air Ride machines. The Warpstar was only one of many Air Ride machines, including the Formula Star, the Rocket Star, the Shadow Star, and the Winged Star. As the Warpstar is only partially reconstructed, Kabu warns Kirby to be careful. NME then unleashes the Air Ride soldiers upon Kirby, and Kirby hops on his Warpstar, trying to outrun them. Each soldier carries a weapon, and fully intends on using them to take Kirby out. Can Kirby defeat these villains?

    To be continued...moreless
  • Kirby Takes The Cake
    Kirby is confused when he wants to play with everyone, but they are all suspiciously busy with something. They all push him out of the way, and so Kirby feels left out. With everyone in town not wanting him around, Kirby goes back to his house to talk with Tokkori, who says that nobody wants to play with Kirby because nobody likes Kirby. Kirby, crushed, gathers up his things and heads for Kabu Canyon. In the meantime, King Dedede and Escargoon are equally suspicious of the Cappies being so busy all the time, and the King comes down to the idea that the Cappies are planning a revolution against him. Going to his chamber, he gets NME to send him a monster, who "isn't clear about who is friend and who is foe". King Dedede and Escargoon then go to town and smash up all the gifts and everything the Cappies were making, trying to stop their plans of a "revolution". Tiff explains that they were celebrating Kirby's first anniversary for being in Cappy Town, and the King says that "he knew that anyway" and says he was just kidding, saying that he'll bring the best gift to the party. And so, everyone prepares for the celebration. Kirby arrives at Kabu, where Kabu says that it has been one year since Kirby arrived at Cappy Town. Kirby isn't sure if he wants to go back, but then Meta-Knight shows up and tells Kirby that he has to hurry back to Cappy Town immediately. Kirby does so, and sees that there's a big party for him waiting there. After all the celebrations, King Dedede brings in a giant cake, which Kirby takes a bite out of, excited at so much food. However, the cake pops open, and a bomb monster (never said the name) pops out. He is little, grey, and pops bombs out of his head. The monster wreaks havoc, and throws bombs everywhere, including at Triple D. As the King and Escargoon flee, Kirby sucks up one of the bombs and becomes Bomb Kirby. Bomb Kirby and the monster square off, and Bomb Kirby catches a large bomb that the monster throws at him and throws it back, causing the monster to explode. Victorious, Kirby celebrates his first anniversary with the Cappies by setting off a firework with King Dedede and Escargoon sitting on top of it.moreless
  • Don't Bank on It
    Don't Bank on It
    Episode 4
    Still in debt to NME, King Dedede hatches a new plan with NME, which results in every citizen of Dream Land receiving their very own Dedede Doll, which Channel DDD claims will bring good luck. And that night, Dedede goes onto his balcony and speaks to Dream Land through the dolls, which the citizens keep at their bedsides. At first, Triple D just plants the message "Dedede. You Like Me. Dedede You Trust Me.", which leaves some confused Cappies wondering why they're suddenly fond of their ruler. The next nights involve Dedede planting a message for them to leave all their loose change in the doll, then all their money. The citizens do this in their sleep, and on the next two mornings, think they've found extra money. So Dedede opens a bank for them to stash their cash, and he gives his own merchandise as incentive for opening an account. It seems the only citizen unaffected is Meta-Knight, and for once, he wonders if Tiff has any suspicions about this. However, Dedede is missing money. He never got any of Kirby's cash, but Tokkori kept Kirby's doll. When Kirby does get it is when Tiff decides not to sleep with her doll anymore, but on that same night, sleep deprivation gets to Triple D, and he gives Escargoon a doll before giving a message that he's tired, and if he can't sleep, no one can. his tantrum apparently affects the dolls, as while he thrashes and stomps, the dolls do the same, inadvertently attacking whoever they sleep with. But the next morning, Dedede is in for his own awakening, as it's discovered that he has a psychic bond with the dolls Whatever happens to him also happens to them and vice-versa. This does not bode well for Dedede when the citizens start deciding to play with their toys. And after Dedede races to get them all back before he's accidentally mauled or massacred, his customers come to their senses and cancel their bank accounts. Dedede takes his rage out on Kirby, but does so through the doll. And while he actually does give Kirby a good beating, he's thrashing in place making a fool of himself. Kirby eventually inhales the last doll, and Dedede is seemingly inhaled as well, and the episode ends with Dedede drifting through space, where a large Dedede Doll in a bubble is seen.moreless
  • Cartoon Buffoon
    Cartoon Buffoon
    Episode 3
    After seeing Tiff display her animation booklet to her friends, King Dedede gets an idea to create his own cartoon. Problem is, none of the Cappies seem to have any skill whatsoever in the fine art of animation, AND King Dedede's got a deadline with NightMare Enterprises to bring the show out, or he'll owe them more money than he has. Add to that Triple D editing the show so that he's the star and Kirby's the monster, and his demanding schedule for the staff, and the result is a sure-fire chaotic and hilarious mess that even NME won't endorse!moreless
  • Snack Attack (2)
    Snack Attack (2)
    Episode 2
    When we last left off, Dream Land's residents were being beaten senseless by the martial arts figures from Dedede's batch of chocolate capsules. The citizens find out that these figures are destroyed by a solid hit, so they all run for Kirby's house to enlist his help in eliminating them. Before that can happen, King Dedede challenges Kirby to do battle with his fighters - the figures everyone wanted to get, which are a boxer, karate master, Tai-Chi master, Sumo wrestler, and a ninja with nunchuks. At first, it's a five-on-one beatdown in Dedede Stadium (which is just a stadium built in the castle courtyard). But Kirby sucks up their attacks to become Fighter Kirby, and takes them on one-on-one. Meta-Knight says Kirby will learn the true mastery of his powers when pushed to his limits, but even then, does Kirby have the power to brawl with the best?moreless
  • Snack Attack (1)
    Snack Attack (1)
    Episode 1
    Tuggle, the grocery store owner, and Gangu, the toy shop owner, decide to combine Tuggle's chocolate candies and Gangu's Star Warrior toys, neither of which sell well alone. The result is a new craze to Cappytown - chocolate capsules with the mini-figures inside! Everyone wants them for the thrill and suspense of collecting figures, from the common Troopers to the rare Star Warriors (including Tuff's Golden Star Warrior, and Iro's Meta-Knight), except Kirby, who is given the chocolate. But King Dedede gets in on the act, and gets arrested for trying to steal Iro's figure. When he gets out, he decides to get even by ordering up new toys from who else - NightMare Enterprises. The new figures are a martial arts series that just literally dropped from the sky. Everyone wants them, in hopes of getting the figures seen on TV. But the ad says to leave them in moonlight to make them grow. They grow alright - right into small but fearsome fighters that begin attacking everyone in sight...moreless